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The Marriage of Light and love Within the Human Mind

Michelle Pearce
May 2009

Welcome to the Wesak Festival, the celebration of the return of the Buddha to join His brother Christ, bringing the light of the cosmic mind with Him. At this festival we celebrate the union, the working together, of the divine representatives of both Light and Love. We might ask ourselves what is the capacity in the world today for receptivity, radiation, and expression of these aspects of divinity? Light works out through purpose and intelligent activity and love works out through unity, goodwill, and cooperation. Is the aspiration of humanity sufficient today to stimulate the flow of planetary light and love? Are the aspirants and disciples sufficient to the great task of turning the consciousness of the race from its point of focus on selfish materialism upward to a greater realization and vision of divine power and purpose?

Interestingly, the teachings of the Buddha from thousands of years ago are today reaching a culminating point of practicality in human consciousness and activity. The realization of suffering and its causes has become acute in the mind of humanity. Suffering is the way of the evolution of the lower states of animal consciousness. Through suffering the need for a change in activity is realized. At the level of the mind this activity that needs changing involves thinking, beliefs, and attitudes that drive activity and behavior. The resulting changes gradually bring about evolution of the consciousness towards greater expression of higher values and more inclusive thinking. When the consciousness becomes aligned with planetary and divine purpose, then suffering is no longer needed and intuition and love are the guides. Where greater flow of inclusive love and harmony is sensed is the place that consciousness strives into rather than avoiding the places that cause suffering and pain. In this way the consciousness becomes more active and cooperative with the divine purposes, with divine love because consciousness is becoming filled with divine light. At these higher reaches of human consciousness the race will realize that goodwill and loving inclusiveness is the easiest path and the way of pain and suffering will gradually become a thing of the past. Do we see this working out even now in the racial consciousness and how can we use the divine light to show the way more clearly?

Clearly much of humanity continues to need to tread the way of suffering and this will gradually bring about cooperation. Could it be, though, that like the individual aspirant who continues to experience the suffering of the burning ground even after a higher and more right direction has been attained, that humanity as a group is striving out of suffering and onto a higher path while continuing to experience the effects of its past? There remains a necessity to burn off the seeds of the karma from the past even when the consciousness has been turned towards its higher values and directions. Despite all the areas of friction and violence in the material world today can we sense more light than not in the human consciousness? If not, where does more light need to enter in order to illuminate all the places of lower focus of the human state of consciousness as a whole? Through the alignment and cooperation of the hierarchy with divine purpose, including the new group of world servers working in the world today, can the bridge be created from the current state of humanity into greater alignment with that divine purpose?

Taking the opportunity at this spiritual highpoint in the year to take a broad and deep look across the globe of humanity, we see a very mixed bag of states of consciousness, points of friction, and places that seem to be steadily moving towards greater liberation and enlightened activity. For many third world countries the focus remains on physical needs and suffering because of famine and disease. This, however, seems to relate more to a lack of right distribution of resources than to a point of evolution and values. The middle east continues to be a lightening rod for the working out of separatism and suffering that seems to be related to karmic seeds of divisiveness and resentment from times long past. There seems still to be the inability of some in especially in this part of the world to take the focus off of old wounds and to strive into the future and the new values and life expressions. This continues to be an area in great need of light in the world today. There are no easy answers. We meet our spiritual responsibility by bringing as much loving intention, wisdom, and light as we can to bear in this area. With compassionate understanding and without blame or malice of any kind, the group server becomes simply a radiant force for light, light, and faith in the ultimate power of the divine will to bring about the needed alignment. In these areas of long standing suffering we bring patience and persistence.

In other parts of the world, the economic crisis reminds us that the forces of materialism and greed have been strong in the human consciousness and have created much karmic debt. The suffering now brought on by the wrong distribution of precious resources may ultimately be a great liberating force to allow the flow of money to be more in line with divine will for the creation of right distribution and right relations. In the meantime, there are evident points of light, servers on the third ray who are skilled and talented in making money and in distributing it where it is needed. These servers are paving the way for a new way to relate to money from a place of responsibility inclusive of all of humanity and the planet. This sense of being responsible for humanity and the planet is the soul working in the world and attaining alignment with the divine will.

In the end, both aspiration and its practical application in world service are needed to create the type of alignment and right relations that is needed to turn the consciousness of the race into the right direction of the higher values. The light of the divine mind illumines the places working out the divine purpose and carries with it the higher way that is the future of the race. That future is one of freedom through the wielding of a lighted mind and a loving heart. As the group server learns to stand in that divine light and radiate divine love, the planetary life will receive the forces for the needed healing of divisiveness to occur. Just as the healers in all professions today are finding out that love is the most powerful tool for healing we have, and this is being proven scientifically, so too the servers as a group, through the lighted group mind, may begin to see that loving all of humanity and the planet is the highest service we can give.

Let us now seek to be the healing, to be the love and the light that we know brings the needed healing for humanity and the planet. The way to be this is through alignment with the highest levels of divinity that one is capable of. For some that may be their own souls, for others the group of souls that is the hierarchy, and other fiery servers will willingly stretch themselves, their identity, their minds and hearts to the highest cosmic reaches to become consciously a point of cosmic light in the human world, embodying more cosmic energy than has ever known to be possible within a human body and mind. We know this takes its toll and that the human body is not used to this level of divine energy and yet it can be our opportunity now to stretch the form life and to sacrifice ourselves for the future of the race, for the future of the planet, and for the future role this small planet plays in the divine cosmic purpose.