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Fighting for the Future Through Love

Michelle Pearce
November 2008

Having found the middle way, the center, in this present mutual crisis of humanity and hierarchy through the energy of Libra last month, it is now our task to discover how to work within this middle way. That middle way that humanity moved into as a group this past month has to do with finding the mid point between the past and the future (the horizontal life) and between spirit and matter (the vertical life). It is through this middle way and taking a stand at the mid-point that consciousness moves into identification with the spiritual center.

The recent past of humanity has been characterized by chaos, conflicts, discouragement, and even apathy. The future is where hope, vision, and the ideas of the new age are found. In the midst of some of the worst and most global crises humanity has faced (economic, political, religious, environmental) a few events have recently occurred that indicated humanity's decision to strive into hope, change, and the future.

In the United States, the American people rose up in record numbers in response to a message of hope, change, and the desire to reach out globally to other nations and peoples and in opposition to other messages of fear and the need to defend by taking a more separatist stance. On the very same day an historic summit took place in Rome. On November 4th both the election for a future of change and hope took place in the United States and Rome hosted a Vatican-Muslim Summit of inter-faith dialogue in order to help defuse religious tensions for the future. The first two of the three-day talks at the summit focused on God's love and loving one's neighbor, according to an online BBC report ( Hope and faith were born of love.

The use of love in any crisis of such a magnatude of conflict and violence might not seem to be very effective. However, a careful contemplation of this month's energy of the warrior, Scorpio, will prove love is a powerful energy. The energy of Scorpio, the energy of the warrior, would seem at first glance to be something that is hard and strong and maybe even violent. But, what we find when we move into the middle way and seek to use the energy of the warrior is that we must work from the consciousness of God, which is love. The spiritual warrior, established within the middle way and at the mid-point, works through love. Love is the power of consciousness and of the underlying reality of the unity of all things. Through the eyes and heart of loving understanding two are made as one in consciousness.

Love, as the consciousness of God, also includes a powerful destructive aspect. Discernment is needed to see clearly that this destructive element is used within God's Plan to destroy not life and consciousness, but form, which limits and hinders the life and consciousness, the soul within all form, from freedom of expression. To see clearly the difference between violence and destruction of form vs. violence and destruction of life and consciousness is an important discernment for the spiritual warrior who fights for the liberation of humanity into greater freedom. It is right to work at destroying limiting forms. It is not right to harbor ill will and destructive thoughts against the life and soul within the limiting forms. Those limiting forms were at one point used for the right expression and manifestation of some quality and purpose of God. It is only now, through the evolution and expansion of consciousness and the inherent higher qualities, that the forms have become a hindrance and not a right expression. Like the too-tight clothes that pinch, bind, cut off circulation, and limit movement, humanity has outgrown its previous forms of relating to each other, the planet and the animals; of governing; and of economics, commerce, and religion.

Perhaps, defining the point of crisis as the turning point at which the life within form becomes limited by the forms and demands liberation is helpful in understanding this subtle and yet important point. It is not the people of the various religions that need to be destroyed. It is the limiting nature of those forms of religion that need to be destroyed through understanding the possibilities and hope for the future, through love. It is not the people of the opposite political party that must be defeated, but the limitations of the form of government that hinders the future from greater hope and unity for all people. It is not the people who have created the current economic crisis that need to be blamed and punished so much as it is the current form of economics based on limiting values, such as selfish greed, that must be clearly understood, destroyed, and new forms based on higher and newer values created to take its place.

All understandings of the current limitations and hindrances take place through loving understanding and an expanded vision of possibility. All creation of newer forms needed to express newer and higher values occurs through love. The spiritual warrior stands firm with hope and conviction amidst the chaos, conflict, and destruction. The forms of the past have become a limitation and hindrance. The spiritual warrior wields the energy of love to create the future. This ability to stand firm in difficult times and fight for the future requires the spirit of the warrior whose power comes from a faith in the future of humanity. That faith in the future comes from knowledge and vision of what that future will be.

A subtle and yet palpable and living turning point seems to have been achieved this past month in which a substantial portion of humanity have made their choice for hope, unity, love, and for the future. This choice carries with it a powerful momentum that the spiritual warriors will now use to help create a future that is free from fear, greed, and oppression in all its various forms. The human soul will be liberated through a realization of its own quality and power as the energy of love. Every old limiting form destroyed and every new form created based on love will contribute to the recognition of the reality of whom and what the human soul really is and what its potentials are.

All servers are spiritual warriors and all people working for the future of humanity are agents of love. This month the energy of Scorpio can be directed as a powerful help in using this turning point achieved in human consciousness to propel it powerfully into the future, bringing greater realizations of all that humanity is capable of expressing and manifesting to the human consciousness, that is, a greater self-realization of humanity as a group. Let us, therefore, work with diligence to direct this divine gift of the energy of the spiritual warrior for the purpose of strengthening the workers and the new creation needed for the upliftment and redemption of humanity and the future of the world.