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Transmutation, the Shadow, and the Soul: The Duality and Influence of Virgo

Michelle Pearce
September 2011

Welcome to all workers and servers today as together we become part of the great dual receptive and transmuting field of the cosmos as our little planet cycles through the stream of the Virgo energies.

Virgo is an important sign for our little planet not to be underestimated in its significance. It is one of a triangle of signs, along with Pisces and Leo, whose triple influence is enabling our planet to transition into a sacred planet (Esoteric Astrology, page 469-470). We are told "… the main function of the planets is to be distributing agents for the energies emanating from the zodiac as they converge within our solar system and become attracted to our planet. Students need to understand more thoroughly than they do that the basis of the astrological sciences is the emanation, transmission and reception of energies and their transmutation into forces by the receiving entity" (Esoteric Astrology p. 266). The differences in the sacred and non-sacred planets relate to receptivity and inclusiveness of energy. "…Initiation is a process of developing inclusiveness" (Esoteric Astrology p. 503). The Logos of the non-sacred planets is becoming inclusive of the solar ring pass not and registering "the life which informs the Sun Sirius" (Esoteric Astrology p 504).

Virgo in the age of the sixth ray of idealism has come to be understood as the Immaculate Conception, the virgin birth of the Christ consciousness. Historical religions have idealized the Christ as a state of divine consciousness that is outside human consciousness, something to be worshipped and beseeched for help and relief from personal suffering and limitation. In a very important way this context of perceiving and relating with the Christ consciousness, or the human Soul, is very helpful in assisting the personality of humanity to begin its turning within to discover itself and identify as the Soul. Under the influence of the seventh ray of synthesis humanity has already begun the transition into a deeper awareness and the process of identification with itself as that Soul.

Virgo is a sign of duality. It is time for astrologists and esotericists to enrich and deepen their receptive understanding of this sign to include a deeper awareness of the aspects of fusion and completeness that the sign carries within it. Virgo is not simply about conception and gestation — containment and latency. It is "basically concerned with the expression of consciousness on the outer external planes of expression or with the fusion of soul and form in order to demonstrate fully a state of awareness" (Esoteric Astrology p. 468). This creativity is occurring now. How is it manifesting presently? There are servers, aspirants, and disciples across the world that are working deeply and with consciousness at the fusion of what has commonly come to be known as "the shadow". Is this ability to face consciously, to fuse with, to redeem and transmute the shadow leading to the needed new state of human conscious awareness and expression? Will this new awareness be more receptive and inclusive to cosmic energies? Is this a helpful process and method on the path to cosmic initiation — becoming a sacred planet?

The shadow aspect of human consciousness was only revealed when the new dispensation of Monadic or spiritual will made direct impact upon humanity rather than being stepped down by the Hierarchy. With that extra spiritual stimulation the archetype of the shadow within the consciousness of humanity was revealed and elucidated. Individual servers began their own individual work of facing the shadow fully and so becoming more integrated and inclusive in their awareness until today there is awareness of humanity as a group facing the group racial shadow. Working with the shadow is a new age method of transmutation and way into identification with and realization of the souls.

The fusion with the shadow represents fusion of matter and spirit taking place on the mental plane. The shadow is the cumulative form created and identified as the human soul through its long past. The shadow is matter — instinctual and containing the cumulative karma of the past. The soul is the light of present awareness, creativity, and latent potentials. As the human soul comes to know itself as lighted awareness it comes face to face with all that impedes it from its full creative potential, from being fully receptive, aware, and inclusive, it becomes aware of the dweller in the shadows — its past.

The duality on the mental plane that is currently perceivable under the divine impulse of Virgo is this battle between the soul as it is being born into full human lighted expression inclusive of all the soul qualities on its own plane of light, love, power, and identification with matter — the dweller in the shadows of the past. Once these occult energies and impulses are perceived the current struggles of humanity as a group become clear. The shadow of humanity as a group state of consciousness has risen into fully lighted awareness and expression. The question becomes whether humanity as a group consciousness continues to identify with its own limiting shadow — creations of fear, hate, and divisiveness, and thus continues to have a split consciousness manifesting as conflicting cross purposes and warring factions? Or, will the lighted soul within humanity identify with itself, its own lighted awareness and higher potentials and thus deal successfully with its shadow. What that might look like?

