Working with the Back and Front Door of the Mind in Leo

Michelle Pearce
August 2012

Alice Bailey, in her book elucidating the esoteric meaning of the adventures of the mythic Hercules, describes the tasks of the disciple in each of the twelve energies of the zodiac. These adventures or tasks are seen not as the activity of the savior but as the path of the Sons of God back to their spiritual home. That path is the map of the return path of the prodigal son and it involves right use of each of the cosmic energies of the twelve signs of the Zodiac upon the forces that make up the personality vehicle of the incarnating Sons of God — the physical and etheric forces, emotional forces, and the forces that are thoughts and right thinking. Today we witness humanity the disciple grappling with its own strength of personality and character developed under the involution of the energies of Leo in matter and resulting in the forces at play on the stage of world events today — strength of individualism, strong personal desires, pronounced use of a strong individualist mind, and leading in many cases to wrong thinking, lower values, and selfish materialism.

The strong individualistic personal desire working out through ideas and values evident on the world stage today is itself an evolution out of a weaker and less individual human nature, one that is focused more in animal instinct than personal desire or mental functioning. The stage of the strong personality is one that must be carefully navigated through by the indwelling soul on its return to spiritual awareness, right values, and right relations. There is real danger and real opportunity in this crisis of the soul in Leo. Hercules successfully navigated this crisis and subdued the Lion finally by capturing it and killing it in the cave. His attempts were not successful at first and he had to discover that the cave had two entrances and the Lion was using them both to evade capture. Hercules, therefore, blocked the back entrance and throwing aside his weapons went through the front entrance and grappled with the Lion using his bare hands. We are told that the front and back door symbolize the higher mind of Christ or group consciousness and the lower individual mind respectively.

Alice Bailey tells us that Hercules the soul and disciple had to discover that he could not leave the lower untamed mind to be dealt with by the personality. He had learnt this in a previous task when grappling with the symbol of the untamed mind — the wild mares in Aries. The personality is not strong enough to subdue and tame the mind alone. It is in fact identified or has its sense of self rooted in the emotions and mind. The soul and personality must work perfectly aligned and focused. The lion at its worst represents strong selfish desire expressed through an integrated four-fold personality — mental, emotional, etheric, and physical and is destructive. When this strong aspirational and creative power, however, is aligned with right spiritual values it becomes at-oned with the planetary purpose and the evolving spiritual values and right relationship.

Looking out into world with the eyes of the soul, what meaning and purpose do we see working out with the energies of Leo? Where is the evidence of the strong individualistic personality working out fully aligned with higher spiritual values and right planetary group relationships? The Inner higher energy is more subtle but is capable of killing out the destructive individual nature once the right way is found. The soul does prevail over lower forces in time. The strength of the soul includes patience, wisdom, and a steadiness of purpose over time. Since time is itself the unfolding of soul, time is on the side of the disciple. It is through steady use of the unfolding of time through vision and patience that the soul learns to subdue its powerful personality forces in service of the higher mind. The soul does this through blocking the back door of the personality use of the force in the mind and coming in through the front spiritual door of the higher group mind.

The task in Leo is the last task on the probationary path prior to initiation. It is dependent upon preceding success of the taming of the mind in Aries and the desire nature in Taurus. Now in Leo the individual man or woman must sacrifice the lower mind of the individual so that the cosmic mind of the Christ Consciousness can be revealed and expressed. The New Group of World Servers represents that higher group or Cosmic mind within humanity. It works as a subjective group aligned with higher spiritual values and learns to block out the individualistic destructive nature of the self so that the power of Leo becomes the glory of the Son of God, the One Soul in incarnation.

Today we do see the human will becoming the servant of the soul and higher spiritual values in a great group effort to subdue the destructive nature of the human personality — destructive to the future of the planetary environment and the peace and prosperity of the human race. World Summits across the globe are convened regularly for the purpose of applying the higher mind and values to problems created by human selfishness and wrong thinking of the individualistic minds — to find solutions to right use of technology, economic cooperation and world stability, poverty and starvation, conflicts of ideologies and governments. The war taking place in the lower mind of humanity involves the clash of individual needs and ideas. This war is not won by any one human group over another, but by the higher mind and values of the human soul over the lower selfish mind of the human personality.

Everywhere there is collaboration and cooperation across conflicting ideologies there is evidence of the human soul, the human disciple, the New Group of World Servers, working to impress and express the higher values and energies through human thinking and creativity. The opportunity in Leo is to see and subdue where the strength of the human personality has become selfish and destructive and to work there to block the back door of the lower individualistic mind by bringing in the higher cosmic mind of the Christ Consciousness with its group vision, group intuition, and higher values. Working at the heart of the New Group of World Servers and knowing this task we can work today to assist in holding this vision and working out this future at the time of the full moon in Leo. Thus the NGWS learns to work as a group using cosmic energies to subdue and overcome the lower forces and create the future. So Let it Be.

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