The Work of the Group Savior: Universal Consciousness and Cosmic Triangles

Michelle Pearce
March 2012

Each month at the time of the full moon the planetary scheme moves sequentially through great streams of cosmic energies. Those energies both impress and influence planetary life in subtle ways that human consciousness is only beginning to be capable of sensing and understanding. Astrology remains at infant stages of development within the mind of humanity. The simple understanding of the qualities of each of the zodiac is the A, B, C's of esoteric astrology.

The Tibetan, through the books by Alice Bailey, has attempted to plant the seed of triangles within the mind of aspirants and disciples. The "bones" of esoteric astrology will really begin to take form in the mind of humanity and especially within the mind of the group server with the exploration and understanding of how triangles are significant at the cosmic level of activity. This requires a great leap in thinking about what "activity" is. One senses that cosmic activity is entirely different than human activity and that it is unable to be reduced to an analogy of human activity. It will, therefore, take a leap of thought into more subtle abstract ideas about what an entirely more subtle level of energy activity and relationship might entail or look like at the cosmic level of awareness, purpose, and intention.

How is this relevant to the subtle esoteric work in Pisces? Pisces is the quintessential energy of the savior, the one who "turns back" and so understanding of how one saves in the cosmic context seems essential for full moon service work. The savior in the Age of Aquarius is the group savior — more A, B, C's of esotericism and group service. It is the task of the group savior to not only develop and evolve their sense of "groupness", but also to evolve and develop how they use that "groupness" to save. Not only that, but it must be done in full waking brain consciousness because that too is the next step of spiritual evolution in the new age. One begins to realize the vast extent of the foundation of occult understanding needed before the "next step" of the group savior can begin to be undertaken even a little bit. One also begins to sense that the idea of evolution itself needs to evolve into something that is consciously achieved.

As the evolution of human consciousness comes under the impress of the triangle of Leo-Virgo-Pisces, soul consciousness evolves from self-consciousness in Leo, through the duality of the spiritual server nurturing the Christ consciousness in Virgo, to the universal consciousness of the initiate — an awareness of Oneness in Pisces. Within the universal consciousness in Pisces the concept of sharing in the service of the evolution and upliftment of all planetary life becomes a reality in the daily life of the individuated group-based server as much as sustaining form life through eating and material activity does for the average person.

The principle of sharing in the work of the savior really only becomes possible when consciousness is able to embody the awareness of Oneness. The awareness of the Oneness of planetary life demands a sharing not because it is perceived as right or better or higher, but because there is no longer any other sane course of activity possible. An analogy to this event is the stage of the mystic who is no longer able to return to a life wherein denial of the spiritual life is possible. The mystic has seen the dual nature of life - —matter and spirit. The mystic, therefore, has become aware of the reality of both polarities of life. The "cat is out of the bag" so-to-speak and there will be no return to a state of consciousness wherein the spiritual reality can be truly denied.

The universal consciousness is aware of the Oneness of planetary life, form, purpose, and activity. Within that awareness of the Oneness of life there is inherent a sharing of all things affecting and motivating the One. Just as the man or woman who realizes their well being is integrally tied to the well being of a group or organization acts to cooperate or share in the burden of ensuring the well being of the group, so the universal consciousness that perceives not themselves but the whole and the One can no longer act from a sense of individuality but shares in all manner of things affecting the One. The difference in this rather imperfect analogy is that the individual consciousness makes a choice based on aspiration to share in responsibility or activity, the universal consciousness no longer has a choice because they become the One. Christ attempted to teach this principle when He stated "I and my father are One". Then He set about His father's work. Within this state of awareness the son turns back and saves not because it is the right thing or some higher purpose, but because it is planetary purpose of which he has become One with. Therefore, Oneness inherently entails becoming that One in full conscious awareness and when that is achieved sharing becomes the routine activity of life.

One suspects that the cosmic relationships of triangles have some similar type of significance at their heart, that there are vast realms of relationship beyond the current limits of human thought that will be revealed through an exploration and contemplation using esoteric faculties of spiritual intuition. Understanding the significance and importance of these deeper cosmic relationships somehow feels like a key to serving as the new age group savior. Should we, the full moon group workers, begin to delve into a state of inquiry together? Should we strive to understand cosmic relationships, cosmic activity, through triangles and other means, and seek to "know" how to work in these subtle worlds at the job of saving? What will be helpful for the evolving group savior at this point? Here are some of the many questions that the server who feels the call might ask him or herself. Perhaps we may come up with many more questions that will lead us deeper into the stream of this particular cosmic activity as it plays upon our increasingly receptive consciousness over the next week or so.

So let us, as a group, seek to work now at a receptivity that is both organized and open, and that is also humbled and solemn by the knowledge that we may now be able to be receptive and able to register more of the holy activity and energy of the highest holy realms than ever before. Perhaps this recognition will provide the aspiration that we need as a group to continue to penetrate ever deeper as the planetary group savior, impelled and guided by Christ, into the vast depth of universal activity, awareness, and relationship. So Let it Be.

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