Most aspirants on the Path to initiation are perhaps too keenly aware of the struggles and suffering incurred when the fiery path of facing the shadow occurs in the full "light of day". The dweller in the shadows must be fully brought out into the light. In that light it is seen to be nothing more than the fears of limitation itself. Once the aspirant is fully identified with lighted awareness, creativity, and potential, the fears of limitation no longer hold any power and gradually drop away. Each individual aspirant and server who has undertaken or is undertaking this important work is contributing to the human group fusion of the soul and matter and thus the creation of the fully integrated and fused soul-personality of humanity. There are many sources of help for individual aspirants so working today. There are many excellent books on working with the shadow written by those who write from a place of doing the work. The work with the individual shadow is quickly becoming an area of great success by the group of servers, but what of the work of facing the group dweller in the shadow? How is that going and how does the server participate in this significant work along the group path of human discipleship and planetary divinity or "sacredness"?

The human group dweller in the shadow is no longer in the shadow. It is no longer hidden in the unconscious of humanity. It is fully apparent and this is only possible because the light of human awareness, the soul consciousness, is so strong and prevalent. The dweller is apparent in all those nations, organizations, and factions of racial expressions that are predominantly concerned with the expression fear, hate, and selfishness, those who are preoccupied with the past and do not see the possible future, those who are caught in a cycle of limitation and scarcity without vision of possibility and joy. When the disciple of humanity on the threshold to full soul consciousness and identification continues to re-act to these factions with fear, hate, and selfishness, it has sunk back into identification with limitation and joined the dweller in the quagmire of lower forces and limitations of the past.

The disciple is told to keep the mind elevated in "the light". This charge can be perceived as metaphoric or literal and both are correct and helpful interpretations. For the fusion of the soul and personality to occur, the consciousness must stay persistently identified as the soul fusing into matter and filling it with light. The matter or personality must learn to be fully receptive and open to being infused with the higher lighted awareness of future potential. Only in this fully dual movement of identification with lighted awareness and future creativity of the soul is the consistent identification with/as the soul achieved. This fusion occurs both from the spirit downward into matter and from matter upward into spirit and it does so completely through the container of awareness, which is the Soul.

As we discussed previously, the main function of the planets is to receive and transmute cosmic energies. The transmutation of energy into force is in reality always occurring. It is done either by the fully conscious soul creating the future or by the unconscious shadow stuck in the past. The forces created are thus either forces for the liberated future and glory of humanity and the planet, or forces that perpetuate the limitations of the past. The lighted consciousness of the human soul is the tool and method for clearing all the obstructions of the past that stand in the way of right transmutation of energy and use of force on the path of the sacred spirit. It is this human soul that has the lighted consciousness capable of revealing the shadow, exposing it to the light, and surpassing it through radical acceptance and transmutation of those regressive forces into the energy needed to build the future.

Hidden beneath and within the shadow of humanity is great spiritual wisdom and energy that the human soul is trying to recover and integrate. Within fear there is a hidden memory of radical faith and spiritual intuition, within hate there is a deep desire for acceptance, within selfishness there is a deep desire for unity. When the depths of the dweller have been fully entered with love and courage, the human soul discovers the lost fragments of itself, hidden fragments of its own power and spiritual gifts. These fragments, there all along, are the keys to the fusion of the soul and the personality. Within them are contained incredible power, limitless love, unfathomable unity and light. Scaling down into the depths of the shadow results in the wisdom needed to create and move into the glorious future.

So, the question perhaps becomes: is the soul of humanity identified enough with the light and future, does it have enough strength and will, to be able to plumb the depths of its own shadow fully without becoming again overwhelmed by those forces, identification with the past, and thus becoming unconsciousness to its true divine nature? The energy of Virgo contains great impulses that are dynamic momentum in the direction of fusion of the duality of matter and spirit and a resulting creativity. It is the world disciple that determines through vision and skillfulness whether this dynamic impulse is used for right transmutation and movement into the future or regression into the limited identification and forces created in the past.

As the disciple group of servers moves forward into revelation of its own spiritual significance, it reveals its purposes and methods and learns to work skillfully with energy and forces to transmute the past and create the future. This work requires great skill in action. Planetary life and consciousness continuously cycles through great streams of cosmic life energy. It is up to the world group of esoteric servers to identify with the purpose of the planetary Logos, to commit to assisting in the work of creating the future, and to learn to become skillful in working with energy. Let us work now to continue to build the soul qualities of love, power, and strength needed to successfully plumb the depths of the human shadow and skillfully release and liberate the hidden fragments of the Soul creating wisdom, Self-realization, and unity.

Identified with the group soul of humanity and with Christ as its divine fully conscious representative, we can undertake this work together and so free all our brothers and sisters along the way who continue to be caught by identification with the past and regressive aspects of the planetary matter — the human dweller in the shadows. So Let It Be.