Power and the Sound of the Soul

Michelle Pearce
July, 2013

We come together to celebrate the bathing of the earth in the cosmic energies of Leo, that great constellation that brought the power for individualization that results in the creation of the human hierarchy. This energy contains the cosmic power of the first ray of will. Humanity is the hierarchy in which form life begins to be enabled to exert independent will. There is a great mystery in the need for independent will to be brought under the control of the soul, through love, in order for spiritual evolution to proceed according to divine purposes.

Looking at the world today one might well wonder at the logic or wisdom of allowing individualized will to be manifested. One might presume that it is independent will that is causing the cross currents of desire that result in separatism, war, and, in essence, evil. But, it is only through a superficial or cursory exploration and personal perspective that conclusion is reached. From the group soul mind, the cross currents of desire and the separatism that we currently see manifested are merely the result of the regressive nature of the substance of form that is not yet wielded through love. This will be corrected gradually as the light and love of the human soul-spiritualized energy, is more fully embodied and contained within the form substance. This is the process of redemption. It is not anything to be bewildered by or discouraged by. It is simply redemption occurring over time.

In reality, the energy of Leo, the power of individualized will and form, enables this redemption to occur. How is that possible? Through initiation, the power of the individualized soul, substance is transfigured and spiritualized. Through individualization the soul has attained the possibility to wield spiritual power while fully embedded in form substance. As the human brain becomes able to be sensitive to soul impulses and thoughts, the form is taught to identify with a new level of vibration, as spiritual energy itself. This incredible undertaking, therefore, relies on the power of the individualized form and soul. This identification process is a very high level spiritual undertaking. It may even be one of the greatest cosmic experiments yet undertaken. And, it requires an incredible amount of spiritual power and will to undertake hence the need for full collaborative participation with the constellation of Leo. All spiritual experiments concerning our little planet are a lesson and opportunity in right relationship.

Perhaps what this means for the New Group of World Servers now is the ability to invoke more power into humanity rather than less, but in particular into the human soul. The nature and quality of the human soul is sound and built upon right principles. It is sound both metaphorically and literally. The metaphorical soundness ensures that spiritual evolution will occur. The literal sound of the soul, as it is strengthened, reverberates through material substance and transfigures it into spiritual substance. It carries through and through.

Those servers who are learning to work with etheric or pranic substance for purposes of healing are learning to work with the sound of the soul and wielding it on the etheric or subtle physical planetary plane. Humanity has witnessed a great resurgence of etheric healers already in the New Age and this unfolding will continue and be increasingly synthesized with the energy of science, the fifth ray of the human mind, thus bringing it to the forefront of human thought and manifestation.

Those servers who are working with the astral, kama-manasic, or emotional-mental nature of humanity are wielding the sound of the soul within emotional substance. These servers work at uplifting the lower vibrations or sound such as depression, self-pity, hate, anger, etc. Healing of all types of illnesses (physical, emotional-mental) using music is gaining in popularity in Integrative Medicine. Research into the healing effects of music (sound) is being conducted in medical facilities around the world. This is the evidence of things not yet fully revealed — that sound heals. Sound alters vibrations and creates synthesis.

Experiments with healing the mental substance are very interesting and not as fully revealed yet in the human mind. The migration of meditation from the East to the West and into Western medicine through the mindfulness movement (raja yoga) is a great manifestation of the power of the soul to work in mental substance. Through the intention and will of the individual, mental substance is trained to conform to the will of the soul. Thoughts are recognized as events of mental substance and as having patterns and habits. The individual soul is thus detached from identification with/as mental substance. Only through detachment and identification at the next higher plane or level of substance can the individual soul learn to wield its will. Thus this is the great indicator for the current level of expertise and power of the individual soul — what does he or she have power over, i.e. physical, emotional, mental substance vs. what has power over the soul?

The idea of power and will is essential to grasp in understanding the spiritual evolution of the soul within humanity. That power demonstrated, however, is a vertical power and not a horizontal one. Here is the great difference between the spiritual hierarchy for evolution and all the regressive hierarchies. The demonstration of horizontal power over other souls is not a part of the Plan for spiritual evolution. It impedes the Plan because each individualized soul must learn to spiritualize substance through its own power. Each must do his or her part to both learn to wield will and to transfigure substance. When the spiritual will to do so is hampered or obstructed by another soul, therefore, evolution is delayed and suffering results.

The Spiritual Hierarchies Plan to strengthen the human impulse for freedom was a part of the steps forward to help each soul to find its own strength and power, its own freedom, to work with substance and spiritualize matter. Some of the current uprisings seen today of the masses seeking greater freedom from oppression are the natural results of the human soul sensitized to the need for spiritual freedom and for the ability to take its own substance under control and learn to wield its own power and thus contribute to spiritual purpose for redemption and upliftment. These uprisings and conflicts seen from a narrow and personal perspective might at first blush be perceived as conflict and chaos and the destructiveness of the human soul. That would be a mistake, however. Seen from the wider, higher, and broader perspective of the Spiritual Plan, these uprisings indicate the growing sensitivity and power of the human soul to cooperate with the Spiritual Plan.

All the understanding and ideas contained in the preceding paragraphs should indicate to the servers several cautions and encouragements. 1. Analysis and understandings of current events from the limited perspective of the personal self are often wrong and unduly pessimistic and fear-based. 2. Chaos and conflict are often manifested in service to Divine Purpose. 3. Right use of power and will is needed and that right use is vertical with horizontal cooperation and right relations. 4. Current times demand right use of power and will through love and understanding with fear and separatism being left behind as part of the regressive past. 5. The soul of humanity is able to perceive happenings according to a Hierarchical Plan and to contribute to that Plan. 6. Cooperation with the Plan includes the strengthening and empowerment of other souls-always! 7. Personality limitations are not relevant to the Plan at all and can simply be left behind.

The New Group of World Servers — each person who is seeking to cooperate through full moon meditations, already has the ability to wield power and will in right directions and according to Divine Purposes. Each Server can, therefore, be encouraged that they have an important part to play and they already have the inherent ability to do their part. Encouragement vs. discouragement is what is called for. Discouragement leads to powerlessness. Human souls work through power and will rightly wield with love. The growth of the human soul is a growth into greater power and will. Where the server senses a weakening of power through any type of discouragement, they are sinking into a regressive nature and the solution is to repudiate it, to not identify with any type of regressive nature in the personal self, but to identify with the upliftment of the vibration through the right sounding of the soul. Where powerlessness and oppression is felt the soul note is not penetrating through substance. There is great joy when the soul note is able to penetrate rightly. This joy of the soul is the path to be followed. Suffering is simply the indication of the wrong path chosen or the wrong note sounded-nothing less and nothing more.

So now with joy, love, and power let us seek to fully cooperate with the great Divine experiment that we have already chosen to participate in. Let us seek the power and will of the great group Soul and sound that note with love and joy through all the substance of the planet thus creating harmony and joy and right relations.

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