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Matter of the Middle Way:
Lifting Consciousness Into the World of Causes

Michelle Pearce
August 2010

The keynote of the disciple for Virgo, "I am the mother and child, I God, I, matter am", implies a duality, polar opposites along a unified continuum. Duality is a particular method or spiritual principle. Both the Buddha, who explicitly taught the "middle way", and raja yoga, the yoga for the mind, the middle principle, both point to the method of taking a stand in the middle. From this point of tension taken at a center point in the middle of a duality, comes the opportunity to expand consciousness to be inclusive of the entire continuum and both ends of the polar opposites.

While Virgo previously has impelled spirit along the arc of involution into form, for the aspirant and disciple upon the reverse wheel of evolution of consciousness the same energy impels and moves the human consciousness to expansion "upward" and back to spiritual awareness. One could say that Virgo, the mother, is the motivator for the entire journey of the prodigal son. The son, soul consciousness, Christ consciousness, is born of matter, travels through matter experiencing life to its fullest, and then through the richness and diversity of material living, finds its way back again to the "father", the spiritual home-base and point of origin. The story of the birth, growth, and return of the prodigal son is the story for all humanity as a group. The story for the aspirants and disciples, as the leading principle or edge of human consciousness, includes the middle way, the way of extending the arc of consciousness of the son to include both matter and spirit and working practically with both ends of the duality of spiritual life to assist in the evolutionary purposes of the planet.

Previously, those aspirants, disciples, and mystics consciously striving upon the arc of evolution out of matter and back to spirit physically left material living, retreating to places created to afford spiritual sanctuary. In the places of spiritual sanctuary from material living, the mystical consciousness could become strengthened without the regressive pull of the material forces. This state of mystical consciousness within humanity was like a tender new shoot pushing through the ground of material living. The ground that was more broken and prepared enabled the best chance of survival and for this new plant to emerge into the sun where it could continue to grow and flower.

The tender shoot of human mystical consciousness is now clearly strong and mature in its development. It has proliferated through religion and even science and education. It's roots are firmly established within the human unconscious and the material ground is well prepared for the ready individual to find the rich support needed in books and supportive nurturing groups throughout at least the developed world. The shoot is growing now in full sunlight of the human consciousness, evident if not fully realized for all humanity. The apparent purpose of the tender new shoot has always been to simply point to the spiritual sun and maintain its due course. That was the entire purpose of the new tender shoot, to achieve full contact with the sun and to survive along the way. Its focus, therefore, was wholeheartedly and rightly aimed only on achieving contact with the sun. In order to achieve this the darkness and richness of material living had to be repudiated and striven out of. That was the method and means for its growth, expansion and its life.

Now that contact with the sun has been achieved for the new state of consciousness of the mystic, what is the next step? Standing now with a fully developed root system and being irradiated by the spiritual sun, the next step is the flowering. The purpose of any growth is to fully express its life through flowering and sacrifice to the future through fruit. Both the flowering and the fruiting stages of the mystical consciousness are now becoming evident in humanity. During the flowering the focus primarily reverts to material living and to what the new consciousness can express close to its material sources to help beautify and to change material life and expression. During the fruitage stage the focus becomes peculiarly encompassing of both material life and spiritual life, embracing and encompassing both through alignment and flow of spiritual purpose.

The many flowering expressions of mystical consciousness are beginning to bring great beauty to human living and planetary life. The diversity of the expression is immense and this diversity and beauty holds the hope for the future. The fragrance of inspiration abounds despite the also apparent dung heap and refuse of the past and current crises within which the consciousness is growing. Prose and poetry, beauty of art and media, diversity, breadth, and connection of thinking and ideas are now thriving in human culture. Gatherings of beautiful embodied spirits, of conscious selfless servers, are happening across the globe and are creating those centers of light, love, and inspiration that are lifting up all of humanity. These are the flowers of the race who are contributing to the full expression of spirit within material form and living.

Then there are the fruits of the race. Some are immature and small and some are fully ripe and bursting with spiritual juices that seep into the unconscious of the race and flow readily for those that are thirsty and hungry to partake for spiritual nourishment. These fruits are the middle principle. They are the Way for those behind them on the path and the sacrifice to the fifth kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven, so that it may be fully established upon earth. They embrace both spiritual light and purposes and material needs. They know deeply of both the material and the spiritual worlds. Their roots as yet are in the dirt but their form life is evolving rapidly into the sun. Through the joyful evolution and giving of their fruit, new life will grow on earth and they will die to material life and rise up in spirit. They work, however, not for their own release into the light, but for the fruit that they can bear that will give new life. If that were not their whole purpose they would pull themselves out by the roots in their efforts to strain into the sun, the fruit would not develop, and they would die prematurely, not having achieved their full spiritual purpose.

Being the shoot, the flower, or the fruit are all beautiful and needed stages upon the path of spiritual blossoming. The conscious server knows where they are and does their whole duty with all their energy. From that point of life they strive and work. The cosmic energies are part of the culture within which these striving plants of consciousness grow. Like the plant kingdom whose quality and even color is affected by the forces of the mineral kingdom that they break down and take in, the quality and growth of the striving and expanding plant that is conscious awareness is affected deeply and significantly by cosmic energy within which it is immersed and nourished. Intuitive knowledge of the cosmic energies turns the plant on its head and the realization occurs that the real roots of the conscious awareness are in the cosmos, being nurtured by cosmic energies and qualities, and the flowering and fruit is in the material world and within substance and form. The aware server thus comes to know themselves as growing and serving within both cosmic spiritual and material planetary realms of being. They are both spirit and matter. They encompass both ends of the duality of spirit and matter and through their sacrifice of their fruit, they create a synthesis bringing both ends of the spectrum together in one beautiful expression of sacrifice that contributes to the nourishment and future of the whole.

Here is the beauty of Virgo, one of the oldest cosmic signs known to humanity and the mother and the nurturer of the spiritual server. When the son becomes the conscious server he doesn't repudiate his mother fully, he reveres her and contributes to her purpose by helping all the other emerging sons. He becomes a conscious link with the mother, a nourishment and server of souls just as Christ was. Here we take our stand this month, immersing ourselves willingly and joyfully in the energy that will bring to light the Christ consciousness of humanity and the spiritual flowering of the race.