Sensitivity to the Soul

Steve Nation
July, 2013

Welcome friends to this meditation for world service during the period of the full moon when energies from the sun are reflected off the face of the moon, pouring onto and into the Earth. Full moons provide an opportunity to work in meditation. The purposes and qualities of divinity can be visualized flowing into human consciousness. We can imagine how these energies from the spiritual sun stimulate the evolutionary process of human beings struggling to build an outer world reflecting the world of unity and wholeness sensed within. Our focus in this work is on the world of consciousness — human consciousness — the consciousness of the species as a whole. The incoming energies bring with them potencies, potentials and opportunities for transformation. This month these energies are conditioned by the sign of Leo — the sign of the Lion. It is a sign where self is the focus of development. I, me, mine; Who am I?; what is my relation to others, to group? Self as the lion and lioness at peace — looking towards the horizon - an image of pure contemplation; Self as the magnificent lion, shaking its mane, strong, totally self assured; and self as the lioness caring for her offspring, hunting for food, fulfilling necessary duties. 'I' embraces the I of the personal self (with all its sub-personalities); it embraces the I of the Soul — the Self of purpose, love and radiance — the magician I; and it reaches into the I of spirit. Leo holds before us a picture of development of each of these elements of 'I' — a development which leads inevitably, through life-times of incarnation, towards processes of integration and fusion between these three elements of self.

It really matters how we begin any meditation. The beginning sets the intention, alerts the field. We have to prepare the mind, get it settled and make it ready for its approach to the higher mind. We have to learn through experience how best to employ the imagination so that it will take us into the places of the Real.

Different types of mind responding to different ray energies will tend to establish their initial alignment in different ways. In the Alice Bailey writings there are various comments about different ray techniques for meditation and for building the antahkarana. In the book The Seven Rays of Life these comments are brought together in one section and it can be a useful exercise for any meditator to go back to these passages on a fairly regular basis — just to check in with technique and to review one's own private, inherently secret way of bridging between the thinking of the personal self, the thinking of the soul and the thinking of the Spiritual Triad.

In the meditation outline we are about to use together, Letting in the Light, the work begins with a stage of Group Fusion. We might imagine ourselves entering a mental space, a room of group fusion and integration within the heart centre of the new group of world servers, mediating between Hierarchy and humanity. In simple terms we can summarize three different approaches to this imaginative exercise.

A first ray approach will tend to take the mind directly, dynamically into this space of group fusion and be present in the space. Through focused intention the mind becomes integrated within the heart centre of the New Group of World Servers. The first ray works naturally with purpose - finds it easy to identify with the whole. So this is something to experiment with in meditation for those who suspect they have a first ray soul or first ray mind.

A second ray approach to the stage of Group Fusion might tend to visualize the Greater Light of the heart center of the New Group of World Servers and become absorbed within that greater light. The heart center of the new group of world servers can be approached and understood in terms of its qualities — perhaps imagining a world server who we greatly admire, or a service group, and thinking of them as a symbol of the heart centre of the new group. Rather than thinking about the symbol, those with a second ray soul or mind might seek to experience the deep qualities of mind and heart known to be held within the symbol, experiencing these as a reservoir of light, and becoming absorbed in that light. To be absorbed means to be immersed in the greater light, losing all sense of self, all sense of separation.

The Third ray meditator often has difficulty quieting the mind in preparation for visualization so it is important to begin by achieving an intense mental silence. This silence will open the door into the space of group fusion and will set the stage for the entire meditation, ensuring that the One who is thinking is the Soul and not the intelligent personality. Other ray energies will tend to work though some mixture of these three basic initial alignment techniques.

So, let us together now enter in to the space of group fusion — a field of mind and heart where all world servers find their place: from all cultures, from different ideologies, different religions, secularist humanists, mystics, occultists, artists and scientists. It is in this space, the heart centre of the New Group of World Servers that we take our stand. The heart center of the New Group is a space of concentrated qualities — human qualities reflecting soul qualities. Above the field, overshadowing and focused, we recognize the Hierarchy of Illumined Minds - Great Potencies of consciousness which have themselves been human beings and, through initiations over successive life-times have become Custodians of Wisdom, Colleagues of the Christ and Outposts of the Buddha. In this space of group fusion we are entering into the realm of mind where the Principles of Goodness, Beauty and Truth work through this Hierarchy of illumined Minds, impacting, shaping and directing the service network within humanity.

With a focused mind we can be sensitive to the light shining through this place of group fusion. We can be present to the group encounter where principles are being forged into human possibilities, ideas are emerging as desirable ideals, and where the Divine and the human are together charting the way forwards into Aquarius.

