Saviors Among Us

Barbara Valocore
February, 2013

Good evening everyone and welcome to this Festival of Pisces, the final sign in the esoteric zodiac. Welcome also to everyone joining us on blog talk radio. These full moon meetings or festivals as they are called, are rich opportunities to deepen our inner work and fortify our connections with all people of every spiritual tradition who are meditating and praying for a better world, who seek the truth of the soul and the light of the One Life. The new group of world servers is everywhere, and we can view our little group gathered here as a microcosm or reflection of the world group working all over the world in many languages, in many countries and cultures. We are one group in consciousness, working unitedly and subjectively together to assist not only humanity and the three sub human kingdoms, but to help strengthen the efforts of the spiritual Hierarchy in its work of planetary redemption. So we can visualize a vibrant and vital network of groups as a living reality, surrounding and protecting the planet, in service to the Plan of love and light.

Every month at the time of the full moon, the moon and sun are in direct alignment; nothing is impeding the full light of the sun reflecting on the moon, because it is the light of the sun we see when we look at the bright lunar disc in the night sky, the moon having no radiance of its own. This is why we focus on the energies of the zodiacal sign the sun is in, rather than the moon, so these are really solar festivals. More importantly however, at the time of the full moon, the spiritual energies impacting our planet are more intensified and more available to us, especially if we meditate in a group. The door to extra planetary energies and our Elder brothers on the other side is wide open. It is therefore a time when we can be even more useful in helping to anchor extra planetary energies into the earth. Let us come together with quiet focus and say together the Gayatri, a most ancient prayer that has linked humanity together on the Path of return for countless eons.

The Gayatri

O thou who givest sustenance to the universe,
From Whom all things proceed,
To Whom all things return,
Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun
Hidden by a disc of golden Light
That we may know the Truth
And do our whole duty
As we journey to Thy sacred feet.


The sign of Pisces signifies the culmination of the long and arduous career of the soul in its relationship to form, physical plane living and material substance. It is especially important at this time because not only has all of humanity been under Piscean influence for about 2,100 years, but the earth is also undergoing a mega cycle of 25,000 years in Pisces, the beginning and ending of which we know nothing. It is difficult to imagine a time scale of thousands of years with our finite minds only, and yet to the spiritual Hierarchy, it is a short blink when we consider that humanity individualized 18 million years ago! As we transition out of this relatively shorter Piscean cycle and move into Aquarius, we see a world in turmoil and chaos. Life on the planet in Pisces has been qualified by the beneficent influence of Jupiter carrying the 2nd Ray energy of Love Wisdom, teaching us how to love. Esoterically, Pluto has delivered the 1st Ray energy of Will and Power, energizing desire, human determination and ambition, and stimulating the will to sacrifice. Now, the electrical energy of Uranus ruling Aquarius is agitating the deep waters of Pisces and all is in a state of upheaval and uncertainty. Climate change, mega storms and epic battles over economic policy dominate the public discourse, causing no small amount of fear and some strange behavior. These changes reflect the swirling and shifting energies on the inner planes. The world soul is calling, daring us to leave the glamour of materialism behind.

Keeping in mind a time scale of two thousand years of Piscean influence, it's useful to reflect on the advances in human development and how far we've actually come. The arts, sciences and all fields of human activity have produced great masterpieces of perfection and beauty. The amazing advances in science and technology have arisen through the sensitive response of individuals often working alone. The great religious and philosophical writings of the world, the sublime musical works, have been the result of the insights and inspiration of individuals deeply contemplating the divine. The process of initiation has been undergone one person at a time, slowly filling the ranks of the spiritual Hierarchy. We've learned the value of idealism and how one person's devotion and commitment to a humanitarian cause can spur large groups of people into action. We've seen the tremendous sacrifices individuals have been willing to make to improve conditions for others, often at great personal cost or even death. Idealism and devotion, 6th Ray qualities, have pushed the boundaries of human actions, driving people to seek something higher, better and more fulfilling.

The potent Piscean energies have also revealed how religious devotion can turn into blind fanaticism, causing holy wars and massacres of thousands in the name of religion or someone's god. How the misuse of power can become authoritarian, despotic and regimented. We've learned competition, restriction and a one sided patriarchy marginalizing women at the expense of community and right human relations. We've reached fantastic heights of material production and consumption, accumulated massive individual and collective wealth and now are gobbling more natural resources than are available for the growing global population and long term health of the earth. We've destroyed a healthy portion of our environment and have suffered through great physical pain and the numbing emotional pain of loss and despair.

