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Cancer Blue Moon 2005

By Phillip Lindsay

July 2005

The keynote is

<I build a lighted house and therein dwell


Cancer: Home as a State of Mind
Tsunami Response Morphs to G8-Band8.
London: From Olympics to Terrorist Attack
Saturn in Leo
Al Qaeda Horoscope

Hello friends and fellow students of Esoteric Astrology and the Seven Rays,

This Cancer period marks the completion of a second year of continuous monthly newsletters since 2003. Your ongoing support through donations is very much appreciated!

The second or ‘blue moon’ of Cancer is upon us and much has unfolded since the first full moon in the early degrees of Cancer, some four weeks ago.

Cancer: Home is Planet Earth

With the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order passing through it, Cancer loves the ritual of daily routine and order. Cancer is traditionally about the home and a stability that creates a solid foundation upon which to build one’s life; a home base to return to, a solid family support base and so forth.

Yet Cancer is also the (hermit) Crab that carries its home upon its back, that can attach itself to whatever rock or home it chooses; it is subject to the tides of change and the influences of the vacillating Moon upon its environment; it can be very ‘attached’ to its locale but has the capacity to re-attach elsewhere.

It is paradoxically not unlike the previous sign Gemini, more commonly noted for its restlessness and wandering. These signs have in common the Third Ray of Active Intelligence and the Moon. Although the Third Ray does not pass through Gemini, it has several similarities to this third sign.

The Moon is esoterically and anciently associated with Gemini and of course rules Cancer. Cancer is currently the strongest conduit in this cycle for the influences of the Third Ray and is closely related to the evolution of the mind; its not just an ‘emotional’ sign.

The Saturn-ruled Third Ray is the ‘resourceful’ ray, whilst the (hermit) Crab is a good symbol of the scavenger who appropriates a discarded shell in which to live: Put them both together and the Cancer picture can be seen more clearly – as can a study of the rays reveal a deeper understanding of the signs. The science of the seven rays is the missing link in astrology: it completes astrology and demonstrates some of the deepest origins of the meanings for the signs.

In this increasingly ‘globalised’ world, with greater travel opportunities, technology and human interaction, more people are finding themselves uprooted from their base and making a home elsewhere, either temporarily or permanently. Whether they are the western businessman in China or a foreign soldier fighting in Iraq, they find themselves away from their loved ones and the familiar environment and structure to which they are ac-custom-ed.

Custom, tradition, a foundation built on the past – all Cancerian. As we know, the homes most of us take for granted, a large proportion of the world’s population do not have. There are millions who find themselves refugees or displaced persons through war, poverty, natural disaster and hunger. Even some of the richest nations have extraordinarily high levels of homeless living on the streets.

As discussed in other newsletters, it is most appropriate that the United Nations horoscope has a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Cancer – in terms of addressing this problem; having just gone through its Saturn return in the last year or so, it is encouraging to see the issue of world hunger being further highlighted.

The UN says that a quarter of the world’s population, 1.3 billion people, live in severe poverty. Cancerian Nelson Mandela recently stated at the Band 8 concert that, like slavery and apartheid, poverty is not a natural part of the human condition. The U.N.’s website contains the following facts:

- The net wealth of the 10 richest billionaires is $133 billion , more than 1.5 times the total national income of the least developed countries.
- The cost of eradicating poverty is 1% of global income.
- Effective debt relief to the 20 poorest countries would cost $5.5 billion - equivalent to the cost of building EuroDisney.
- Providing universal access to basic social services and transfers to alleviate income poverty would cost $80 billion, less than the net worth of the seven richest men in the world.
- Six countries can spend $700 million in nine days on dog and cat food.
- Today’s world spends $92 billion on junkfood, $ 66 billion on cosmetics and nearly $800 billion in 1995 for defence expenditure.

Cancer is a sign of resources and is related to money, hence it is not uncanny that the G8 Summit was held in Cancer-ruled Scotland!

