Who and What are the New Agni Yoginis? Group Ambition and Ruling From the Mind

Michelle Pearce
March, 2013

The state of the world now in relation to the conscious awareness of the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), those who feel the call to serve the whole, and their role in planetary synthesis and redemption includes: The recognition of the interconnection of life and thought and how this results in material expression through human thinking and the thought life of the NGWS; the realization of the significance of group service; the initiation into the service work of redemption of human ideas and thinking; and also awareness of incredible challenges. Those challenges correctly turned toward in consciousness are leading to the unfolding of the new yoga of synthesis with the whole, the redemption of humanity, and group initiation into greater planetary responsibility and purpose.

Despite the appearance of many servers, diverse in quality and approach, the recognition of the interconnection of life and the need of the whole guarantees this group is at heart one group united through the purpose of planetary redemption and the idea of love found at the highest levels of the planetary mind. The NGWS are in essence one serving group who manifest or express one purpose through diverse quality and expression. They are, thus, a group that is coming into the recognition of the responsibility to rule from that one purpose and from the mind.

The group server has a united life and energy impressing itself upon its individual and group forms as well as the mind and life of humanity. This is an intermediary time between individual initiation and service and group initiation and service. Initiation and service, the group is finding, are really synonymous terms. During this intermediary or transformational time, the individual works both within the individual and the group consciousness. Thus, the recognitions, striving, and vision are more complex and difficult to work out. This merely indicates the stage of transition and not the end result, which will be one of simplicity, ease, and grace of group work within the human material world. Until that time, however, the group is challenged to work out with care the vision of unity in service as a manifestation or expression of the synthesis of planetary life and purpose that is the end goal and vision during a time of highly individualistic group will and purpose. Even when one group achieves a unity of purpose, the purposes of multiple divisive groups often clash or compete contributing to the chaotic material expression that is a divisive planetary will and purpose, a "world divided unto itself".

Disciples are called to be "in the world but not of it", as Christ described it. What does that mean practically in our time and for this newer phase of being the Agni Yogini synthesized with the whole and identified as the server anchored in the fifth kingdom? Efforts previously have been focused on alignment and development of the esoteric senses and faculties needed to identify with the fifth kingdom — the soul. One might ask if at a certain point what is needed to complete or finalize that identification is leaping off from being the personality in a personality world fighting to express the higher soul to the soul in the soul world uniting to express itself in the world of personality? How is the latter different from the former? It embodies a subtle turning in attitude and altitude, which is always indicative of a significant move towards a higher state of being and expression. Being the soul expressing itself in the world of personality actually entails fewer struggles, greater freedom, more faith and strength, greater illumination and detachment. Has the group reached the point where it is ready to simply let go of its fight for soul in order to be the soul?

We have several real world examples of individual souls acting as souls in the world. These examples have the courage to be their true selves, both inner and outer, and speak out, to show the way by example and by word. What would it look like for a group to do that? What would the speech and the actions of the group be like? Embracing or being inclusive of all the wisdom teachings and none of the dogma is one trait that is easily recognized. The teachings central to any wisdom tradition or occult school are profoundly useful as pointers, yet they are not dogma to be worshipped. They are mere pointers to the next unfolding stage of the group life and consciousness. Is the group ready for the new teaching of Agni Yoga, the yoga of synthesizing with, of being in conscious synthesis with and as the soul? Are servers ready to be of and for the group more than of and for themselves as personalities?

The appeal to humanity of the teachings of the Buddha that are being presented now to the Western mind through the secular (spiritual vs. religious) mindfulness movement is that it respects the power of the mind and encourages the individual to investigate the pointers for themselves. Any individuals who tend toward worship of the teaching are turned back to their own mind and striving to investigate more deeply, to question, to seek. This pointer and teaching method is no doubt a preliminary method for newly inspired aspirants to begin to see the power and illusion of their own minds and thus strive into deeper aspects of their Self — of life and awareness prior to lower thought, thus encouraging the development of the synthesis of heart and mind through higher intuition. The development of real spiritual intuition (as opposed to a personal intuition that focuses on the personality) requires a synthesis of mind and heart. This spiritual achievement leads to the gradual outcome of letting go of knowing through lower mind-identified thinking and analyzing.

What is the higher more subjective call and appeal to the disciples in the world as a group that can be expressed now in both writing and in action? Is there something now ready for expression that is new and fresh? Are we ready, as a group, to work together in the physical form to refine the subjective sense and faculty so that we are more effective as a group? What would that look like? Are the senior members of this inner subjective group ready to hold the needed challenges and questions in the group mind that will facilitate all the members exploring and developing in a deeper way — as souls helping the Self to be revealed and expressed through often limited form life? Can our publications and conferences, speech and writing, begin to reflect these achievements of soul in form life? What is the right expression of the end that has seen the beginning? Is the personal ambition and thinking replaced by group ambition and group intuition? If so, what does that look like? Is the timing right to express group ambition as a real force in the world so that real clarity, purpose, and power as achievement are demonstrated vs. glamour and illusion? Is it time for the heart of the NGWS, the occultists, to unleash the will, the ambition to achievement, as a group? If so, how do we do that synthesized with the group of NGWS and with humanity as a whole? Perhaps there are those sensitized, synthesized, and identified individuals who are ready to be the voice for the group? Then let the group resonates with its own voice and ambition.