The Pisces symbol, two fish connected by a cord and swimming in opposite directions, explains the entire narrative of the evolution of the soul in its relationship to form. Swimming, deeply immersed in the ocean of matter, the soul willingly imprisons itself within form, deliberately abandons its home, the Source, the One Life, the Father, the Monad, for the purpose of not only gaining experience in and contact with earth, but most centrally, of participating in the planetary work of redemption and salvage, of literally saving the world. "I leave the Father's home, and turning back I save", says the soul. Imprisoned, bound by limitation and blind to the source of Life, the soul sacrifices itself so that the form, the personality, can be lifted and transformed forever through its relationship with spirit, the God Source of which the soul is the agent. The meeting of spirit and matter is a great occult mystery and a central theme of the Ageless Wisdom teachings. HP Blavatsky's statement that "matter is spirit at its lowest point and spirit is matter at its highest" highlights the soul as the middle principle and brings it into the center of the journey through form in consciousness, because the soul is the result of the meeting of spirit and matter and through the soul, consciousness is made possible.

The time scale of the soul's relationship to the personality is predictably long. For countless eons, the weary pilgrim, the lower self, plods along the Path of evolution, putting one tired foot in front of the other, just existing with little to no consciousness of the why or wherefore of life and its difficulties. To the person bound in servitude to earth, the soul is dormant, quiet and silent, but on its own plane, is very alive and waiting in deep meditation. The soul is captive and repressed by the growing power of the personal separated self, aggressively protecting its own interests. For many lifetimes, the personal self must undergo every possible type of experience; unbearable suffering, pain, adversity and sorrow, earthly delights and pleasure, failures and material successes. And until the sound of the soul is heard, the door is closed on true meaning, beauty and joy.

Renunciation and detachment are central keynotes for Pisces, and these themes run through every spiritual and religious tradition. Religions teach that renunciation of the things of the flesh and a dis-identification with the body and material living is the way to salvation, is the preferred way of life, or really to Life. In Pisces, a dual sign, there is renunciation by both actors; first the soul renounces the Father's home and descends into matter, then the form must renounce its own material nature in order for the fused soul/personality to return to the Source. This great turning by the lower self in response to the sensed note of the soul, this reversing of the wheel, culminates in the battle between the Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the Presence.

The story of Pisces is one of constant renunciation, a turning away from anything that limits or hinders the spiritual life and interests of the soul. With one painful step after another, filled with resistance and doubt, the Prodigal Son must bring about many many deaths; of ideas, of ways of life, relationships, of material or emotional attachments, life after life. He must replace self love with group love. The Path is slow, difficult and filled with obstacles, but the pull of the soul, the call to freedom and liberation from limitation is compelling, and with every obstruction overcome, with every limitation intentionally destroyed, the soul gains stronger control on its instrument and the uneasy pair are closer to Home. Pisces is esoterically ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and transformation, and Pluto brings with it the 1st Ray energy which stiffens the resolve to break the chains of bondage, propelling the aspirant forward on the Path and enabling it to eventually move on to slay the Dweller and merge with the soul, the Angel.

The overarching theme of Pisces concerns the will to save and the impulse to sacrifice, to make whole. Pisces is the sign of the World Savior, and the initiate has been well prepared for this role through its perfection in Aquarius as the World Server. What comes to mind as we think about a world savior are the Great Beings such as the Christ, the Buddha, Lao-Tze; all who have led humanity forward and given their lives in service to the whole. And these are human beings. Mother Theresa, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, are among countless others we can all think of. And then there are the unknown humble people who live to serve others, whose faces are not seen, and whose names are not known, but who are there in every corner of the world, performing little acts of saving day in and day out. These people, the New Group of World Servers, could well be called the New Group of World Saviors; they live among us, we know them and they wield the power of goodwill.

The books of Alice Bailey contain a teaching about the future relationship of the three major kingdoms of nature, Humanity, Hierarchy and Shamballa, representing the three divine aspects: the Intelligence of God, the Love of God and the Will of God. We are told that when all three kingdoms are consciously and fully related to one another, and their energies are circulating freely, a new synthesis will occur releasing what is called the "saving force". In essence, this force sub stands the will-to-good and translates into practical action as goodwill. There has long been a direct relationship and communication between Hierarchy and humanity and recently, the Shamballa force has begun to impact humanity directly, without being "stepped down" by Hierarchy. We can see this newer synthesis through trends in the world toward unification and in the reaction of masses of people to devastating events such as mega storms and mass killings. Goodwill is unleashed and the saving force rushes in to do its healing work. Humanity can be seen standing with "massed intent" in the face of unacceptable or dire circumstances. Science tells us that there is a constant flow of cosmic energies bombarding the earth and that every second, 20 billion neutrinos coming from the sun pass through our brains! Is it so strange then to imagine the saving force flowing through us and around us, impelling us into action?

The global environmental movement names countless thousands of groups dedicated to saving the planet, the lakes, the mountains, the air, waters, saving the earth. The animal rescue movement is more vigorous than ever and at the local level in some places, development projects are halted if any endangered species of animals or birds are threatened. Countless NGO's focused on human welfare swell the halls of the United Nations. Millions of ordinary people are working at salvage and redemption of some kind, demonstrating that the saving force is energetic and forceful.

