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Climate Change and the Lighted House

Steve Nation
July 2009

It is always a joy to sit within the wide symbolic circle of meditators around the world who take time during the full moon period to collectively remember who we are as human beings. Together, as a community of mind and heart, we hold in the light our relations with the Earth, with the Great Presences on the inner side of Life, the Elders or Masters of Wisdom and Compassion honored by all spiritual traditions — and with the Fire of Life itself — Spirit.

As human beings we play a role during these monthly meditations in the evolutionary transformation of consciousness — invoking the Light, the Love and the Will of divinity — calling these healing energies into the world of the human. In the meditation we enter into the visualization of a dynamic relationship between Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. We are both participants and observers of this relationship — stretching our minds so that we are able to see into the edges of perception and bring into focus the aligning and harmonizing of these three elements. Just imagine the experience of what it would be to live as human beings in a culture where Shamballa, Hierarchy, humanity AND earth are integral parts of a divine circulatory flow of energy. All of our training through year after year of work with these full moon meditations is helping us to SEE life and all events in humanity in terms of the active, dynamic process of the aligning and harmonizing of these three centres of life on Earth.

So here we are, yet again, at the start of a new spiritual year, with the Sun considered by astrologers to be in the sign of Cancer. Can we just sit for a moment in silence as we contemplate the mystery of human experience locked into all the illusions of time and space even as it cycles through the broader sweep of the time of astrological rhythms and is placed within the magical space of a spiraling continuum of consciousness with apparently endless layers of within-ness.

O Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe,
From Whom all things proceed
To Whom all things return,
Unveil to us the place of the true Spiritual Sun
Hidden by a disc of golden Light
That we may know the Truth
And do our whole duty
As we journey to Thy sacred feet.

Because we are all so locked into the experience of our present incarnation; because that is such a distinguishing feature of what it is to be human; we tend to look at life in terms of our individuality. So when we think of astrology, we think of the psychology of the human being - and how analysis of a personal horoscope can help us grow and develop. This is perfectly right and appropriate. It leads to the human rights approach to culture, law and history: every individual, every one of the 6.7 billion of us in incarnation at this time is precious and significant, with potentials to unfold and develop.

Yet what stands out from the perspective of DK's teachings is not so much the individual but collections of individuals - groups and the role they play in the broad sweep of evolution. So we look at the great issues of the time, observing how the challenges posed by these issues lead to gradual evolution in the values, ethics and qualities of societies, nations and humanity as a whole.

The Cancer perspective on evolution and development is an interesting one. It is the sign of mass consciousness. This is very different from group consciousness. It is that early stage in evolution where the individual is still immersed in the values, life-style and attitudes of family, friends, neighbours. This is an important time when the soul is attaching itself to the form world of incarnation, and identity tends to be focused in the sensitive/desire nature. It is a time for the soul to plant its roots into the substance of maya and glamour — in preparation for the redemptive work to come through endless cycles of incarnation.

In the mass consciousness individual creativity — entrepreneurship, discipline, focus, the will to excel in any field or to stand out from others as 'different' or full of character — is latent and potential; just as mind is latent and potential. It will take time, lifetimes, for this latency to emerge into a strong personality. Mass consciousness portrays maya and glamour because the soul is stepping fully into these veils.

In considering mass consciousness the thought to have in mind is the next step — individuality, the awakening mind and stepping out of the mass into a field of opinions, thinking for oneself. In considering mass consciousness we also can see how the base level of politics draws on an un-thinking identification with mass emotions - nationalism, patriotism, pride. Base level politics manipulates the maya and glamour of mass consciousness — everywhere. Evolutionary politics draws on the collective of those who have stepped outside of the mass, are thinking for themselves — and are responding to ideals of the future, the ideals of Aquarius. They stimulate the creativity that is latent in the masses, and are led by creative thinkers who, relative to the masses, are visionary.

The mass identification with form and with the desire/sensitive nature is a characteristic of the human psyche for a long cycle of incarnations - it dominates for many of the stages in human development. This means that in the collective memory and in the personal memory this identification with form becomes foundational — a centre of stability. So it is that when either an individual or a nation steps onto the spiritual path glamour and maya must be wrestled with for many lives. From a judgmental perspective we think of this as 'wrong' or 'bad' or 'negative'. Yet this is the Soul's Work — to enter into glamour and maya in order to redeem.

So one of our tasks this full moon is to observe the mass stage of consciousness from the perspective of the Soul and of the Divine. Another is to reflect upon the significance of the world of form and the desire/sensitive nature from the perspective of the spiritual path — especially in terms of nations and groups.

In a Piscean approach form and desire are seen as evil, to be spurned, repressed and rejected by the spiritual warrior. With the turn of the spiral the spiritual path informed by Aquarius sees form and desire as aspects of the face of the divine. Rather than equating form and desire with maya and glamour — they become gardens to be tendered and stewarded — fields for creative activity so that the light and love of the divine may shine for all to see. I build a lighted house, and therein dwell is our seed thought for meditation.

Think how climate change is prompting nations to look at this work of transforming the basic elements of their expression — the sources of energy and the way in which these sources are used are under the spotlight. It takes time for a nation to choose to build a lighted house — because each nation is still essentially immersed in identification with form — identification with the way things always have been — identification with the separateness that has for so long defined the nation. Yet the intelligent desire of creative thinkers and people of goodwill IS looking at energy policies in terms of building a lighted house. It is not surprising that the mass consciousness is sluggish and slow to respond to the vision — but the fact that it is responding is shown by various elections over the past couple of years in which voters have chosen politicians and parties with slogans of energy renewal.

Cancer holds within itself two metaphors for understanding the souls choice to incarnate. First the urge to incarnate leads to a deep immersion and imprisonment in form. But then, after time and evolution have done their work, the urge to incarnate comes with a choice to transform and redeem the world of form, making the world 'a lighted house'. Clearly both metaphors are at play in our historical time — but what makes our time of supreme significance is that the urge to build a lighted house, particularly in energy policies, is now becoming a major force in human affairs. That really is something.

Writing in Glamour: A World Problem Alice Bailey and DK make what I consider to be an extraordinary prediction. When there is an alignment (conscious or unconscious) between: the Will of God (expressed in Shamballa, focused in the Buddha), the Love of God (expressed in the Hierarchy, focused in the Christ) and the intelligent desire of humanity (focused in disciples, aspirants and people of goodwill) a great reorientation will take place. The key here as I understand it is that when the intelligent desire of humanity (amongst thinkers, people of goodwill, all the deep spiritual seekers from all of the traditions) is in alignment with the momentum towards synthesis and wholeness (unconsciously, because esoteric and occult thinking is not widespread) a magical event will take place. The passage goes on to state that when this happens there will be an illumination of the astral plane, beginning the process of dissipating glamour, and an irradiation of the mental plane, dispelling illusions and beginning the revelation of new truths. (Glamour, pp.169 - 170).

It seems to me that this is exactly what our time is about. The intelligent desire of humanity, as expressed through issues like response to climate change, the UN's Millennium Development Goals, and women's rights IS beginning to reflect the Cancer focus on building a lighted house. In our meditation, our thinking, our reading, and our observation of the world of humanity we can be mothering, nurturing, protecting and supporting this emerging quality to the intelligent desire of humanity. And in our meditation work this full moon we can creatively visualize this desire being in alignment with the Will of God and the Love of God.