All for Everything Forever

Joann S. Bakula
June, 2012

The year, as it represents the esoteric evolution of a human being, begins with the three primary energies of the soul: light, love and will. Here in this fourth month of meditation, in Cancer, the three energies of soul find expression in subtle form, the fourth point, and become the structure of phenomena, such as the human body. Like the pyramid the trinity of higher formless energies rests upon the square of lower physical substance, making a stable geometric form. Like every other creation, form begins as an idea worked into a shape. The pyramid is a symbol of life in form.

Finally, next month in the yearly cycle, the form reaches full human expression in Leo, gives birth in Virgo, and reaches its polarity in Libra, the halfway point of the year. From this angle we go forth in Aries and see the return in Libra via 'the door into Shamballa,' the center of will. Here is the balance of objective and subjective life. From another angle we come into incarnation in the 4th kingdom in Cancer and reach the limits of human experience in Capricorn entering the 5th kingdom of conscious souls. The six pairs of opposites that the zodiac symbolizes make the measure of man: from Aries to Libra we have the beginning point and its return, making the full extension from forth going to return. From Cancer to Capricorn we emerge from water to land to mountain top and a new transformed human. Each pair measures a different dimension of the human experience from its inception to its fulfillment. The pattern is written in the heavens, as it were.

There is a little teaching in Helena Roerich's book On Eastern Crossroads called 'The Covenants' that runs, "All for Everything forever. Observe four laws: the Law of Containment, the Law of Fearlessness, the Law of Approach and the Law of Benevolence." Our yearly meditation for humanity and on humanness is an approach to the spiritual worlds within and the primordial energies without. Contained within our square or circle, knowing the power of the trinity within we are fearless in our approach to spiritual worlds and moved with energetic benevolence toward all and everything forever. For those who use the 'all' version of the Great Invocation--substituting the word 'all' for men--this has an especially dynamic and inclusive flow of energy.

Pattern in the Cosmic Mind
"Consciousness is literally the reaction of active intelligence to the the Heavens," Bailey writes (Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II 57, 56). Because we cannot, at this stage of human evolution, coordinate our consciousness with the Cosmic Mind we work with pattern and design in the rhythmic activity of the cycles, great and small. We now have the ability to stretch our imaginations from the human year to the galactic round. The gods Cronus and Aeon, representing empirical time and zodiacal time have long had their place in mythology, but this year especially, they have taken on more solid form. In the ancient Mayan calendars, this year of 2012 is the beginning of the longest New Year, when we have completed one circle around the galaxy and begin another. It is said that Earth has travelled around the Milky Way 20 times so far and we have another 20 or 30 left in this grand cycle before we rest.. This brings to mind Plato's profound thought, "Time is the moving image of eternity."

In the human brain there is also a synchrony between the individual brain and its environment, which is maintained by a system of internal clocks that together reflect the temporal organization of the organism. We live within the rhythms of breath and heart. To this we add the higher functions of the executive neural network, which is the high-level ability to coordinate the cognitive functions of reasoning, memory, planning, problem solving, goal achievement, multi-tasking, internal monitoring and so on. The internal clocks are the microcosmic pattern of the outer 'clocks' of the universe and universal Mind.

The clocks in the human house also need change from time to time and age to age. Down here on earth Big Ben or Clock Tower in London has been renamed Elizabeth Tower to commemorate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee year. Atomic clocks are our current devises for keeping precise measurement of time by using a frequency in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. But the executive neural network of the global brain is, it would seem, as yet out of step and rhythm. It's behind the times. The global brain's executive network should be controlling and regulating its own system, but it shows signs that it's out of control, unregulated and lacks long-term planning. Our economic structure, for instance, is ruled by short term planning, a lack of internal control bordering on anti-social behavior, and a dominance of short-term memory. Its ability to initiate and cease the behaviors characteristic of mature self-regulation is insufficient to meet the needs of its environment, many have concluded. As a high-level organizing cognitive system, it has proved to be less than adequate. However, help may appear, because behind the times is the 7th ray becoming in as the ruling rhythm organizing time. It should be of enormous help if we choose to adapt to it and to think in both long-term and holistic measures, as one planetary system. The higher-level functions should bridge to Reality and, like the 7th ray, make a circle back to the beginning, such is the promise of the new age of Aquarius.