The Paraguayan orchestral conductor Luis Szarán says, "Music is the smile of the soul, I look at music as an element of social transformation." A few years ago, he initiated an effort to bring classical music into the lives of disadvantaged and indigent children, all for free and paid for by the government. Finally, when the program was launched, many more children signed up than there were instruments for, and although people came forward to help build some, it wasn't enough. Then one of the early members of the program had the idea to make musical instruments out of recycled garbage from Paraguay's biggest landfill; they used oil cans, old tools, buttons, water pipes, anything that could be put together as a violin, a cello, a flute or any classical instrument. The Youtube video on the Landfill Harmonic inspires us to see through the poverty into the souls of children whose lives are transformed, lifted and saved through music. Maestro Szarán's motivation was to "make intelligence, not things" opening new worlds of meaning and significance to these children whose lives are forever changed. Also, the garbage is transformed!

Another similar effort in Kalimpong, India, sister city to Darjeeling, is the Gandhi Ashram School, where only children from the poorest families can attend and every child learns how to play a stringed instrument. Both these groups have toured Europe and uplifted the hearts of all who hear them.

The saving force often takes people by surprise. A few years ago in a New York subway, a man had an epileptic seizure and fell onto the tracks into the path of an oncoming train. Another man, standing there with two small children, suddenly jumped from the platform, and covered the man with his own body as the slowing train went safely over them. When asked about it later, the rescuer said he knew his children would be fine and he had to save the man who had fallen in. Somehow, he knew he wouldn't be hurt and didn't even think before jumping.

Paul Hawken's book, Blessed Unrest, is a detailed account of the global movement of ordinary and unknown people who are transforming the environment from the bottom up, using imagination, resilience and creativity. His research uncovered literally millions of organizations dedicated to healing and making the world whole, to restoring justice and building right human relations; to saving, needing no money, only intention, only will. He speculates this trend may be sort of a biologic response, as an organism would create antibodies in response to a life threat, that it is a "coherent, organic, self-organized congregation(s) involving tens of millions of people dedicated to change." After reading the book, one comes away with the distinct impression that the one humanity as a whole is emerging and becoming distinctly visible, that the global human impulse to save is viable and vigorous and that humanity is standing together with massed intent.

In relation to the whole scheme of evolution, as the eventual unified 4th kingdom of nature, Humanity is destined to be the Planetary Light Bearer, the World Savior. The Tibetan Master continually counsels us to think big, to think in planetary terms, to think in wholes. There is a gigantic alignment in the cosmic process going on, from the highest to the lowest, and the human kingdom sits right in the middle between the One in Whom we live and move and have our Being, and the most dense rock in the mineral kingdom. The Ageless Wisdom states that every form of life either was, is or will be human, passing at some stage through the human experience. We are the mediating kingdom between the higher spiritual realms and the sub human kingdoms, for whose care we are responsible, and we are striving to return to our Father's home, the Source we left countless eons ago. But we cannot go alone, we have to bring the "little ones" with us, and we have to free the "prisoners of the planet", redeeming their matter and their substance, just as ours is redeemed by our own souls and the Hierarchy of Souls.

Who are these so called "prisoners"? From the highest initiate, down into all stages of human development, through the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms, all the way down to the smallest deva elementals and the very atoms of substance; all are the prisoners and all must be liberated before the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, also known as the "Great Sacrifice", can be released from earth service and triumph in His self chosen task of saving the world and making the earth a sacred planet. All lives exist within this One Life, this Creator, and all have their part to play. Like Him, on our tiny scale, human souls have consciously chosen limitation and imprisonment in form for the purpose ultimately, of saving the "little ones".

Our loving and compassionate thoughts, words and deeds release the prisoners from bondage, our efforts to serve and to save take us ever closer to Home with a big H. Christ showed the way when He said, "I and my Father are One." We are all prisoners, in large prisons or small. Compassion frees us from our own selfish concerns and drowns us in care for the other, be it human, animal, plant or even mineral. Compassion opens our heart and enables us to identify with the source of all life. Pisces is a deeply feeling sign and when we manage to engage the spiritual intuition, we know ourselves to be at one with all of life. We share the same DNA with everything that lives, with all forms, the crystal life of minerals is the substance of our physical bodies. We are the One Life. Together we are lifting up the matter of the planet, one little molecule at a time, one tiny life after another until together, as a whole, we will have accomplished the final release into a state of free spiritual Being.

Father Thomas Merton wrote, "In order to become myself I must cease to be what I always thought I wanted to be, and in order to find myself, I must go out of myself, and in order to live I have to die."

Let us prepare ourselves for our group meditation working with the keynote, "I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save."

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