Libra: An Invitation to Enter the Hall of Wisdom

Michelle Pearce
October, 2013

Libra guards the secret of balance, of equilibrium and finally speaks the word which releases the initiate from the Lords of Karma. (Esoteric Astrology, pg. 165).

As the serving group moves into the energies of the constellation Libra, it's helpful to inquire deeply and to contemplate the quality of impression that these energies can bring to help meet the needs of the evolving planetary and human consciousness. What are the qualities of that great cosmic life embodied within the emanating rays of Libra? What is the current state of the planet and humanity in relation to these qualities? What are the next steps in the graded evolving and unfolding conscious awareness of humanity as it relates to this great cosmic life?

The growth, evolution, unfolding, and expanding conscious awareness of the Self is one that leads back to the center, back to the source. As this journey back becomes consciously undertaken, as the soul awakens to its divine purpose, it becomes aware of the qualities that are needed to complete that journey successfully and efficiently and enters into the halls of wisdom. Within the hall of wisdom, the soul knows that it has all it needs at its disposal to make that journey. What it needs is continued and cyclic impression from the cosmic life energies emanating from the center as they constantly circulate and flow for this cosmic purpose. The soul moves from the hall of learning into the hall of wisdom and from learning through struggle and conflict (karmic cause and effect) to spiritual achievement through spiritual intuition (direct knowing) and the growing ability to work with cosmic energy and life. This is the release of the soul from the Lords of Karma, from the need for learning through cause and effect brought about by suffering and struggle.

The great equilibrium embodied in Libra is not one of passive acquiescence or a peace that lacks power and energy. It is the middle way between polarities held in a state of dynamic power and tension that results in the achievement of a stability that enables the soul to work consciously through identification and with higher energy. It is only through the achievement of a stable consciousness within the miasma of the lower forces that the soul has the power and ability to then move into intuitive spiritual knowing, identification with itself and higher states, and the faculties that enable working with the great energies and lives of the cosmic worlds. This stability is achieved through a long process of trial and error, suffering and learning, until finally the soul, with the help of the Hierarchy of liberated souls, attains polarization in higher states of awareness that both include and encompass the personality forces and is identified as a spiritual Self. This attained balance is one of awareness. It is the balance in awareness of matter and spirit-the relative reality of the immediate material personal human life and the larger more pervasive Reality and Truth of the spiritual energy and Self.

So what does this mean today for both the serving group and the larger humanity as a whole? What is the current state of both the serving group and of humanity as it relates to the growing possibilities for conscious awareness and cosmic functioning embodied within Libra?

Perhaps it would be fair to say that humanity today expresses the radical opposite polarities in an excessively powerful and unstable way thus showing the great opportunity and need for the equilibrium possible within Libra. It is quite easy to see extremes in human desire and activity expressed in ways that are harmful and destructive because of being extremely polarized, thus lacking any sense of a middle way. One might even define this as separatism manifested — one pole being cut off from the opposite pole of being through the crystalized and misguided identification of consciousness within one extreme or exclusivity. Not surprisingly, one of the most evident places of destructive polarization occurs within religion and religious ideals. This is not surprising because current polarization is naturally brought about by the crystallization of the outgoing sixth ray of idealism that has guided and impressed human consciousness in general and religious ideals specifically for the past two thousand years.

The astute serving soul, then, perceives the religious conflicts not so much as a problem for humanity as the natural result of the changing cosmic environment within which human consciousness unfolds and evolves. One could think of it as a changing sea of energy that subtly impresses and influences all around it to evolve and unfold in very specific ways, ways that lead to gradual and ever increasing growth towards refinement of higher values and qualities that are consistent with the highest cosmic center, the emanating source of all life and awareness.

The groups of unaware human souls caught up in crystalized and polarized bubbles of idealism and thought forms within that sea of changing cosmic energies become more entrenched in their position, more crystalized in their thinking, as they sense the world around them changing. Theirs is a position of instinctual fear, fear for their survival, and it seems so important that it becomes all consuming. This is the illustration of an illusion of thought that becomes so strong that nothing else is perceived by the souls that become wholly identified within these limiting thought forms.

An interesting situation has arisen in human culture recently that lends more entrenchment to this polarization and makes perfect sense within the changing sea of cosmic energies that are moving and bathing earth evolution. The changes, as we know, are the outgoing sixth ray of idealism and the incoming seventh ray of ritual and magic that bring spirit matter together as well as the incoming divine will that carry with it the divine impulse for a synthesis of life. Where and how these merging's and syntheses occur very much depend upon human consciousness and desires. Maybe that is why we have now seen the synthesis of religion and government in ways that have become increasingly crystalized and destructive. This is not something that has been planned or desired according to divine purpose, but it is something that makes sense from the broader perspective of the influence of these larger cosmic energies and their affects on the human groups that have become so entrenched in crystalized illusions of the separatism of religious ideals.

This then leads us to the serving group and how this group can assist humanity in release from this situation of crystallization and illusion. The serving group of aspirants and disciples must attain the stability and equanimity itself before it can enter the halls of wisdom and wield cosmic energies into needy humanity, but also in order to embody that energy and possibility within humanity. When the serving group is able to be sensitive to, to absorb, and to embody the great stabilizing energy of Libra, that energy will be appropriately distributed within human consciousness. This is the place where the need for individual striving and achievement becomes essential for the group worker. Each individual must work with his or her own tendency to be unstable and become polarized.

The fused triangle of energies now standing behind the Christ is available for help with this process. The fusion of the Spirit of Peace, the enlightened mind (from illusion) of the Buddha, and the Avatar of Synthesis are a powerful stabilizing energy available to the individual and the group. One need only invoke these energies into themselves for the purpose of the group and of humanity, thus using divine purpose and dynamic will to invoke what is needed for the next step-the creation of the stability, balance, and clarity needed to move into greater synthesis of planetary life expression and the next phase for human culture-loving right relations.

So, here stands the work and opportunity for the serving group and the esoteric knowers at the heart of that group. All that is needed is provided for that work to be a resounding success and for the entire group and indeed all of humanity to move from the hall of learning and into the hall of wisdom. So Might It Be.

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