Is it time for the group to transition from alignment as individuals with their own individual soul to recognition of the will and purpose of the Planetary Logos, the will and purpose of the whole? Is it right timing to recognize that the group soul that supersedes the individual soul and in a very paradoxical and yet real way IS the individual soul in its highest possible state of functioning?

Can the group in its highest achievement begin to sense the group soul as power, will, love, and purpose? Is the group ready to be directed from its group heart vs. from alignment with individual soul? This achievement might possibly be the way through the glamour of the lower intuitions that are focused by their very nature on individual personal welfare, ambition, and achievement. There is a group ambition that is palpable. That group ambition is ultimately an ambition for achievement of the whole and for planetary purpose. It is a Way for channeling spiritual will into material expression that by its very nature embodies synthesis and right relations. The western mind and will of humanity is very versed in ambition and achievement, but this has always been focused on the personal or on the group or organizational will as it competes with other groups or organizations. The time is now for the unity of wills, for the group ambition and achievement that effortlessly results in right relations because it is aligned and at-oned with planetary purpose and will that is the will of the One Life.

Perhaps this is a place of real transfiguration of the group — the transfiguration of personal will into group will and ambition being expressed as achievement. One can perhaps envision the power and possibility of a group that is able to embody that ambition, be that ambition, the ambition and will of the planetary Logos. There would be no one and nothing that would be able to stand in the way of its achievement. This ambition would need to be synthesized with the second ray love nature at the heart of the group, an ambition held through love and tempered with patience and loving-kindness. Within these carefully held qualities the group ambition would be gentle and patient with all aspects of life as they were brought tenderly and lovingly into right relations. Perhaps this is true healing. In this manner the group already synthesized with the planetary whole and identified with the will of the Logos creates the way for the rest of the whole to become synthesized and identified as well. The group is the Way and the Whole.

The work at integration and alignment of the whole that is the entity or living vehicle of the individual server is the template and analogy for this. The individuals in the group have been working at this advanced esoteric method of creating alignment, synthesis of their (individual) whole, and identification with a the higher purpose that is the first cause for the whole of the lower entity, for the past one hundred years under the direction of the hierarchy and the transitional teachings. This achievement of the individual develops the needed wisdom, faculties, and establishes the path for the same method to be achieved in the larger entity or whole that is humanity and then the planetary whole. This serving group now incarnated already knows that way for it self and from a very practical perspective. It knows what that achievement feels like, looks like, and tastes like from the inside out. For a group achievement it need only now lift that ambition and method up to the whole group server from the individual server.

Here is the gift that the individual brings to the group that results in the individual being synthesized into the group in full consciousness. The individual soul brings the fruits of its labor — its loving ambition and achievement, and gives it to the group and thus becomes the group and the group benefits. Is this not the true meaning of initiation and is this not the loving sacrifice that is really no sacrifice at all? The individual then takes its directives from the group and the group takes its from the whole and thus all are synthesized through an inner listening to power and purpose that expands ever outward to the larger whole that is ultimately in-breathed with life and will from the planetary Logos, the center of power and purpose of the whole. The group server, thus, does not take its directives from hierarchy or the fifth kingdom. It is the fifth kingdom. And, it is the fourth kingdom. And, it is the planetary whole directly aligned and expressive of the will of the planetary Logos. The group is both the beginning and the end, it is the end that sees it's beginning and thus knows. It knows its real purpose as creator and redeemer from its very beginning and it knows its real power. This group server is ambitious by its very nature. It was ambitious and full of inspiration in the beginning and so it is at the end as it reconnects with itself and its purpose.

Once the leading edge of the group server, the new Agni Yoginis, creates the necessary brain achievements, they can more easily pass these along to others through group meditations. As they use the brain and esoteric faculties to wield the subjective and planetary energies and do this within the group, others in the group also become entrained and the development of the needed organismic faculties is expedited considerably. Seekers, therefore, need no longer struggle so much on their own. Those who are souls who know the time is right for them to synthesize with the group server need only literally join in the group as it is expressed and manifested on the material plane, through the meditating groups of individuals forms that represent the larger meditating subjective group.

Here we have another expression of the real nature of the subjective soul — it does not struggle or suffer. It knows. It loves. It has patience. It finds its way through right timing and ease of effort that is directed with laser-like focus to the next right relationship to be cultivated and perfected. It lets go of its past, visions the next step, and moves with grace through that gate and into the more expanded way of selflessness and inclusive awareness with the whole. Power is found in the group not the individual. The way of the mystic is solitary and often lonely. The way of the new Agni Yogini is inclusive of everything and everyone. It is filled with power and light. It is incredibly different from anything that has come before and the NGWS is only beginning to discover the glory and inspiration of it.

The Arcane School keynote of achievement for this spiritual year is provocative. It provides an opportunity to be envisioned and lived into. Can the group mobilize sufficient ambition of will to create achievement? One can state with confidence that if that were not the case the idea of this ambition and its power would not be so able to be readily contacted as it is. So let the group will and ambition bring its power to the group consciousness and let the group be so inspired that its eye becomes open wide with light and vision, its body of individual servers stands as the hands and feet of the planetary Logos, and the group is readied to be the true server that it is already. It is time for the group to embrace its selfless group ambition for its own spiritual achievement and for the achievement of humanity as the planetary redeemer and savior radiating love and light to the entire planet and all life on and within it. It is time for the group server to take its place as ruler on the plane of the mind. So humanity begins to really identify itself as the planetary redeemer. So the Yoga of Synthesis is born and the Agni Yoginis take their place from the plane of mind. So Let it Be.

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