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The Cave and the Resurrection

Michelle Pearce
September 2008

Out of the rocky cave, the Christ emerged and walked again upon the plains of Earth and from that time 'the woman knew Him not'. Form had no further hold upon him for He had overcome it in the depths. Into the cave of Initiation, the light of resurrection streams when the stone at the entrance is rolled away. From life in the form to the death of the form-deep in the rocky place, down in the crypts of the Temple-the human being goes. But into that same place, the new life streams, bringing fresh life and liberation; old things pass away and the darkness becomes light.
Esoteric Astrology p. 384-385

In the caves of Virgo the disciple works to attain resurrection so that the Sons of Mind can once again know themselves for what they are and attain liberation from identification with and as form. The disciples, the knowers of the race, work as the Agni Yogan, synthesized with human form and consciousness within the depths of the cave of matter to remove the rock from the entrance of the cave so that the light of the Real shines in and resurrection from the cave is achieved for all men and women.

It seems inspiring to think of humanity being bathed in this energy of Virgo that is so integral to the work of resurrection. It seems that everywhere we look we see the effects of the desire for resurrection from suffering within the cave. Looked into deeply, much of the destructive activity of the human race right now can be seen to contain the kernel of truth that is the desire for resurrection and liberation. Each person, each religious group, and each nation, however, in ignorance, puts their own spin on what that liberation should look like and how to attain it. It seems that men and women, nations and groups are seeking different outcomes and that those outcomes are opposing each other and, therefore, conflict ensues and adversarial stances result. However, at the heart of each urge or desire can be seen the will to liberation, to freedom, as the soul within pushes at its perceived limitations and hindrances.

At the heart of each form, of each center of consciousness, of every cosmic entity and energy, lies the Will of the One. That dynamic Will and life is a power and strength that cannot be stilled and battling with it merely creates the chaos of forces separated and contorted into diverse and conflicting directions. The solution is to contact the will through the cave in the heart, love, and using the will energy that is inherent deep within love, to roll the rock from the cave and let the light of Reality into the cave. So long as the battle for liberation is being engaged within the cave of darkness it only creates more chaos and conflict. Groups and nations, individuals, stumble around in the dark and hitting up against each other become defensive and lash out in their pain and suffering. The solution, therefore, is not to engage in the battle within the cave, but to roll the rock from the entrance and let in the light. This is the work of the new group of world servers as they endeavor to remove all the hindrances and obstacles to letting the light of soul into the consciousness of humanity and thus revealing light and love. As this occurs the battle begins to take on unified directions of striving into the newer and higher values that are being revealed as what is true, beautiful, and good.

Each individuated consciousness within the new group of world servers takes his or her stand as an isolated unity within that group and synthesized within the nation, field and group within which they find themselves. Then, standing there in the light of soul, they quite simply acknowledge all the hindrances and blockages to soul light, as they themselves become that radiant source of soul light within that group. They seek to see and resurrect the light of the soul, the Christ, as it exists at the heart of every group, person, and nation. This is done through esoteric effort that manifests as some exoteric work in a natural way that unfolds from within as lower form becomes sensitive to the urges and will of the soul.

We are told that humanity as a whole is impressed by the larger cosmic energies but only in unconscious ways until adequate receptivity of consciousness is brought about. When conscious receptivity and cooperation becomes possible then the effect and distribution of those energies goes more smoothly and quickly. For this reason those esoteric workers who are sensitive consciously to the more esoteric and cosmic cyclic energies are needed to assist each month at the time of the full moon so that the strong reception of the energy is received by the less conscious aspects of the working group of servers. The whole group then is impressed by the energies and the urges to work in right directions for letting more light into the cave of the human consciousness.

Examples of this work of moving the rock and letting light into the cave abound. In the healing field revelation of etheric energies and subtle healing is quickly occurring, which reveals the previously hidden aspects of golden flowing light of the soul within its lower self. Within psychology the transpersonal aspects, e.g. soul aspects and energies, of healing the psyche are being revealed and, again, revealing the lower self to be much more than solid dense form or its personality. Within the field of science the reality of anti-matter, dark matter, and black holes is being explored at CERN in Switzerland. The united efforts of scientists from 80 countries seek to explore what is beyond and within form and matter, as human consciousness has previously known it. In politics around the world the energy and will of the masses of people is increasingly being demonstrated. Its governing leaders thus know the soul of the people as being a force, will, and power that demands the attending to current human needs and problems. Educators struggle with not only imparting knowledge to the next generation but also incorporating wisdom in the form of right values and methods.

There are many more examples, both general and specific, of places where soul light is being shone within the cave of humanity. Maybe it would be a more appropriate metaphor to say that the New Group of World Servers everywhere are making cracks in that rock with the laser like force of the soul light that they embody and carrying it into every place that they are working. These cracks also create interplay of light that is logarithmically effective because of the inherent interplay and increasing synthesis of all the fields of human endeavor with each other and of each nation and group's effects on all its brother and sister groups.

It is, therefore, most helpful to the work to think of the energy of Virgo and its effect upon the consciousness of humanity not as simply having to do with being in the cave of form, but as having inherent truth regarding the resurrection of the Christ within each form and group. Let us work this month with Virgo and its integral power in bringing about the resurrection of the Christ. Let us feel it as a pervasive and powerful energy with the Will of the One at its heart and seek to be sensitive to and cooperative with that will through love.