Tsunami Response Morphs to G8-Band8.

Remember the tsunami six months ago – it seems ages away now? Most victims of that disaster are nowhere near rehabilitated; it happened while the Sun was in Capricorn during the full moon period - when the Moon was void-of-course in Gemini moving into Cancer. The response from the world then was unprecedented and the momentum has kept rolling into Capricorn’s polar opposite sign Cancer - through such initiatives as the G8 and Band 8. However futile, wrongly motivated or imperfect these events seem to some, there’s been a genuine concern and commitment to addressing these problems – which has not really existed quite like this before; and these are not the only initiatives – there are many other meetings and conferences going on in all parts of the world – they just do not attract that high a profile in the media.

As stated in an earlier Aries ingress commentary, “it seems that the compassion which the tsunami invoked from the West will just keep demanding more of the same for 2005; … the giving could well be those resources which the West has abundantly and we may have to keep giving till it hurts!” [1]

The G8 Summit commenced on July 6th, appropriately with the new moon in Cancer. Libra was rising with Jupiter on the Ascendant, indicating the possibility of a fair and generous outcome. Although the pledged 50 billion was criticised as a ‘drop in the bucket’, it was a start. The problem becoming more widely recognised and acknowledged was how to plug the ‘holes in the bucket’, i.e. the corruption and greed, religious and cultural intolerance - that has characterised many developing nation recipients, resulting in no aid or ineffective distribution of funds.

London: From Olympics to Terrorist Attack

Britain: Soul: Gemini. Second Ray of Love-Wisdom.
Personality: Taurus. First Ray of Will-Power.

London: Soul: Leo. Fifth Ray of Science.
Personality: Libra. Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order.

Students must bear in mind that the esoteric rulerships for nations and cities do not necessarily correspond to the dates given for national horoscopes. The former are the inner charts, whilst the latter are from one perspective, the outer illusory forms. In some cases there are a bewildering number to choose from that all ‘work’ - nevertheless, they are reasonably accurate in terms of providing a basic understanding of the evolution of a national entity.

Hence the given esoteric rulerships are best to work with in the long term. Students should experiment with what has been given and interpret accordingly. For instance the above rulerships for Britain give Gemini rising with a twelfth house Taurean Sun – how does that measure up? Interestingly, Tony Blair has the same combination which may be related to his ability to stay in office! Also, London is Leo rising with a third house Libran Sun.

The G8 kicked off grandly for Tony Blair when news of the 2012 [2] Olympics was announced. Curiously, Blair has his progressed Sun and several other planets in Cancer. London is a Libran personality and no doubt Jupiter’s position in Libra translated Jupiter into ‘jubilant’ for the British. The square of Jupiter to the Cancer Moon that day reflected the excitement of winning the Olympic bid in the ‘home town’, but the following day London was rocked by the bombing of its transport system.

Such a reversal of fortune is unusual and relates very much to the Mercury-ruled Fourth Ray of Harmony Through Conflict - a ray that is indirectly related to Britain through the Mercury rulership of its Gemini soul.

However, the Moon is also a co-ruler of the Fourth Ray, and relates more to the ‘conflict’ side of the Harmony Through Conflict equation. The Moon as ruler of the Fourth Ray can indicate a rollercoaster emotional life.

India, karmically close family to Britain, has a Fourth Ray personality and one can experience extremes in that country from moment to moment, let alone day to day! Yet Britain is accustomed to the Fourth Ray influence, having experienced many wars in its recent history.

London has a Seventh Ray personality that likes order (such as transport being on time), decorum, courtesy and the daily ritual of life. This event has shaken that order but fired her resolve, reflected by the nation’s First Ray-Taurean personality (Will-Power) – the British bulldog spirit. In the immortal words of Churchill, ‘We shall fight them on the beaches … we shall never surrender.’ (It is rumoured he also muttered, ‘And we'll beat them about the head with bottles, because that's about all we've got.’)

