Building the House and Turning on the Lights

Michelle Pearce
June, 2013

The keynote of Cancer for the disciples is "I build a lighted house and therein I dwell". Cancer is the astrological sign for the mass of humanity as a whole. The planetary Soul is inclusive of all human souls minus that 1/3, sometimes called the laggards, whose own souls need more time to develop into the light and so will be held back to the next epoch to continue their development. Those laggards are worthy of concern and love, but not focus and attention on their evolution. The focus and attention of the serving group, at this critical juncture into the New Age, needs to be on creating the structure and bringing in the light for humanity as a whole. When disciples and aspirants become preoccupied with the shadow aspects that are currently strongly coming to attention in humanity, they are overly focusing on both regressive forces and also laggards and thus not focusing sufficiently on building and infusing in light. Simple awareness of the shadow without undue attention is what is called for, remembering that all aspirants and disciples are learning to wield light and energy through the method best described by the occult platitude "energy follows thought". Care and attention to point of focus and to thought life is, therefore, needed.

These are the basic facts of our time and our work. Significant questions perhaps are what is the state of the structure that will hold the needed light for humanity and how is that structure being built and strengthened by the serving group?

Neuroscience today is showing how the human body is wired for connection (see Barbara Fredickson's Love 2.0, for example). The brain is made for connecting with other life. Additionally, connection and love may be as much an instinct as survival is and lead to much greater happiness and satisfaction than simply surviving. Research is now showing what religions have always known, those individuals who think about, give to, and serve others are happier. Their brains literally release some hormones that induce the feeling of happiness when serving others. There are also physiological areas and cells in the brain that promote empathy and connection. This powerful and natural impulse to connect with and to serve others is the primary method that the structure for light is built within humanity.

Humanity is connected in two ways: a vast and comprehensive etheric network through which lighted life flows; and one planetary mind through which thoughts and ideas permeate and circulate. Both can be blocked and both can be illumined. Blockage occurs when individuals assume and operate from divisive, separate, and defensive stances against other aspects of the mind and life. For example, when individuals and groups are not inclusive of all thoughts and ideas within the human mind. Some purposely cut off their exposure and consideration to entire areas of thought and ideas because of fear or judgment and they thus wall themselves off from the rest of the human mind and thinking. When individuals or groups are greedy, they attempt to attain and retain more life energy through accumulation of money and power thus creating distortions and hindrances in the vast etheric network of life. The Tibetan's work with triangles and goodwill are ways to open up and illumine both the mind and etheric channels within the human kingdom thus creating greater planetary flow and illumination (see Lucis Trust website).

This open and strengthened vast flow of lighted life, goodwill, and ideas is quite necessary in order for the planet to be able to receive the higher cosmic flow of life and ideas. Just as when one organ or extremity becomes diseased with a cancer and the blood flow is thus impaired to all the surrounding tissues, so the areas of divisiveness and separation must be removed so that proper flow can be restored to the entire cohesive and functioning organism. Even aspirants don't often think of this planet's place in the vaster cosmic scheme. The energy and quality of the far off galaxies seem distant and remote. Yet this planet and all life on it is as much interconnected in the cosmic scheme as life on the planet is interconnected. In fact, the life giving energies and qualities that this planet needs to thrive and evolve into its own divine nature come from deep within the cosmic scheme. Humanity is now demonstrating and realizing the interconnected nature of the planetary life. The significance is that the aspirants and disciples, as the advancing aspects of planetary conscious life, need to be focusing even farther into the interconnectedness of the planet within the cosmos. This is achieved through esoteric astrology, through realizing the interconnection of our planetary energy and life with the rest of the cosmic energy and life.

It is through being able to receive the needed new qualities from the revolving cosmic influence of the zodiac that the planet can resolve its current crisis of opportunity and move more completely into the New Age of greater harmony and light. The interconnection of our planetary energy and life with the cosmic energy and life already exists. When our planetary life, through conscious awareness, is able to receive that energy and blend with it, we open up the blockages we have created to the flow of life of the entire cosmos. The first ray power aspects of humanity are involved in the destruction of all that holds the planet back, keeps it divisive, impedes the flow of greater life and light. The second ray love-wisdom builders must keep focused on attaining and building greater illumination and life into the planet. The network of etheric light and life must be strengthened through greater connectivity and less divisiveness and separatism. The mind must be illumined through right thought, higher ideas and values, and repudiation of all that now holds humanity back from moving into greater joy and love.

The masses of humanity themselves have discovered their power to rise up and have a voice to support their impulse and desire for greater life, love, and light. They call attention to the places of blockage. This is uniquely the evidence of the rapidly occurring synthesis of humanity with planetary purpose, directly with Shambahla or the planetary logos. It is fascinating and illuminating to remember that the planetary logos is the soul aspect to the cosmic divinity located on the cosmic mental planes. This cosmic God, through His Soul, gives life and quality to this planet — a particular form of life that is one interconnected organism with power and purpose. As each human soul becomes filled with lighted life and love, the One Soul of the planet is strengthened, the planet is able to embody its soul, and a great interconnectivity with the cosmos occurs as the Soul receives and distributes strength, power, purpose and goodwill to its whole vehicle of expression — our planet. Our planet is in turn an entity that is interconnected with cosmic life and entities. As our planet begins to express its highest quality and nature through the illumination and radiation of the planetary Soul, we contribute to the cosmic upliftment and illumination of other planets and schemes.

We can all participate in that work. We are all tiny aspects, souls, of that vast interconnected life and love, and we can do this consciously. It is into this connectedness that the soul impulse strives and once achieved and discovered brings waves of bliss and joy. The planetary instinct is for greater light, love, and life through greater interconnectivity both within itself (horizontal) and with its higher sources of cosmic life and energy (vertical). The cosmic wheel slowly turns bringing with it the radiation of the life of other cosmic systems and bathing our little planet and its Soul with life, light, and qualified energy. This radiation is received and absorbed and used for the evolution and illumination of our Soul. When our Soul becomes fully illumined and radiating, we then complete a vast cosmic interconnection and flow of radiation of illumined life. We are just learning to consciously cooperate with this vast enterprise. Let us continue this month in our little part of the cosmic flow that originates from the very center of illumined life, which we can only vaguely begin to sense. Let us do this with wonder and love for the great interconnection of life that we are a small part. So Be It.

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