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Virgo in the Age of Aquarius: The Server of Group Consciousness

Michelle Pearce
September 2009

In the Externalization of the Hierarchy, DK tells us "Virgo is esoterically the mother of the Christ child and is, therefore, the eminator of energies which nourish and aid the growth of the Christ consciousness. Aquarius is the coming expression of the group consciousness which is the first and immediate revelation of the ever present Christ consciousness on a large scale in humanity" (page 155). The mother is the practical server and nurturer of the immediate revelation of the Christ consciousness in humanity on a large scale, the group consciousness. It is through the impression of the cosmic energies cyclically impressed and directed within humanity that Shambahla and the hierarchy are bringing about this next immediate revelation of the Christ consciousness within humanity on a large scale-group consciousness. Disciples and aspirants working diligently and in group formation to assist in this process thus become the servers of group consciousness. It would, therefore, serve the group servers to esoterically explore and become familiar with the idea and nature of group consciousness.

If as the servers we employ the occult principle to "act as if" that next revelation of the group consciousness were already being formed within human consciousness, then to what might we need to be attentive to detect the places within the human psyche that require nurturing and strengthening in order to grow that consciousness? Intuitively, we might be drawn to look to the center of any functioning group within humanity to explore what holds that group together and what causes it to be a group and function as a group. We might find that at the periphery of the group we are more apt to perceive diversity of form and this might seem confusing as to what makes this group a group. But, if we continue to press towards the heart or center of the group onto the subjective planes of its essence and life, we might find that what motivates that life and group form is not the diversity, which is an inherent part of all material form, but some more esoteric principle or idea. There must be some point of group unanimity in order to make it a group. So, in learning to work as the server of and for groups, we must learn to see and work with the principle of group unanimity rather than the diversity of form and knowledge. We might say that within the unanimity of the group lies some central idea or purpose around which all the diversity is unified into a functioning whole.

Serving the group means serving the central unifying purpose in the subjective life of the group rather than serving the diversity of the form life at the periphery of objectivity. This requires the development of esoteric or subjective senses. The new aspirant who is the server of groups develops esoteric senses and faculties because they are necessary to serve the coming revelation, which is one that is more subjective than objective. The subjective nature of the coming revelation also means that the vast diversity of knowledge, various lines of research, diverse schools of thought within all the fields of human endeavor (i.e. science, education, psychology) are of less significance and importance than is the unifying life and purpose at the heart of the group endeavor. Deepening the focus of awareness from the outer diversity to the inner subjective unity is a part of the work of the group server.

When the esoteric server focuses on the diverse schools and their historical evolution, and differences he or she gets caught at the periphery of objective diversity and misses the central unifying principle of the group endeavor. Energy, following attention and thinking, gets dispersed into the diversity of form and does not serve to strengthen the central subjective unifying principle of the group life and thus does not nurture and strengthen the group consciousness within but strengthens the diversity of form on the periphery. We must learn to see, think, taste, and smell "groups". We must become so sensitive to the idea of subjective unifying principles that nurture the revelation of the group consciousness, "smell" the group's unifying nature and thus know how to direct our thought to assist it to grow and be strengthened in the most helpful direction towards group purpose and consciousness. Not only this, but we must be sure that the unifying purpose is solidly built upon the new age values so that it will be one that is sound, solid, and lasting into the future.

Let's take an example to make this idea of serving groups more practical and concrete. Let's look at psychology, for example, though you could translate this example into whatever field you find yourself serving in. Psychology has evolved along various "schools of psychology" established by individuals in various geographical locations and within various time periods. These individuals developed ideas about what would be most helpful to the evolving psychological struggles and evolving human psyche in the time and place in which they found themselves. In other words, they became the channel for synthesizing the needs of their time and place with the higher and unifying central purpose of psychology to create the integrated and perfected human psyche that is able to adequately contain and express the human soul. So, one can look at psychology as the historical evolution of competing schools of psychology, or one can look at it through its unifying purpose and the various lines through which that purpose is being manifested and expressed. Further, some of the schools of psychology have as their foundation ideas and values that are more aligned with the values of the coming age and future-unity, goodwill, service, selflessness, etc.-than others. The schools that focus more on the periphery, history, and pathology of the human psyche are now not as helpful to the central unifying purpose of psychology as a whole to bring about that higher functioning integrated and clarified psyche that is adequate for manifestation and expression of the soul and the subjective group consciousness.

The esoteric group server looks at the unifying purpose of the field and, standing from that central point, is able to perceive where the manifestation and expression of that purpose is more accurate, where it needs to be strengthened, and how it needs to be directed. The server does not perceive the various diverse schools of thinking so much as the inner life direction, purpose, and expression, where and how that inner life is pulsing through the form and how the form is crystallizing around the inner life. Where the inner life and purpose is strong and the human mind is sensitive to impression is where the group consciousness will evolve and develop from within the form, from its center. From this perspective the diversity of the group is the effect of the evolving group consciousness and life within.

The life within the heart of humanity is strong and vibrant. The purpose of humanity, at its heart, remains true, but its expression is as yet fragmented because the truth of a central and unifying purpose for the entire race has not yet gained clarity within the human mind. Diverse purposes of a few stronger human groups yet dominate the field of the cultural landscape. Over the past 100 years there has continued to be obvious strength of central and competing national purposes. The various global crises and challenges are creating an awareness of global needs and unifying purposes relevant to the many diverse national consciousnesses. Everywhere there is a conference of nations coming together to discuss and debate some one purpose or another the group consciousness of the race is being strengthened. The actual outcome of the conference may be of less significance than the fact that the nations are coming together to meet on the mental plane around a unifying purpose. This unifying purpose, even though currently expressed in the form of a crisis or dire need, is the beginning life of a much more harmonious and beautiful group expression. In this very practical manner, the global crises become the nurturing field of the group consciousness of humanity and the strengthening of the unifying purpose of humanity. As the esoteric group server of group consciousness pours the loving goodwill upon these crises and the coming together of the best of the international minds and hearts to meet the challenges of the crises, he or she is nurturing the coming revelation of the Christ.

Let us now dedicate ourselves to selflessly and subjectively serving the coming group consciousness of humanity. Let us look for its seeds in the crises of the present and nurture them into the fruit of the future. Let us spread the manure of goodwill where it will do the most good, where the earth is already broken and the seeds are easily planted, and then let us water it with our attentiveness and love, watching carefully for the tender small shoots of the global group purpose as it gradually is lifted up in the awareness of the human psyche and into full manifestation and expressive flowering. Let the group server embody the loving nurturing mother, the child that is the group consciousness that is taking root within the race of humanity, and flowering at the heights of spiritual life and divine livingness. The group server is all these things-mother, child, and God. Let us fully and subjectively feel, see, and be the keynote for this month: "I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am".