The Creation of Spiritual Expression Through Fusion in Virgo

Michelle Pearce
August 2012

The esoteric keynote for Virgo is: "I am the mother and child. I, God, I matter am". This comes on the heels of the Leo keynote of "I am that I am". The question of whom or what one is is the perennial question that drives the consciousness of the human soul deeper in its quest. The aspirant and disciple begin to recognize a changing focus of identification on this journey of consciousness. Consciousness is relationship. It is only in relationship that consciousness is aware of itself. The area of awareness expands and opens as consciousness and relationship change. The keynote of Virgo hints at inclusiveness and expansion of consciousness to include all three parts of the inter-relating self — material self, soul, and spiritual self. Life originating in the spiritual Self pours through all of its aspects of expression and the soul as the point of light resulting from the fusing of matter and spirit becomes increasingly aware. So, perhaps a helpful question to ponder as relates to the effect of Virgo on the consciousness of humanity as a whole is: Are matter and spirit becoming fused in the mind of humanity?

Virgo tells us that the apparent separation and duality of matter and spirit is an illusion, that they are really both "God". The first contact with Virgo energy on the path of conscious evolution and expansion of awareness is typically a sense of the depth, density, and consuming or holding nature of the womb of matter. This is evidenced by the mythic figures of Virgo in human history — Lilith, Eve, and then Mary. Historically and mythically men have felt consumed by the powerful goddess image, fearing destruction and this has played out in many of the mythic stories of the Goddess. In an interesting modern twist, the HBO television series "True Blood" portrays Lilith as the God of the vampires. She is a "blood" God, naked and covered in her own blood, seductive, and dangerous luring her worshipers to become insane, consumed with a thirst for personal power. Perhaps this is the portrait of the one who becomes too absorbed and identified with the material self, which then causes a regressive turning away from the spiritual path that leads to greater selflessness and higher values. Awareness and a growing identification with the spiritual self leads to greater selflessness because the spiritual Self is inclusive in its awareness and it can be inclusive, One with all, because it is not limited to consciousness from and individuated or physically material self. The wisdom and spiritual teachings of "no self" and unity point to this larger awareness that is to be achieved.

Given this foundation of understanding and subjective sense of the energy of Virgo as the spiritual self fully immersed within the womb of matter, it can be confusing and perplexing to move into the more occult keynote on the reverse turn of the wheel and the path back to spirit encompassing the Oneness of God through both matter and soul. As humanity has learned to see and function intellectually and mentally, the ability to vision and understand the idea of Oneness and unity has permeated into the human mind. As a result many thousands of aspirants and mystics see and even know the goal, but few are living from the place of unity. The particular stage of intellectual understanding of the goal but not yet having precipitated or manifested it into daily material life and living is an interesting one. This is the place that the new age teachers have termed "spiritual bypass". It is one of the newer illusions created in the human mind. In psychological terms one might call it a delusion, the delusion of a greater spiritual achievement than has actually occurred. It is a loss of contact with reality of the material plane and has the potential to hinder the manifestation and expression of the spiritual Self through physical material living.

Are we seeing many new mystics and even some aspirants and disciples caught in this illusion? It presents itself as a sort of cleavage within the activity of humanity. The Tibetan in the book Discipleship in the New Age Volume I sounds a note of caution to disciples and lights the fire of aspiration by stating that it is the disciples that have hindered the Plans and progress of the Hierarchy as opposed to the masses of people of goodwill. Perhaps this is one place where the disciple is apt to be hindered from full cooperation, clear vision, and right action. In the new age conception of "spiritual bypass" the individual is caught in a mental vision of his or her own spiritual achievement. They then sit back, so to speak, and enjoy being that spiritual individual while the more destructive and deluded aspects of their personality are entirely unrecognized. They are apt to become so preoccupied with their own achievement and teaching or service that the real needs of struggling humanity remain unnoticed and unmet. Thus, they continue to operate from individual delusion and are increasingly unaware of their fellow suffering humanity. They are cut off or separated from actual need of humanity. The flow of real spiritual inspiration and helpfulness toward moving humanity into a place of fusion of spirit and matter cannot occur.