The horoscope for the attack [3] saw Mars in Aries square to the Cancer Sun. Mars was also triggering the Aries eclipse of April 2005. Mercury (transport) was in the twelfth house of secret enemies (underhand in the underground) and involved with Venus and Jupiter in focusing a yod formation upon Uranus in Pisces.

London Bomb Attacks

<img src=

Uranus rules the seventh house of ‘open enemies’, encapsulating this sudden event and its ‘revolutionary’ religious fundamentalist perpetrators. The Moon was still in Cancer, moving up to conjoin Saturn which was in the last degree of Cancer - hence the fear and issues of national security.

The latter degree of this Cancer-Capricorn axis is quite potent in one of the British charts [4] Venus tenants the last degree of Capricorn and was opposed by transiting Neptune when Princess Diana (Cancer Sun) was killed. The normally stiff upper lip of the British people quivered momentarily and the nation wept, as did the world. Likewise now, transiting Saturn opposes Venus (8’ of arc) and another dramatic moment has emerged. The Sabian symbol for this last degree of Cancer is:

A daughter of the American revolution: The prestige and conservatism of a long-maintained heritage … the proud preservation of socio-cultural values in a tradition. After several generations the ancestor who was perhaps a violent revolutionist or rabble rouser – or even a fugitive from justice – acquires a halo of respectability. The tradition that once was born of revolution now extolls ‘law and order’, attempting to suppress any new forms of the same revolutionary spirit.” [5]

There are some interesting points to reflect upon here and the whole idea of what constitutes a ‘true revolutionary’. Writing on this Bastille Day one is reminded of the violence of the French Revolution which came hot on the heels of the American Revolution and the revolt against the constraints of the mother country Britain; they were in some ways one revolution, coinciding with the discovery of Uranus the Liberator.

Some observers have asked, does that make those revolutions any better than a modern Islamic jihad that seeks to find a voice within a world that it regards as corrupt? The Sabian symbol for the last degree of Capricorn is equally interesting and bears no extra comment:

A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share power. We are all aware of the work of secret committees in the White House and at all levels of the government. The student of esoteric philosophy believes in the existence of what has been called an ‘inner government’ which has the power to direct or guide the evolution of our planet and of mankind. Some people speak of the ‘occult Hierarchy’ or of the ‘White Lodge’…” [6]

Last but not least, this ‘blue’ full moon straddles the Cancer-Capricorn axis at 28° 47’, crowning the activation already going on. The Sabians for these are most complimentary to each other: 29th Cancer: A Greek muse weighing new born twins in golden scales: The intuitive weighing of alternatives. 29th Capricorn: A woman reading tea leaves. The ability to see the signature of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one’s attention.

Saturn in Leo

London (as opposed to the greater entity Britain) is ruled by Leo at a soul level and the bombing event chart has Leo rising. Although anticipated, this attack is a wake-up call for the soul of the nation. Saturn is going to move into Leo by July 16, so these issues may come into sharper focus, especially as it will be conjunct the Sun during the full moon period.

If the rising sign is esoterically the soul potential for an entity in any given incarnation and Saturn is the Lord of Karma, then the transit of Saturn through Leo will be most important in this next two year period for the soul of London, which is the soul of the nation in one respect.

Saturn’s transit also coincides with the fact that Britain’s progressed Sun (1801 chart) is at 1° Leo 03’, whilst the progressed midheaven is opposite at 0° Aquarius 12’ [7] - along with transiting Chiron in the first degree of Aquarius.

Leo is the ruling sovereign and ‘rule Britannia’ has done just that through its parliament in London for centuries – over much of the world in fact; she still retains her monarchy but does not rule the temporal world as she used to.

Britain-London could be sorely tested by Saturn to rise up to her full potential, in demonstrating courage and leadership on the one hand, and the magnanimity, benevolence and generosity of a true sovereign Leo on the other. This will partially work out in her ongoing tolerance of the Muslim racial tensions that have increased recently.