Life, Consciousness, and Radiation of a Center
The blueprint of the human anatomy, the etheric or energy body, is naturally associated with this meditation in which the energies of light, love and will, externalize in structure and form in the functions of mind, heart and crown. The seven major centers or chakras are in subtle matter, not physical, and found along the spinal column like a row of lotuses. They exit within the subtle counterpart of the central nervous system as an extensive electrical network of meridians, channels and nadis circulating prana, or life breath, to all parts contained within its form. In terms of our internal blueprint, the etheric body, the centers, and the system of nadis, meridians and channels connects our whole body into one functioning network already. The seven major centers or chakras along the spinal column are the inlets and outlets for energy coming in from the environment, circulating internally and radiating out through us. This internal structure, like our organs, is an achievement of evolution from unknown eons of time past. What remains to be done is the evolution of consciousness and livingness in action until each center is fully functioning and the entire energy body demonstrates the full radiant expression of itself.

It is said that each chakra has a diamond center of life, a number of petals, and a sphere of radiation. This Vedic teaching used to be considered an abstruse system but today it is rather common knowledge. The point in the center or jewel in the lotus contains the life principle. "This point contains within itself all possibilities, all potentialities, all experiences and all vibratory activities. It embodies the will-to-be" (Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, p. 169). During the evolutionary process the seven energies are each brought into full expression, and the energies of the lower centers are raised up into the higher ones until the highest head center, the thousand petelled lotus, is activated and functioning. At this point of crowning achievement the individual etheric body is lost to sight in the light emanating from the seven diamond points and colored by the primary light of the diamond in the crown center, the realization of monad or pure spirit. "Each centre is then related by a line of living fire and each is then in full divine expression (ibid, 170). The magnetic pull of the higher energies draws the lower ones up until the "reflecting light of the Spiritual Triad and of the Monadic Glory" becomes the vehicle used by the human being in full life expression (ibid,168).

The petals of the lotus relate to consciousness and its development or, in esoteric syntax, 'unfoldment.' Gradually consciousness becomes more attracted to the magnetic pull of the higher states of consciousness and responsive to permanent divine principles rather than transient matters or material living. Whereas entropy rules the physical life form which gradually declines, syntropy or synthesis rules the consciousness-life which returns to its source. The petals are indicative of the state of consciousness which the eternal Life at the diamond center is able to express at any point in its development. This development is conditioned by the governing 7 rays as well as by the "age and length of the soul's expression," (ibid, 172) the brightness of which becomes an expression of the initiate's contact mechanism, the means by which he or she serves.

The sphere of radiation of a center is the third expression or appearance in the life-consciousness-appearance pattern. This concerns the sphere of influence and effect of the center. In a highly evolved person this demonstrates as 'the power to hold a group together, or keeps an audience listening, or attracts in some field of service' (ibid,174). In the Gospel story this is the power that Christ and Peter had that was said to heal others who merely touched their robes as they walked by. In many advanced disciples it is the power to inspire along true spiritual lines.

Taken as a whole, the seven centers of lower and higher energies reach completion in personality expression in thought and emotional development, in soul expression as enlightened purposeful love-wisdom, and in the expression of the highest point of spirit or monadic radiation in its power to affect its environment by consciously expressed divinity. It returns to the life from which it came. Such is the beauty of life's expression.

On the path of return the square of the personality is bisected by the spiritual process itself and becomes two triangles, the symbol of the heart center, the Spiritual triad expressing itself in the mental, emotional and physical worlds of human living. Upon this structure rests the capstone of the one Life.

This beautiful structure and process is, of course, a microcosm of the macrocosm, whether we call that God or see it as a vast body in which we live and have our being. The nature of that Whole, God or Life form remains to be known; we exist in it and know it not. These are the mysteries we reveal to ourselves in the fullness of time and growth as energy follows thought or consciousness and results in harmonious living.

May your life reach this beauty of expression in the ways in which you radiate in your environment, inspiring others to seek the source of light, conscious awareness of our world, and the One Life in the center of everything.
Joann S. Bakula

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