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Emerging Triumphant

Michelle Pearce
October 2007

The keynote for Scorpio is Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant. The attention of all eyes of humanity is clearly focused on the battle but who can see the vision of emerging triumph? In the world of duality and within the discursive and divisive lower mind, two parts of this keynote are seen- the battle and the emergence from the battle. The sense is that most are not yet able to focus on the emergence because the battle is as yet too loud and pervasive. But, there is an opportunity here to learn to focus more on the subtle and quiet inner energies and forces that lie behind the loud clashing events of the world. There is a sense that, for those who have eyes to see, the emergence can be clear and that "acting as if" this emergence were not only inevitable (as one senses it must be) but overshadowing and immanent, would do a whole lot of good for strengthening the will of humanity to cooperate with the emergence occurring. Perhaps, in some paradoxical way, so long as the focus of humanity remains firmly fixed and intent on the battle, the emergence becomes hindered, delayed and problematic. In other words, the emergence must receive greater focus for it to become the reality.

Here is a subtle aspect of visioning using the mental faculties, both lower concrete and higher abstract, which must be grappled with to adequately grasp this opportunity for assisting in visioning and invoking the emergence from the battle for humanity. The battle is clearly reality, at one level. And, it is clearly only a small and immediate fraction of the latent potential of the human soul to create loving inclusiveness and harmony for the planet. Many advanced thinkers of the race see the vision of the higher possibilities and this makes the battle appear more difficult and problematic. The individual who lives in a conflicted household may not be distressed by it because they know of no other possibilities and so consider it normal. They have no other vision. Only when they have attained a vision of an alternative possibility, of a more peaceful and loving harmonious possibility, will the suffering at their current conflicted reality become acute.

The vision of the possibility is only one step towards achieving that possibility. The life of the vision will quickly be snuffed out if it is not seen as fully possible, that is, if it is not fed with faith. Faith in the goodness and higher potentials for the future of humanity is an essential component or ingredient to making it a reality. That faith is not a given. It has to be created, invoked, by those who see the vision clearly. The vision must be so strong, so real, and so alive that it has an inner light that shines through the battle and begins to actually transform the current reality into the vision itself. It is the faith in the vision that gives it the power to transform current reality into itself.

Use of faith, as Christ has alluded to, is a potent energy for transformation. Christ said that faith the size of a mustard seed, the smallest of the small seeds, could move mountains. As with so many spiritual truths, humanity continues to grapple with learning the living meaning and purpose behind the truths. The identity and perception of the human person as limited, hindered, helpless and sinful keeps humanity from boldly exploring the spiritual truths it has been given and from experimenting with putting them into practical use for the future of the race. There is a heavy and palpable fear (and rightly so in some cases) of use of spiritual principles for selfish personal use. This manifests as a fear of evil and causes hyper vigilance for the use of faith for personal and evil purposes. In ignorance and fear, there can be a lack of discernment of the higher selfless purposes of faith and other spiritual principles when used for the group good, for all of humanity. Many individuals and groups happily feed this paranoia by subverting great spiritual truths for personal selfish gain. This does not mean, however, that practical use of these truths selflessly for the greater good and future of humanity is also evil.

Faith is one of those spiritual truths that have been subverted by the concrete mind. There is a limiting idea that faith must only be applied to faith in the existence of God. This was an appropriate stage of striving for humanity. The real practical use for faith is always in regards to a higher overshadowing potential and possibility, something that is already there ready to manifest if we give it the help that it needs. To believe that faith can only be used for belief in God and God's power is limiting and hindering. And further, to believe that God creates future glory through the human race without human participation, vision and cooperation is also hindering and misleading.

Perhaps it is fear itself that is the most evil and separative force on our planet. Is it not fear that creates hate and wars of all kinds? Could faith be the solution to fear? Faith in the basic goodness of humanity would soothe the fear of pain and conflict as simply as light moving into the darkness. Perhaps if every person, every church, every religion, every nation would simply ask themselves where they are perpetuating and contributing to fear vs. love the world could be healed of conflict in a day. Could faith in the future of humanity and the world give the courage and strength to move into that possibility of the negation of all fear? Many in humanity have postulated that love is the answer, but perhaps love is the ideal that is out of the reach of humanity until it has gone through the fear and developed faith in the power of love. As of yet there seems no place in humanity, no group, no church, which has found perfect love. Faith in the ability of love to be the reality of humanity is direly needed; faith in the ability to overcome fear, hate, conflict and harmfulness.

The battle humanity faces is one with fear itself. Emerging triumphant from the battle signifies release into love and light, the glory of God. This is the kingdom of God on earth. It will not become a reality for all of humanity until enough groups are able to maintain faith in it as an emerging reality within the race. Perhaps evil's biggest tool is fear. Emerging from the battle is emerging into loving compassion for all things, as Christ's brother the Buddha taught. He also taught that selfish desire and grasping is what keeps humanity attached to a reality of suffering and conflict. Is it time to begin to vision emergence from this state of human suffering into a different reality and then to have faith in it as a real and impending possibility? If so, how can each individual and group then participate and cooperate with making that reality happen here and now?

The emergence is inevitable but it seems to be humanity's choice as to when and how this emergence will occur, just as it is the choice of each individual how they want to live. Each of the greatest contributors to moving the human race into the future, Christ, Buddha, Mohammad, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, to name a few, not only had a vision, they had faith in their vision. What made them the powerful servers in the world was not their vision but their utter faith and conviction in the vision. They acted from the vision not simply because they saw it with their mind, but because through faith they allowed that vision to dictate every personal activity, every thought, every move. They acted from the vision because they saw it to be just as real if not more real than the current reality that it seemed to be directly opposed to. They lived and walked in the reality of the vision rather than the reality of the human conflict.

The ability to live and walk within the reality of the vision requires several steps:

  1. dissatisfaction with the current reality;
  2. striving to see an alternative that is more satisfying;
  3. creating a clear vision of that possibility;
  4. having faith in that vision as impending reality;
  5. being willing to live and walk in the vision.
It seems that if one can get to the stage of having total faith in the reality of the vision then being able to walk and live in that vision becomes a natural outcome. How to have faith is up to each group and individual to discover, but an important aspect of finding faith in something new is being willing to let go of what currently is. This can only be done through detachment to all that is currently perceived as truth and sacred so that new higher truths and imminent visions can be perceived.

Every person hearing (or reading) these words has all the faculties and capacities that they need to participate and cooperate in this high work of visioning the future of humanity. They must simply choose to work selflessly for the future of humanity and to detach from personal fears and preoccupations, day-by-day, and minute-by-minute. Like a ripe fruit or a rain cloud saturated with moisture, the future of humanity overshadows, simply needing perhaps the faith of those with the vision, which will create that little bit of energy needed for it to emerge, manifest and transform the entire planet into the glory that already exists within the Mind of God.

So this month as we work with the energy of Scorpio, let us see the possibilities for emergence and direct our attention into the vision of possibility for loving inclusiveness and right relations. Let us feel the reality of the impending transformation through having an open clear mind illumined to higher vision and a soft selfless heart filled with faith in humanity and remaining unaffected by the current raging battles. Let us see that these battles have perhaps reached their highest pitch and the light and vision is therefore ready to break through into the minds and hearts of the many whom the battle has prepared through creating dissatisfaction with the current conflicted reality. So let it be.