London’s Libran personality is closely related to the democratic system that gestated here, ultimately for the rest of the world, plus a fairness that recognises the great ethnic diversity within the greater community.

Saturn may also be bringing in some measure of karma to work out specifically. Perhaps there is a little truth in the notion by Muslim fundamentalists, that their current ‘jihad’ is about the ongoing battle of the crusades back in the middle ages. Nevetheless, that era had its roots in greater Europe which has since transplanted a microcosm of itself to America. Hence the Middle East will probably still be the main theatre for the ‘coalition of the willing’ for some time to come.

Saturn will of course have a profound effect on all other nations and individuals with strong Leo in the horoscope. Some esoteric examples are: Brazil, Italy and Roumania are all Leo souls, whilst France, Russia, Berlin and Rome all have Leo peronalities. [8] (Italy has a double Leo influence.)

Although nowhere near the scale of 9/11, the London bombing has had a similar effect on the nation’s psyche. Terrorism has come to London before, but not in the form of young home-bred men willing to commit suicide for their cause; a whole new dimension is emerging now and may be repeated in other Western nations.

On 9/11 three planes came from the sky and hit buildings, whilst one crashed into a field. On the seventh of the seventh, 2005 [9] three trains were bombed underground whilst one bus was attacked in the street; an interesting comparison between the sky and the underground. No doubt Pluto as Lord of the Underworld plays some part here, conjoining Uranus in one of the charts for London [10] . Transiting Pluto also quincunxes the Cancer Moon in the bombing chart and trines the Leo ascendant.

London and New York are two of the five major planetary chakras – speculated by this author to be the throat and solar plexus respectively. [11] The solar plexus is of course the seat of expression for the emotional body whilst the throat centre is utilised by the mental body. Both nations that contain these global centres are involved in the coalition against terrorists in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

A few days later (July 10), the commemoration of the end of World War II reminded the world and affirmed for Britain her stoicism and determination under the threat of a ‘new terrorism’; how much of a trend that develops from here remains to be seen. It seems so far that the bombers are linked with Al Qaeda, having adopted their terrorist ideology like many thousands of others.

Governments talk plenty about not giving into terrorists, but do not make much mention of addressing the causes of distorted ideologies behind the attacks. There exists a catch-22 of ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorists’ versus the need to open up some kind of dialogue that may lead to understanding and eventually transformation of ideas.

There are many souls emerging from the blind mass consciousness (Cancer) and becoming autonomous independent thinkers (Leo); during this transition process over many lives, illusion abounds. Distorted ideologies come about through the perception of an idea through the filter of the emotional body, ‘seeing through a glass darkly’ – none of us being really exempt from this until Liberation is achieved:

“An illusion can, therefore, be defined as the consequence of an idea (translated into ideal) being regarded as the entire presentation, as the complete story or solution and as being separated from and visioned independently of all other ideas—both religious in nature or apparently completely unrelated to religion. In this statement lies the story of separation and of man's inability to relate the various implications of a divine idea with each other. When visioned and grasped in a narrow and separative manner, there is necessarily a distortion of the truth …

This illusion evokes … an emotional reaction which immediately feeds desire and consequently shifts off the mental plane on to the astral; a desire is thus evoked for a partial and inadequate ideal and thus the idea cannot arrive at full expression, because its exponent sees only this partial ideal as the whole truth and cannot, therefore, grasp its social and planetary and its cosmic implications.

Where there is a real grasp of the whole idea (a rare thing indeed) there can be no illusion. The idea is so much bigger than the idealist that humility saves him from narrowness. Where there is illusion (which is usual and commonplace) and a vague interpretive reaction to an idea, we find emerging fanatics, vague idealists, sadistic enforcers of the idea as grasped, one-pointed and narrow men and women, seeking to express their interpretation of God's idea, and limited, cramped visionaries ….