It is hugely important that we keep this fundamental notion of consciousness as a continuum in our minds — this is the perspective within which all of our work as a group is performed. It is affirmed and visualized in the second stage of the meditation outline, the stage of alignment. Consciousness, initially elemental and devic, emerges from the earth, plants and animals, concentrates in the human where learning takes place through crisis after crisis, until it gradually bridges into the planetary heart with its realms of increasingly concentrated light and love and purpose … and still consciousness reaches beyond the planetary heart to realms of spirit, passing through a group of beings known as the Divine Contemplatives and on to those Buddhas of Activity, centers of Peaceful Silent Will and electrical fire in Shamballa.

We stand, in our state of group fusion identified within the core of the new group of world servers — first affirming the light radiating from this group of human beings who stand figuratively at the heart of the service network. Consider this — think about the different qualities of thinking and doing developed by humans who are oriented towards service. Think about the compassion and the wisdom, the persistence and one-pointed focus, the creative experimenting, the dialogue and thinking that takes place ceaselessly in the community of human beings whose sense of purpose and meaning is defined by their response to the needs and demands of our time. And think about the courage and vision that is needed by these servers — folk just like you and me — as they respond to their own sense of uncertainty, of vulnerability in response to opposition, of the apparent inadequacy of their own minds and hearts as well as the minds and hearts of their co-workers. Above all consider the Spirit of Fiery Hope that is so needed by World Servers at this time if they are to resist the countless voices of despair and negativity in thinking about the future.

We should remember that the heart center of the New Group of World Servers is a place of concentrated focus - just as the muscle of the heart is a concentrated center of energy distribution within the body. So when we think of the heart center we think of the true esotericists — this does not mean students of different esoteric teachings and philosophies (although it will inevitably include some of these students). It means human beings whose life purpose is unusually concentrated in the radiation of love in some way or other and in a life of real usefulness to the Plan — human beings whose minds are alive with higher impressions. These esotericists are the ones who are creatively thinking through impressions received from the ashram and giving them human expression, organization and relevance. In other words, the heart of the new group of world servers, the potentized core, is a place where the Plan is being meditated into existence. If we were to think in physical terms we might think of the image of a muscle that is pumping energies of the Plan (ideas, insights, images, visions) into and throughout the entire network of servers and people of goodwill in humanity — inner and outer.

It is within this field of mind and heart generated by world servers — some we know through our daily lives and millions who we do not know personally — that the radiatory influence of the Lords of Compassion are to be found. The Initiators and the ones preparing for initiation meet in this dynamic, rich, creative human space. It is here that the Plan of Love and Light, the Plan as it is held in the mind of God, is working out. It is here, through countless initiatives in service at local, national and global levels, in every field of activity, every profession, every art form, every approach to healing; it is here that we human beings are, in partnership with the Great Ones on the Inner Side of Life, creating what will become the New Aquarian Civilization. It is through this partnership that the Spirit of Intelligent Fiery Hope is taking shape in the thinking and vision of world servers.

And so, centered within this space of group fusion, within the heart center of the new group of world servers, mediating between Hierarchy and humanity, let us consider some of the opportunities brought to us by the constellation Leo, aligned so closely with all three aspects of the Sun: the physical sun, the Heart of the Sun and the Central Spiritual Sun; aligned with Neptune and Uranus; and ultimately in the Presence of the Dog Star, the place of mystery, Sirius.

Leo leads us to consider the role personal, individual identity plays on the spiritual path and on the Way of Service. In order to know others, and to know the apparently other Inner Realms of Light, we must know ourselves; know the multiple dimensions of self. The personal, incarnated self needs to be known, to be understood and to be respected so that it can become the trusted agent of the Higher Self. And this can only happen as the personality is able to be observed and witnessed from a place of detached mindfulness. This is the only way that the Soul can govern and illumine its outer expression - the self with a little 's' can only begin to express the will and vision of the Self with a capital 'S' when a measure of wise loving detachment has been developed. And for this to happen there needs to be some sense of the higher eternal Self, the soul.

Leo is all about the sensitivity of a self-aware unit - sensitivity to others, sensitivity to the environment. Bailey comments the outstanding theme of Leo is the activity of the self-conscious unit in relation to its environment or the development of sensitive response to surrounding impacts by the one who stands — as the Sun stands — at the centre of its little universe. [Esoteric Astrology, p. 294]. She goes on to highlight 4 stages in the evolutionary development of this quality of sensitivity: sensitivity to the impacts from the environment (outer, psychological, and subtle aspects of the three worlds); sensitivity to the will, wishes and desires of the integrated personality; sensitivity to the soul replacing sensitivity to impacts from the three worlds; and final the spiritual sensitivity of the soul infused personality to the environment and to the working out of the Plan within this environment.

