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Tightening the Strings of Consciousness

Michelle Pearce
August 2007

The esoteric effect of the cosmic energy of Virgo is to draw spirit and matter closer together. This is achieved through tightening the "strings" that link the centers of the planetary life, spirit and matter, together into greater alignment, tighter cohesion, connection, and synchronous vibration. The tightening of the strings is a term used by Master Morya in the book Agni Yoga. Pondering on this hint leads to inner subjective experience, realization, of the current effect of the impression of Virgo upon planetary life and form.

The "strings" referred to by Master Morya concern the connection or linkage between the centers that are created through conscious striving and achievement. These strings are literal strings of lighted awareness, consciousness, which expands to encompass and include both centers of spirit and centers of matter into one cohesive ring pass not of lighted awareness. Thus, consciousness is the effect of the joining or connecting of spirit and matter, the creation of the "son" by the merging of the mother (matter) and the father (spirit).

For the spiritual aspirant today, and in order to go deeper into subjective and esoteric realization of what is being achieved, it is helpful to make a translation of the ancient wisdom teachings from the metaphor used in the past related to anthropomorphic analogies to metaphors that are more impersonal and, therefore, more accurate using analogies of energy and consciousness. Consciousness can be known quite simply as that area of lighted awareness within which forms and energies can be seen, known, and experienced. Energy is what used to be known as the "Word".

The Word is a euphemism for dynamic spiritual energy as it is subtly qualified and impelled to work within matter and as matter. The idea of spirit as consciousness is a misunderstanding of the limited personal consciousness, the perpetuation of which by the churches leads to continuous conflict, fear, and wrong direction by those individuals who have placed themselves under church authority. Belief that one must conform to a particular overlord or judging consciousness keeps those individuals, who are also states of consciousness or lower ego, from realizing the possibility of higher impersonal consciousness, realities and energies that can be contacted and known. It also keeps the individual stuck in the lower state of personally and form identified consciousness, the center that is matter, and creates a limitation in thinking that prevents the individual from seeing greater possibilities and thus being able to explore through mind and thought the higher impersonal realms. Essential error occurs when the Word is taken for a concrete "thought form" of belief or personal entity and so no further seeking and expansion of identification and consciousness can be stimulated. The belief in the anthropomorphic "Father" God is a belief that is a crystallized illusion that needs to be broken for humanity to proceed deeper into impersonal realizations, seeking of higher energies, and thus the striving in consciousness toward spirit that will create the right direction of Virgo energy to bring about the "tightening of the strings" between matter and spirit that is needed for alignment and connection of the center that is humanity with the center that is Hierarchy, and with Shambahla respectively.

The above description concerns the effect of the tightening of the strings macrocosmically or at least as concerns the macrocosm of the planet. The esotericist, working from the general to the specific, who has a realization of this effect upon the macrocosm is then in a position to understand the effects in his or her microcosm that he or she has been experiencing but perhaps has not objectively understood. The more understanding the aspirant has the greater the ability to cooperate with the cosmic effects upon the macrocosm and microcosm and thus help to direct and give the needed energy for achievement.

Many disciples experience the effect of Virgo as a sort of "ratcheting" or tightening up of the subjective consciousness. It is usually felt when some limitation or blockage, either a false belief or limiting personal desire, has been overcome through the successful navigation through a major or minor crisis. It can be sensed as a waxing denseness of consciousness within the ring pass not of the personality vehicle, the vehicle of spirit for expression and contact. It can also be experienced as a spontaneous and natural solemnity and sacredness, a unity with all life and form. It feels, paradoxically, more solid and real and yet also more free and limitless. The boundaries of time and space gradually become revealed in their illusory state and real wisdom begins to manifest. As the ratcheting and tightening of the lower consciousness occurs, higher worlds are more easily, directly and steadily experienced within the life of the personality. Matter becomes spirit and spirit becomes matter. Paradoxically this greater unification of spirit and matter is experienced as a greater awareness of the real difference between life and form. The experience of the "Son", the consciousness that is the connecting link between spirit and matter, life and form, flips from identification with the forms that make up the lower personality ring pass not to the space within the ring pass not that contains all the forms. This is the realization of the Christ within as it relates to the microcosm. In this state of conscious realization the Son, also called the White Magician, the Self realized one, is able to increasingly work with form (matter) and energy (spirit) and not be limited by matter but become the divine creator within matter, linking matter and spirit not only as an advancing state of consciousness but as Divine Intelligent Activity. The destiny of humanity is to be the expression of Divine intelligent activity.

An important related achievement in the tightening of the strings and one that is essential for right service and creating is the achievement and nurturing of the faculty of intuition and wisdom. As consciousness is able to encompass higher centers it appropriates for itself ways of knowing and experiencing all the forms available on the same planes as those centers. This means that the ever striving and achieving aspirant is continuously expanding their faculties for experience and knowing. Being aware of these possibilities, cooperating and nurturing the changes in conscious knowing and experiencing assists in tightening the strings and bringing realization of the higher realities and centers directly into awareness in the densest organ of reception- the physical brain, furthering anchoring spiritual energies through realizations within densest matter.

All of the full moon keynotes for disciples are realities that can be experienced and which bring about spiritual achievement. No disciple and server need be satisfied with a conceptual understanding of what the keynote might be referring to. The task of the disciple is to seek the reality that is pointed to by the words of the keynote, that are a hint, a signpost, on the spiritual Path. "I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am" professes the cosmic reality or facet of cosmic life and experience that we call Virgo. By striving to participate in contact, reception, giving and direction at the time of the Virgo full moon all aspirants have the opportunity to experience and participate consciously in that aspect of cosmic life, experience and reality. The above description is only one small facet, one experience possible when the disciple seeks to directly contact, experience, give and direct this divine cosmic helper. Such are the higher glories that can be experienced by the disciple who has achieved the necessary fiery striving after the Higher Realities. That disciple finds the way to experience the Reality that is able to encompass mother, child and God simultaneously. Tightening the strings of consciousness will help to align humanity with the spiritual centers. The energy of Heart, of Love, found within those centers then directly transcends the illusion of any boundary between vertical centers and flows outward connecting all the horizontal centers within the microcosm and macrocosm as well. The healing and connecting energy of Christ can finally be liberated to do its work on earth. Christ returns to earth. So Let it Be.