Right service leads to the fusion of spirit and matter and right spiritual expression through material living. Another common hindrance to right service is found in the server who is more humble and self aware through a clear lighted mind and who then contacts a helpful higher idea, but becoming caught up in this idea fully becomes so absorbed in the idea that they do not continue to grow and evolve and open to spiritual flow themselves. Real service to Hierarchy is a participation in the flow of spiritual life from its highest aspects in subtle energy to its lowest aspect in material living. Any place of complete absorption and focus to the exclusion of others becomes a bottleneck to that flow, or, even, a full stopper to the flow. Right now the battle for spiritual contact, flow, and expression is occurring primarily on the mental planes. It is through right thinking that is continually aware, evolving, and open to contact with other individual minds, the human mind as a functioning whole, and the higher spiritual mind that service can occur or, alternatively, can be hindered or obstructed.

Clearly a mentally focused spiritual self that is not fused with or manifested in the material personal self is not fully living or expressing the energetic purpose embodied in Virgo. Virgo is one of the oldest energies of the zodiac. It is ancient in its significance and impact on human evolution. There is evidence today that there are indeed thousands of mystics and aspirants who are at least partially cut off from full selfless service with struggling humanity not because of their lack of potential contribution, but because they are focused on the vision of own spiritual achievement. They are writing and teaching and doing great work at bringing the reality of the spiritual worlds into a more clear focus for humanity. But, do they see themselves as separate from, as beyond or above, the average struggling person? Where or how do they see themselves as united with the human struggle for liberation and higher values? Are they fully aware of both the spiritual and material and thus fusing both within themselves as the soul in incarnation?

Does the new age platitude of being a spiritual being having a physical experience mean a passive perspective to human suffering? Do some believe themselves to be spiritual beings that are not in need of or beyond the need of the physical experience able to simply ignore or gloss over the ongoing physical struggles of humanity? Is there such a focus on divinity and the future that the creation point for that future, the present, is ignored? Where is the balance or midpoint between divine impersonality and divine indifference because of faith in the human soul and the creation of a more spiritually inspired human future through right action and selfless service in this lifetime? These are just a few of the many questions that the group of new servers struggles with now. It is through struggling with these questions as they are expressed through daily living that the heart of service is strengthened and opened.

Rather than a cause for discouragement, however, there is every reason to be joyful and inspired. The mind and heart of the serving group is open to a full conscious awakening to its spiritual responsibility and opportunity and this is gradually happening. The full affect of the spread of love that is the consciousness of God is permeating the consciousness that is His physical expression — humanity. God is all. He is both spiritual life and purpose and physical material expression evolving through the growing lighted awareness and loving consciousness that is Soul. As the aspirants know themselves to be the physical expression of the Spiritual Self, not "having" a spiritual experience but creating a right spiritual expression, then true identification with the spiritual Self is achieved. The true identification with spiritual Self leads into the awareness of joy, love, and indifference and the inspiration to compassion (suffer with) and selfless service. It leads to vision and purpose, selfless service and a greater sense of self. The seeming paradoxes of the higher spiritual unity of Self and the lower individualized self are easily resolved. But this resolution is achieved not through mental understanding or vision; it is achieved through creative spiritual expression — selfless service and spiritual living.

Let us now as a group seek to align with the inner ashrams and servers as the energy of Virgo is contacted and directed to meet human need. Let the serving group be the bridge between spiritual and material self, between hierarchy and humanity, between the present and the future. As the serving group seeks to embrace and encompass from the highest levels of spiritual awareness to the lowest levels of physical reality the consciousness of the human soul expands and grows into the Real Spiritual Self, unified and fully fused with its physical self. So Be It.

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