In these four degrees or stages of sensitivity the greatest need, the area in which it would seem most useful for us to place our focus, is the sensitivity of the personality to the soul. In one sense this is about the personal self looking upwards or inwards to the Soul and beginning to respond to impressions from the Soul. In another sense this is about the personal self becoming sensitive to the Being of the Soul on its own plane. These are two quite different perspectives and it is important to be clear about this. When we look up to the soul we do so from the perspective of our personal self — we see the soul as so much wiser, more loving, strong, all knowing etc than we feel ourselves to be. Because the personal self sees through veils that hide the Real, we have a tendency to see our higher self through these veils. The apparent conflict between the beauty sensed within and the apparent absence of beauty sensed without can lead us deeper into a sense of our own inadequacy - as if we are comparing our personal self to our soul — as if there is some competition.

This is why it is so important to make the effort to see through the eyes of the Soul — observing the personal self and the changes occurring in that self with love and detachment. Observing one's innermost self with loving impersonality. This cannot be done from the vantage point of the personality — yet it is the natural view of the Soul — a result of the soul's altitude in consciousness, and a result of the fact that the soul is totally free of the veils of maya, glamour and illusion that are so ingrained in our personal selves. So a part of ourselves already observes and sees like this. Imagine how the soul sees the development that is taking place in the personality in terms of the big picture; imagine how the soul sees crises in terms of opportunities and rather than judging the response to those opportunities simply sees the gradual realignments that are occurring in preparation for greater transformation in the future. The key is to begin to develop one's sense of one's own soul or Solar Angel — its livingness; it's very real presence as a part of who we are. Once the soul has become a real part our sense of self, rather than an abstract idea, we will be naturally invocative of its energies and the development of our selfhood will be understood as a joint project — with initiative and action from the personality accompanied by impulses and actions from the soul.

The Leo full moon is a perfect time to consider in the intimacy of our private, secret thinking, the Soul as a real living point of being and of consciousness with its own potencies of light, love and power; with its own purposes, vision and sense of the Plan; with its inherently group outlook and identity. The soul we are told is naturally group conscious. This soul — the causal centre of our personal incarnation — will remain after we have died. It is a centre of purpose — the energetic core of service and of radiation and we need to pay attention to its reality and its world. Consider the Soul, on its own plane — perhaps as an Angel — a Solar Angel — lying at the core of our being and the cause of our identity. Our sense of personal self is the work of the Soul — it is the Souls Great Work to enter into the realms of attachment, passion, illusion, selfishness, separateness, and materialism. The Soul creates this shadow of itself, the one we often think of as 'I' so that through the time and space of life after life this 'I' will become sensitive to the environment of the Soul and begin to reshape its identity around the fusion of mother and father — a fusion of higher and lower mind — a fusion of soul and personality. The Work of the soul is redemptive — not because the worlds of matter and body are somehow 'unredeemed' or not, on their own account, good, beautiful and true. But the Soul's work is to bring together spirit and body, the two poles of divinity. It is consciousness, within matter, that is in need of redemption — in need of responding to its task of providing a conscious bridge between inner and outer, higher and lower, spirit and form. Fear of the body needs to be redeemed, just as fear of the unknown worlds of the Soul is in need of redemption, and fear of death which marks the entrance into that unknown world is in need of redemption.

Leo's grand task is to lead the server through crises of fire where obstructions to a clear, soul directed mind and heart are burnt away. As this proceeds Leo prepares the way for the emergence of its polar opposite Aquarius. The Lion of self-assertion becomes the Light of the Soul. As the Fires of Leo pour through the person on the spiritual path they lead to an intensification of light — and as light intensifies it produces revelation.

Water purifies, softly, gently and over long periods of time. Imagine how the rough surface of a stone in a river or stream is polished and rounded over time through the action of water. Imagine how water washes away surface dirt, cleansing. While it is true that purification by water can be traumatic and intense (think of the impact that serious floods have on communities), fire is always intense, burning away everything that hides the real. Some forests have a natural cycle where fire is necessary to clear out old trees and make way for seeds to sprout and for a new forest to emerge. The soul sees the fires of Leo in this light — never applying more than is needed — and always with the thought of the new that will emerge. It takes fire to be able to say, not just as a belief, but with full knowledge, that in fact 'I' am That and That am I .

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