New Life, the Mind of Christ, and the Turning of Humanity

Michelle Pearce
January, 2013

Every month we gather together, in small groups, as individuals, as members of larger groups, all an interconnected whole, one network of souls incarnated in human physical bodies and inspired to serve the greater good, the Hierarchy of Souls, and the future of the planet. Each month we seek to make ourselves, as a group, receptive to the in pouring energies of the higher life of the cosmos as it radiates its qualities and dynamic life upon our planet. Each month our opportunity is to become clear channels free from individual tension and frictions, at-oned within the network channel and so able to be the arteries of the planet that bring new dynamic life and quality throughout the earth. Each month we have the opportunity as disciples to discover anew and more deeply with our developing inner sensitivity the qualities of the energies and thus develop spiritual discernment and skill in action. Each month the Hierarchy of souls turns its attention in two directions and we have the opportunity of a closer alignment and approach to both Hierarchy and Shamballa.

This month we have the delightful opportunity of a deeper contact with the dynamic life quality that is carried by Aquarius. Through meditation this life is radiated and received by our planetary head center, Shamballa, and then directed to the planetary heart, Christ, and out into the awaiting planetary tissues and organs that is humanity in need of new life, inspiration, and new dynamic quality in order to move forward, grow, learn, and work out its own and the planets redemption. The three days prior to the full moon we create the receptive field and the three days after we absorb the energy fully into that field and incorporate it into planetary life.

Perhaps we can really look forward to the contact, reception, and direction of Aquarius energy now. This new life is like the cup of cold water poured out for thirsty men of the Christ, or the breath of fresh air that can blow out the cobwebs in the human mind, a mind now crowded with old worn out and not very useful thoughtforms of reparative ideals and judgments created under the influence of the sixth ray of idealism and the energy of Pisces the savior. The human mind desperately needs new life and fresh inspiration. What ideals no longer serve and need to be destroyed or renewed? What fresh ideas and inspiration needs to be infused in the human mind?

As the group server willingly and with joy takes on the Mind of Christ, fully infused with, responsive to, and identified with the dynamic new life of Aquarius, it becomes the new ideal for humanity. The mind of the New Group of World Servers is at the heart of the mind of humanity. By being new, being divinely inspired, and being identified with the energy, love, joy, and glory of the selfless server, it touches the heart of humanity and evokes loving unity that overcomes selfish materialism. It is the work of the NGWS that will lead humanity into the New Age. It is this mind that is at the heart of humanity that will raise the vibration of the human group to the needed level so that it will receive that sudden inflow of light and love that all disciples may remember as occurring at that precious turning point from materialism to spiritualism, from focus on individuality to focus on unity and service, from identification with form to identification with spirit, from the darkness to the light and from the unreal to the real.

The need for this fresh inspiration of new life and redemption of old forms is obvious when one becomes aware from the higher clear mind that is freed somewhat from sentimental or attached emotional ideals. The energies of the sixth ray and Pisces have done their job well. Humanity is an emotional entity permeated with striving and idealism and willing to make great sacrifices for those ideals. This is the affect of the sixth ray of idealism and the energy of Pisces respectively. As the new life and inspiration to unity and the sharing of life within that unity pours into humanity we see the effect that we have now. The groups fully identified and willing to fight and even die for their ideals are becoming aware of and a living part of a unified whole that includes many other groups who have their own ideals that are different.

In the world of ideals and under the influence of outgoing energies of the sixth ray and Pisces, and when these groups are so identified with a rigid set of ideals as they are, awareness of other competing ideals feels like a death threat to their very survival and everything they hold as valuable and important. Because they are so identified with their own exclusive ideals they are unable to see the value of other ideals, some newer fresher and higher than theirs. They see no way out but to fight others to the death, no matter the cost, so their "right" (sixth ray influence) ideals will prevail and humanity and the planet will be "saved" (influence of Pisces the savior). This is perhaps the most pervasive glamour of our time. It was predicted by the Hierarchy and is the expected reaction to the current confluence of energies and crosscurrents that are created. It is the necessary struggle. It is not, therefore, to be feared or despised, but to be worked with by the mind that is free from glamour, identified with the whole, and, therefore, able to see clearly the happenings of the time and work for the release of the human mind from its current splits and insanity.

One cannot expect the human individuals and groups who are so immersed within their human experience and so glamoured by their current group identity and material situation in life to perceive the greater unity and the idea of freedom from the separatism of one group over another. Their point of evolution and soul control along with a slow responsiveness to the newer energies simply doesn't allow for it. This is the vision of the disciple and of those of the race responsive to and already moving in rhythm with the Aquarian energies. Thus we have the additional conflict and confusion created when we have two wholly different qualities and sets of ideals existing within the same mind and body that is humanity. We see this played out now in politics and religion and even the newer science of psychology. In the US, media polls and investigative journalists are increasingly uncovering this phenomena occurring in politics. The two party system has become a system wherein one party is seeking unity of various ethnic and religious groups and even sexual orientation. The other party is holding tight to ideals of the past, but is increasingly loosing votes and authority as the masses of voters see the new ideal of tolerance, unity, and cooperation that is the incoming influence of Aquarius. Those moving under the Piscean influence in religion have joined forces with the Piscean political groups in order to maintain the old ideals and values. But under the outgoing influence of Pisces that strategy is ineffective because in its crystallizing old form the pieced together group quickly becomes splintered into its many smaller identities of various sets of ideals that begin to compete with one another. For example, the interests of the big business group quickly finds itself at odds with the religious right who desire for old values of religion to supersede profit and appealing to the broader costumer base that would further the ideals of Piscean influenced businesses that need to include disenfranchised ethnic and religious groups.

Psychology and even medicine also has two groups that are often in conflict — one based on older Piscean ideals and one on the new Aquarian ideals. The newer movement is toward an integrated, holistic-based model that serves in cooperation with the "patient". This newer form of medicine and psychology also recognizes working to heal groups of people through group therapies and group coaching. The older types of medicine and psychology treat a disease or an organ as opposed to the whole person, the healer is in charge over the patient and dictates the entire process. The conflict of the two is creating a crisis in the medical world that is also influencing the economic situation and vice versa. In a world that is quickly moving into becoming an integrated unified whole, one perceives that there is nothing that does not significantly make some impact or have influence on every other part, group, etc.

What one sees then is the beginning of the superseding of the old mental and emotional energies of humanity by the newer energy, ideals, and values. The scales have already tipped. It sometimes does not appear or feel that way only because those individuals and groups attached to the outgoing ideals have become so desperate and, like fish out of water, are flailing wildly and trying anything they can to survive and dominate again. Actually, when seen with the mind that is detached, not sentimental (e.g. attached to some emotional nostalgic ideal of the past), and aware of the future, it is simply sad and a place for compassion for those who are struggling and suffering so much as they attempt to continue to swim against the stream when the tide has already turned so completely. Living in the Dao, the wise disciple sees life as it truly is and, with the perfect patience and Peace of the Christ Mind, stands in the lighted new energies radiating compassion and love.

The time does not call for the group of disciples and spiritual men and women to fight. It calls for us to "put on the Mind of Christ" and to take our stand in the energy of Aquarius — of unity, tolerance, and right relations. This is the quality that we can now take the opportunity to strengthen in our group, humanity, and our planet. This energy and quality will and is superseding the old energy and we can expedite that event now, today, this month as we seek to learn to stand and swim fully in this energy and so become the future humanity right here and now. So let us turn our hearts and minds fully to contact, receive, embrace and direct the future here today and put on the "Mind of Christ" as we are invited to do so fully by the Christ Himself.

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