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World Invocation Day

Sydney Goodwill Newsletter
June 2011

Dear Friends,
Every year, since 1952, people in all parts of the world have celebrated World Invocation Day on the day of the Gemini full moon. It is a global day of prayer and meditation when people of different spiritual paths invoke energies of Light, Love and Spiritual Purpose, using the Great Invocation. Beginning in New Zealand, the invocative wave will flow around the world in the 24 hours that the Great Invocation or World Prayer is sounded. Will you join in? For more information see: If you are in Sydney please join us for a special meditation meeting on the 15th.

* * *

The dynamic of invocation and evocation is at the very heart of the Great Life unfolding on our planet. It could be seen as the engine that drives its evolutionary movement. We, as part of that planetary life, invoke all our capacities in meeting the forces that flow through and from the Earth. These forces stimulate us to respond to and interact with all the aspects of our unfolding world. There is a constant (if unrecognised) interaction between each atomic part of the planet and the whole, and this interaction influences our every thought, feeling and action. Cataclysmic events can bring this powerfully to mind - volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods and droughts as well as those arising from human impact such as mining disasters, the ravages of war or the mismanagement of the natural resources of land, water, plant and animal life.

The history of the relationship between humans and the planet has brought us to a high point of understanding of the world in which we "live and move and have our being." We now know that we are interdependent with each other, with the other kingdoms and with the Earth as a whole and that a great re-orientation, re-prioritisation and re-invention of our living are in progress. At the time of the Second World War the Tibetan Master wrote:

"There is … a line of descending energy which has its origin outside our planetary life altogether; the inflow of this energy, its inevitable effect under cyclic law and its consequences, as they work out upon the physical plane, has produced and is producing all the changes of which mankind is so terribly aware at this time. This swings into immediate conflict the past and the future… it… opens the door to great contending energies which we can call spirit and matter, spirituality and materialism, or life and death…

These descending energies, as they pass through any of the major levels of consciousness which we call planes, produce reactions and responses, dependent upon the state of the conditioning consciousness… the point of lowest descent of the energies has now been reached, and the nature of the present opportunity is therefore changing. These energies have now passed what we might call the turning point and have reached their point of ascension, with all that that phrase implies. As they descend, they produce stimulation; as they ascend, they produce transmutation and abstraction, and the one effect is as unalterable as the other. It is upon this inevitability of the ascending energies, and the effects which they will bring about, that the entire hope of the future depends; nothing can arrest their return or their progress through the planes and back again to their source. Upon this dual process of descent and ascension the whole cyclic panorama of manifestation rests, and upon the inflow and activity of new and higher energies the whole fact of the evolutionary process depends…

…the descent of energy brings with it-under the cyclic law-certain new 'inspirations,' certain new 'seeds of hope' for the future, and certain active Agents as well, Who are and will be responsible for the task of preparation, of fertilisation and of all the coming new age enterprises. These descending energies evoke also the obstructing forces…" [The Rays and the Initiations, pages 13-15]

While, at a point in time, we may focus on any one aspect of our planetary life, the reality is that it is an interdependent whole in which every part has an effect on the whole while the whole has effect on the part. We can only progress as a whole. There is a shifting point of balance at the centre between the forces aligned with the past and those aligned with the future and because they are all contained within the whole of our planetary life we ultimately move on together as the central point of tension progresses.

Here in Australia, amongst the reactions arising in the carbon price debate, death threats to our climate scientists demonstrate the intensity of the "conflict between the past and the future" as it surfaces through the tensions created while the whole pulls towards the future world. The process stimulates the deepening realisation that we need to heed the implications of climate change and live cooperatively in balance with our planet. The balance of impacts to the livelihood of individuals and the meeting of their current needs has also to be considered - as we work to find right relationship of each part within the whole.

The growing impulse in human consciousness, since the great destruction endured last century, has been an increasingly active goodwill - giving rise to myriad humanitarian initiatives at all levels from individual to international. We are told that:

"Our modern civilisation today… is being changed; old things are passing away, having served their purpose. The new thing is not yet noted or appreciated, though already present. The work of preparation for the planting of the germ or seed of the divine will on Earth is nearly over… and from (the Centre where the will of God is known) will issue forth the Sower of the seed; He will sow it within the ground prepared by humanity, and thus the future is assured, not for [this planet] alone, but for that greater Whole in which our planet plays its little part. That moment lies ahead in the civilisation which shall be, and in the next great race which will emerge out of all our modern races and nations, the sowing will take place. The next race will be a fusion of the whole, and a world-wide recognition of the One Humanity is an essential prerequisite of the sowing… When the 'little wills of men' are beginning to respond on a measurably large scale to the greater Will of the divine Life, then the major task of (the Centre where the will of God is known) will become possible; nevertheless, prior to that, humanity must respond to the light and the love which are the preparatory streams of spiritual energy and which are already pouring forth in response to human invocation." [The Rays and the Initiations, page 659]

The will of the world's peoples is invoking freedom and security in the governance of their lives as it expresses through the many movements and demonstrations against oppressive regimes based on outmoded acceptances. Human rights have become the global standard on which humanity builds its future. We are told that: "Today two qualities are 'tincturing' the ideal of the coming civilisation for which all… are working: Freedom and spiritual security. This is true even if the man who talks in terms of security omits the word 'spiritual'." [Discipleship in the New Age II, page 392]

Often it may not be until a crisis prompts that we rise to such a point of tension and need that we invoke a "higher power". Yet so many have acted thus at critical times and so reveal the deep sense of relationship between the individual part and the whole in which we live - whether consciously realised or not. And we can work consciously with invocation and have been given the Great Invocation for this purpose by the very powers on which we might call in order to bring freedom, peace and security to our world in line with divine intention.

"The flow of the heart energy may be voluntary or involuntary. The latter may be aroused by an outer invocation or the unrestrainable generosity of the heart itself. One can imagine the bounty of these generous gifts and how much strength they absorb; but the generosity of the heart is immeasurable, and avarice is unknown to the flaming heart. The same should be applied also to the heart sendings evoked from far-off places. Upon their way, many similar sendings fasten to the transmitted call, for that which is alike is collected according to its element. Thus is the flow of energy especially strengthened. You know, of course, about the divisibility of spirit, and you will understand these generous responses of the heart. It is not without reason that economy is spoken of; it is needed in everything, even in transmissions by the heart. The time is a difficult one!" [Heart, sloca 430]

World Invocation Day and the Christ's Festival in Gemini will be celebrated at a meditation meeting to be held at 8pm, Wednesday, 15 June, at the YWCA, the "Y On The Park", 5-11 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney. For details see: The keynote for reflection is: I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self I grow and glow.

This June 2011 issue of the Sydney Goodwill Newsletter is kindly reproduced here with permission. Earlier copies of the monthly Newsletter are available online at: The Newsletter is available by email, send a message to: .

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