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Emergence and Transformation: Wesak, Taurus, the Buddha, and the Seventh Ray

Michelle Pearce
April 2010

We are told that within the human spiritual cycles we are entering into a year of emergence, the emergence of higher spiritual ideas into the human mind and world. We are also told, and can see for ourselves, that the emergence of the seventh ray is bringing about increasingly and gradually the merging of the highest and the lowest planetary energies and forces-the spiritual and the material. Taurus, the energy washing over and into the planet this month, is "the sign of the major life incentive", the "symbol of desire in all its phases" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 370). The Buddha demonstrated how humanity can transform material desire into spiritual illumination. Each year He returns at the time of Wesak, sounds His note again, and joins with His spiritual brother, the Christ. Together they sound the note of light and love. The note of Taurus completes the chord for this month's spiritual activity. This year all New Group of World Servers, aspirants and disciples can assist in the synthesis of the spiritual and material, in the right handling and transformation of human desire. The transformation of material desire into spiritual illumination creates new spiritual life within the physical world.

Following the path that humanity makes through the direction of its money is a good indicator of the focus of human desire. Money is an exoteric symbol of spiritual energy. Humanity chooses where to channel its money and the material world is transformed and altered accordingly. Organizations are created and destroyed; ideas are strengthened and manifested into physical organizations and activity. Great changes are brought about in human civilization through the use of money. The right use of the flow of the great stream of energy of money is providing evidence of the transformation of human desire through the synthesis of the material and the spiritual within the racial consciousness. As a conscious realization of the spiritual realities occurs, humanity becomes increasingly aware of its higher possibilities and responsibilities. Through the seventh ray the spiritual realities become increasingly manifest within the physical world.

It has become painfully obvious to every nation across the world that desire and greed have run rampant and have created great inequities, injustices, and suffering in human civilization. The greed of the organizations on Wall Street has been revealed. Perhaps, though, the financial sector of human civilization is merely the embodiment and manifestation of the aspect of desire and wrong relations, wrong use of money, which is true for and underlying much of humanity and especially the Western world. If we blame Wall Street and seek to punish those individuals without also looking at how the material values of humanity have enabled and participated in this problem, then we will loose the opportunity for great and wonderful changes and transition into a new spiritually illumined new age.

Humanity has developed a bad psychological habit of blame. Blame is a way to rid oneself of uncomfortable emotions. Blame is an outward projection of aversion that prevents any real exploration and illumination from occurring. It is a way to keep separate those individuals who embody something that one doesn't like. The strength of the aversion and desire to separate may be an indication of the amount of that same tendency within oneself or one's group. When human failures and desires are fully explored, understood, and lovingly accepted within oneself and one's group, there is enabled the ability to compassionately understand this same quality in others. Humanity is literally a group psyche. The methods of the Buddha for transformation of desire into spiritual illumination equally apply to humanity as a whole. Humanitarian and service individuals and organizations that have a more elevated consciousness and inclusive vibration assist the racial whole at looking at situations with kind awareness and compassion, while taking the needed action to transform and alter methods and organizations accordingly.

The Buddha and Christ both demonstrated this. They both fully grappled with and overcame the human problem of desire. Once they accomplished this they demonstrated compassion for a humanity struggling with desire. Desires and fears in all their forms are what drive most of humanity. They are not individual desires and fear; they are human desires and fears shared by everyone. Therefore, it is humanity as a group, with the help of the spiritual servers, that must explore, grapple with, and decide to leave the lower focus on individual material fears and desires and focus on higher values of sharing, cooperation, and goodwill.

This is neither an easy nor a quick transformation for humanity. Fear has a heavy vibration that works to keep the consciousness focused on ways to climb out of the fear. Paradoxically, the continued focus on solutions to rid oneself of fear is the very thing that keeps one stuck in it. Fear is like quicksand to the human psyche. The more one struggles and fights it the deeper one goes into it. There is a strong link between money and fear in the human psyche today. Money is perceived as the solution to fear-fear for material survival and well-being and fear of emotional suffering. Desire, therefore, is linked to the deep-seated material and instinctive fears for survival and comfort. Ideologies and entire aspects of human material living are often formulated as a solution to desire and fear. Fear keeps the human psyche mired in material forces. It is aspiration for expression and manifestation of higher possibilities and values that is the path into illumination for humanity.

It is the powerful force of public opinion and demand that will increasingly lead to the needed synthesis of the material life with higher spiritual values. Political leaders today are only as effective at creating the needed changes as the public demands and supports. It is truly the ideas, thinking, and opinions of humanity as a group that brings about the transition into the new spiritual age. There are many ways that public opinion is affected. Obvious exoteric ways are through media and marketing. The covert power of these groups has silently swayed public desire and opinion for decades now. The Internet, however, has provided a way for people to communicate and share information outside those powerful groups thus enabling grass roots movements of increasingly massive proportions. One might perceive the Internet as the symbolic exoteric manifestation of the human group mind. The desire and thoughts of the many people are known rather than the opinions of the few wealthy groups who control media and marketing.

Media and Marketing have historically been largely motivated for financial gain and material profit. Especially marketing, as we all know, was designed and developed to convince the public to make particular choices on where to channel their focus of desire and energy-their money. This has begun to slowly change as the seventh ray has permeated the human psyche. The incoming synthesis of the spiritual and material recognized as one and the same has begun to make its impact. Over the past decade marketing and media as methods to sway public opinion and convey information and principles have also been used by a growing plethora of non-profit human rights, planetary rights, and humanitarian service organizations. The spiritual reality that underlies all of the material desires and glamour has begun to be revealed and to take greater control. The thousands upon thousands of humanitarian and spiritual servers in the world are sensitive to the incoming spiritual values and are living that reality within the material world. The desires of the material past are being transformed into the goodwill, aspirations, and spiritual values of the future.

It is the persistence of goodwill and the focus on higher ideals in all circumstances that assists in the transformation of life desire and motivation from material grasping and aversion to spiritual illumination. This is a most radical shift in human motivation and culture that is being brought about. As the spiritual servers work for this it is helpful to remember the magnitude as well as the significance of what is being undertaken. It is a human civilization based on higher spiritual principles and illumined from within that is the motivation. It is a group radiation of spiritual love and light. It is the transformation of the material expression of the planet in all its animal instincts for fight and survival into the spiritual manifestation of love and goodwill through the human racial consciousness.

This will take hundreds of years to fully achieve and yet the seeds of it are present now. The tender new shoots are emerging into human civilization and the spiritual servers are there to lovingly nurture and care for them. The new spiritual servers are the gardeners of humanity. They diligently pull weeds and simply discard them while carefully finding and tending the yet fragile plants that will grow into full flowering in the future. The new basis for economics systems that support the spiritual values is there latent within the current financial crisis. Those spiritual servers with expertise in this area are there and working and need the goodwill and support of all the group servers. During this year of emergence of the spiritual values into human consciousness we can nurture and strengthen the seeds of the new spiritual culture emerging within the material world. When the material world is flowering everywhere with spiritual illumination, sharing, and goodwill then it will be an accurate reflection and manifestation of the spiritual life within. The material and the spiritual will merge through love and the "door where evil dwells" will be sealed.