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Aquarian Spirituality : A Potency Of Generosity And Giving

Steve Nation
January 2010

The work we seek to do during these full moon festival meditations is all about group invocation and radiation. It is group work. Think for a moment about the group field of mind and heart that we enter into. All around the world there are people who are thinking together, using specific outlines for meditation. There are many small groups that have been meeting together for ten or more years - working with these meditation outlines month in and month out. Think about the strength of the field of mind and heart that these groups are building through persistent reflection on the monthly keynotes and visualization of the progressive flow of divine love. Imagine how all these "small" group fields coalesce into one wide, planetary field. This is the global mind that we enter into when we work with the full moon meditation outlines. We should remember that this world group mind has higher harmonics - including the generations of meditators who have passed over and are now working from the other side, as well as the Great Ones of the inner Ashram.

The meditation work is invocative - calling on the great reservoirs of Light and Love to be found in the heights of our being. We, members of the human kingdom, need an inflow of light if we are to see the way forward with clarity so that we might better respond to the challenges of our time. We need to grow in our capacity for love, understanding and wisdom so that we can build qualities of cooperation, sharing and right relations. And we need an inflow of spiritual purpose so that our human will is directed towards a higher purpose. These qualities, light, love and power exist in abundance in the subtle Worlds. Our work in meditation is to invoke them on behalf of humanity as a whole. Recognizing that they exist, we call with clear focus, on their transformative presence.

And finally, full moon meditation work visualizes the energies invoked flowing through the consecrated group mind and heart out into the wide field created by all who are actively working to meet human and world need - and beyond to condition the atmosphere of thought amongst people of goodwill everywhere. This is radiation - by working with the meditation outline again and again and again we are able to experience this flow of divine energy out into the world of human consciousness. A radiation of light, love and the power seeds consciousness with the energies of the good, the beautiful and the true.

Can we please pause for a moment of silence?

May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers
May the Love of the one Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones
May I/we fulfill my/our part in the one Work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness, and right speech.

This month we are pondering the keynote of Aquarius: Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men. There is a special edge to this keynote because we are entering into the Aquarian Age. The past age, Pisces, is in our memory - it is the stuff of history. The civilization and culture of Aquarius is emerging now - if we can see it clearly, in our own lives, in our local communities and in the world at large we will help it come to birth. Pondering on the keynote is not some idle abstract exercise - it sensitizes us to the energies so that we can see them and cooperate with them.

It is worth noting that all of the keynotes for all of the signs are centred around different perspectives on 'I'. This is highly significant. Every human being has a sense of identity - a sense of 'I'-ness. This is something we know intimately, and while we may have ideas about who 'I' am, ideas about the identity we would like to have, our real, actual sense of 'I' is often different. For example in speaking it is not uncommon to refer to the personal self as 'I' and the higher Self as 'soul' or 'Angel'. It can be difficult to identify ourselves as having these different inter-penetrating levels, even if we may accept these levels in abstract. This gap between beliefs about who 'I' am and my grounded, personal sense of self is not wrong or bad or a sign of failure. It is simply a part of the human experience - and a characteristic of a major element of what it is to tread the spiritual path. Over time the essential Self, the Angel within becomes an increasingly real part of our conscious identity and less of an ideal or a dream or an abstraction. As this happens the relationship between the two aspects of self - what we might call inner and outer, or higher and lower, or Soul and personality - becomes a central part of our experience. Through this relationship in all of its phases fusion takes place as the personal sense of self chooses to become attached to the Soul. The path is about the process firstly of an awakening of the sense of duality, then it becomes all about the relationship between the two points of self (involving tension, conflict, and periods of shifting balance), then in a crucial life duality is finally resolved into fusion or synthesis. The 'I', in full awareness is then the 'I' of the angel working through the immediate day-to-day life of the personal. This does not mark the end of the Path - for later the Soul will disappear as an even higher aspect of Pure Self flows through the personality.

The 'I' of the Aquarian keynote is where we are headed on the spiritual path. No matter what our individual rising sign or our sun sign may be - the human family as a whole is being pulled into the orbit of this sense of self as an archetype of generosity and giving. The I that gives freely, and dispenses the waters of life, automatically, without any hesitation is necessarily a strong I. You can't fake this generosity. The important thing to understand is that this is who you and I are becoming. For our era (for the thousands of years that lie ahead of us, our children and our children's children) we will increasingly be drawn into the orbit where spirituality is about a potency of generosity and giving - not so much in any outer terms - but rather in terms of our sense of self. Imagine a personal self that is transparent (not repressed, feeling un-acknowledged or disrespected) so that the great reservoirs of Light and Love and Power on the inner side of life can flow through and out.

The image of Aquarius is of two wavy lines, representing a never-ending flow of life and love; a flow from within to without; from above to below. A more human image is of the water carrier with a pitcher of water balanced perfectly on the head. Water flows from the pitcher to all who are thirsty - it flows without apparent effort from the carrier. This is an image of perfect balance, ease - not comfort or relaxation but poise. The water that flows is the water of abundant Life - spirit. It is not the spirit of the one who serves; not the personal energy flowing out to others. It is the water of Life - something universal that refreshes the deepest level of being.

The point about all of this is that it is where we are headed, individually and collectively as a species. In the quiet of meditation we can foster this sense of the future as something real - something that is in process of taking on an increasingly human face, within ourselves and within the community at large.

Something to ponder in the keynote is the phrase 'thirsty men' - 'thirsty people'. The waters of life are poured forth in Aquarius for thirsty people. What is the human thirst that only the waters of life can quench? Can we recognize this thirst - now, in ourselves, in the people we know, in our community and in the world at large? Can we recognize a spiritual thirst in the economic, political, religious, cultural life of our globalized world? Consider the particular field of human affairs that interests you and that you have built up some knowledge about (it might be an area in the arts, or international relations, religion, healing, education - or a profession that we are engaged with). It is useful to think about this field in terms of what it reveals about the human thirst for the waters of life - and useful to imagine the waters of life flowing to meet that thirst. We tend to be so focused on the negative and the challenges of the present - we might look instead at the circumstances and situations of this period of history in terms of a flow of life sustaining energies sufficient to quench the spiritual thirst of the time. We might also usefully ponder human thirst as a search for meaning, faith and trust; a thirst that is often unconscious, and is in fact an invocation. Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men can then be seen as a natural response to invocation, without any resistance from a consciousness of self-interest.

Another thought. The soul, the angel, the essential Self needs to be considered on its own plane. After all - this personal self that we tend to be so identified with will die. It is temporal, with a limited life span - and death for the personal self is just that: death. But the soul, the angel does not die - in relative terms it is immortal. So it has its own existence, apart from its shadow, the individuality that we all know so well. Whereas the personal self has particular characteristics, qualities and challenges - the soul, on its own plane, is naturally focused on the wider evolutionary task of reorienting human consciousness. The Soul sees through universal eyes, noticing its personal reflection when and as that personality begins to think and act in resonance to the Soul's vision. The soul sees need; not need as it is seen from the perspective of the personal self, but the need each of us has to take the next step forward on the Path. The next step forward, that is all that is needed from the personality. The soul sees that step clearly - and its whole being leads it to help the personality make that step. Yet that is just a part of the Soul's vision - it is also focused on the wider field of human affairs - preoccupied with the Great Turning towards Aquarius, towards a culture centred in an awareness of the Oneness of Life and the rich beauty of diversity.