The imposition of these humanly and mentally interpreted ideas in the form of limited ideologies has had a sorry effect upon men. They need to learn to penetrate to the true idea which lies behind their ideal and to interpret it with accuracy in the light of their soul, besides employing those methods which have the warrant and the sanction of LOVE.” [12]

Al Qaeda Horoscope

Al Qaeda Horoscope

A horoscope for Al Qaeda has been proposed [13] based upon a fatwa issued by Bin Laden. It is a fascinating chart with Capricorn rising and four planets in Pisces, the sign of the martyr and Sixth Ray fanatic. Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces all make a square to deadly Pluto. Sixth Ray ruler Mars, is in Pisces and this happens to conjunct Bin Laden’s Sun.

Interestingly, Saturn in Aries (new initiatives) may set the tone for a long time – maybe a 28-year Saturn cycle for these old ideologies to run out of steam? Saturn makes an exact square to the Moon in Capricorn, revealing this group’s depth of crystallised thinking and regressive thought. Moon in Capricorn is well noted for its ruthlessness and rootedness in matter, recalling the fact that out of Hitler’s ‘gang of seven’, an amazing number of five individuals had the Moon in Capricorn. [14]

On the day of the London bombing, transiting Mars made a close conjunction (26’ of arc) to Saturn in the Al Qaeda chart, setting off its natal square. The Moon in Capricorn was also opposed by the Sun in Cancer on the day of the attacks.

Bin Laden himself may have Moon in Cancer, depending upon what time is used for his birth; [15] he certainly does have the elusiveness of the crab who scuttles under rocks to hide, i.e. the caves of Afghanistan. Cancer also relates to primordial and instinctual fears, something that Bin Laden knows how to use when he strikes terror into the hearts of his enemies.

Neptune, the other co-ruler of the Sixth Ray, standing in this case for misguided, narrow and glamoured idealism, is in the first degree of Aquarius; its position falls opposite Britain’s progressed Sun in Leo (1801 chart) – reflecting the undermining of Britain through deception and subterfuge. Currently Britain’s progressed midheaven is applying to a conjunction with Al Qaeda’s Neptune, exact by April 2006, hinting at much more to emerge yet.

The young British bombers have been traced to Leeds, a city with a fascinating horoscope; [16] it contains Libra rising with the Sun and a stellium of planets in Leo, the reverse of the esoteric rulership given for London.

The Leo Sun and midheaven are in the first degree of Leo in close synastry with the abovementioned planets. The Moon is also very close, just into the second degree of Leo, so as Saturn continues its transit across these points in the next few weeks, Leo Leeds will be in the limelight – reluctantly no doubt. Leeds has Mars square Pluto, an aspect well noted for extreme violence; interestingly Bin Laden has the same aspect in different signs. In another London chart [17] its progressed Sun opposes Bin Laden’s Sun.




1801 Britain

P. Sun: 1 Leo 03

P. MC: 0 Aqu 12


Sun: 0 Leo 20


Moon: 2 Leo 22


Al Qaeda


Neptune: 0 Aqu 54


T. Saturn: 1-2 Leo 00

T. Chiron:1 Aqu 00

[2] 2012 is the end of the 26,000 year precession cycle in the Mayan calendar.
[3] 7/7/05, 8.51 am.
[4] December 25, 1066. 12 pm. Coronation of William.
[5] An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.
[6] Ibid.
[7] United Kingdom Union chart 1/1/1801. Midnight, Westminster.
[8] The Destiny of the Nations, Alice A. Bailey.pp.67-9.
[9] 2+0+0+5=7: hence July 7, 2005 = 777.
[10] April, 1, 1986.
[11] See “The Five Planetary Centres” in Destiny of the Races and Nations, Phillip Lindsay.
[12] Glamour: A World Problem. Alice A. Bailey. p.132.
[13] February 23, 1998, 5 pm, London. See Michael Wolfstar’s article:
[14] See “Nazi Germany” in The Destiny of the Races and Nations, Phillip Lindsay.
[15] March 10, 1957. 10.58 am. Jidda, Saudi.
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