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    Malvin Artley                 The Festival of Government - 2004
    Malvin Artley                 Adventures with the Lama - 2005
    Joann Bakula                  Synthesis and Identification - 2005
    Trevor Leese                  Humanity's Task - 2005
    Glenys Lowery                  The Sensitivity of the Disciple - 2004
    Glenys Lowery                  Everything the Light Touches - 2005
    Steve Nation                  The Evolution of the Sense of Self - 2005



    Malvin Artley                 Perspectives on the Nature of Virgo and Matter - 2004
    Glenys Lowery                  The Role of the Divine Feminine Today - 2004
    Steve Nation                  The Womb of Time and Space - 2004



    Malvin Artley                 The Perils and Promise of Choice - 2004
    Glenys Lowery                  The Rule of Law - 2004
    Steve Nation                  Deep Inner Choices - 2004



    Malvin Artley                 The Triumph of the Soul Through Scorpio - 2004
    Joann Bakula                  World Service Meditation in Sedona - 2004
    Trevor Leese                  The Terrible Struggle of the Demigods - 2004
    Glenys Lowery                  Thanks for the Memories - 2004
    Steve Nation                  The Sting of Life - 2004



    Malvin Artley                 Thanksgiving at Aunt Mary's - 2004
    Joann Bakula                  Sagittarius 2004 letter: Keyword: Direction - 2004
    Trevor Leese                  Following the Arrow of Freedom - 2004
    Phillip Lindsay                  Sagittarius: The Sound of Silence - 2004
    Glenys Lowery                  Riders on the Storm - 2004
    Steve Nation                  Purpose, Direction and the Within-ness of Things - 2004



    Malvin Artley                 At the Threshold of A Dream - 2004
    Joann Bakula                  The Mountain and the Rock - 2004
    Trevor Leese                  We Are Cerberus The Beast Of Hell, We Are Prometheus The Child Of God - 2004
    Phillip Lindsay                  Capricorn Solstice and Full Moon - 2004
    Glenys Lowery                  Joyful and Triumphant - 2004
    Steve Nation                  The Mystery of the Mountain Top - 2004



    Malvin Artley                 Aquarians: Heaven's Matchmakers - 2005
    Joann Bakula                  Streams of Consciousness - 2005
    Trevor Leese                  The Growing Light of Understanding - 2005
    Glenys Lowery                  He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - 2005
    Steve Nation                  Aquarian Abundance - 2005



    Malvin Artley  Appalachian Spring - 2005
    Joann Bakula                  Completions - 2005
    Trevor Leese                  The Struggle To Become A Saviour - 2005
    Phillip Lindsay Corporations, Rupert Murdoch and Fox News - 2005
    Glenys Lowery                  Saving Grace - 2005



    Malvin Artley  Einstein's Cat and the Festival of the Risen Christ - 2005
    Joann Bakula                  Resurrection and Restoration - 2005
    Phillip Lindsay Revolutionary Aries - 2005
    Glenys Lowery I Fell Into A Burning Ring of Fire - 2005



    Malvin Artley  Sunrise over Sydney - 2005
    Joann Bakula                  Wesak: a Festival of Unity and Synthesis - 2005
    Trevor Leese The Opening of the Eye of Light - 2005
    Phillip Lindsay Wesak, The New Papacy and the Catholic Church - 2005
    Glenys Lowery                  The Odour of the Human Flowers - 2005
    Steve Nation The Light of Loving Kindness and the Will to Love - 2005



    Malvin Artley  Just Another Lazy Saturday - 2005
    Joann Bakula                  The Festival of Humanity: Toward a New Fusion - 2005
    Trevor Leese True Wisdom is Gained Through the Path of Service - 2005
    Phillip Lindsay Meditation, Speech & The Pentecost, United Nations - 2005
    Glenys Lowery                  Love Is In the Air - 2005
    Steve Nation Please Close Your Eyes So You can See More Clearly - 2005
    Barbara Valocore Gemini Celebration - 2005



    Malvin Artley                 The Festival of the Ashram - June 2005
    Malvin Artley Mio Bambino Cara - June 2005
    Malvin Artley On Butterflies' Wings - July 2005
    Joann Bakula House of Light - June 2005
    Joann Bakula Time and the New Materialism - July 2005
    Trevor Leese The Beginning of the Development of Human Consciousness - June 2005
    Trevor Leese A Developing Consciousness - July 2005
    Phillip Lindsay Cancer Blue Moon 2005 - July 2005
    Glenys Lowery Sea of Glass I - June 2005
    Glenys Lowery Sea of Glass II - July 2005
    Steve Nation A Simple Story of a Golden Doe - June 2005
    Steve Nation Meditation Within the Cave of the Collective - July 2005


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