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Signs For the Times: Pisces, Virgo, and the Seventh Ray

Michelle Pearce
March, 2014

Welcome to the full moon festival of Pisces 2014. There is a definite sense that the group of occult full moon meditators incarnated within humanity is growing at this time and, thus, becoming much more effective as the directing agency for cosmic energies as well as a group server within the periphery of the Hierarchy. This is a joyful and exciting event despite and even because of the chaos that direct contact with Shamballa energies within humanity creates. This directing group, realizing the right course for the energies unfolding within the racial consciousness, is creating a more harmonious future through right relations. Right relations of spiritual life with material form are the key to redemption and the future. This is the group creator that is bringing spiritual energies into synthesis with human forces and hence working keenly within the auspices of the seventh ray whose expression demands the direct relationship between the highest and the lowest.

This then leads to the reason for bringing discussion of Virgo into the festival of Pisces. As we know, the keynote for Pisces is "I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save." It is the sign of the savior. The savior works for redemption of the lower forces and life of the planet. On our planet that redemption is brought about through synthesizing spiritual life with material force and form and it is deep within form that Virgo has its power. For this reason Virgo is one of the oldest signs for this age. The idea of spiritual life immersed deeply within matter is an old one embodied in all the religions and ancient wisdom teachings.

Initiates, and soul infused persons who are contacting the Higher Self, the Monad, are creating and working from a point of tension within the triad. From that point of tension and intention the selfless group work of infusing those higher spiritual energies into the lower forces becomes the paramount focus and work. The Monad's vehicle of expression is the spiritual triad with its spiritual will, spiritual intuition, and abstract interpretive mind. These much more subtle vehicles or bodies correspond and can be brought into direct relationship to the soul's vehicle of expression — the personality, with its concrete mind, emotional body and etheric bodies. It is only from deep within material form that the work of spiritual synthesis, redemption, and right relationship are all achieved and it is not until now that this work could begin in earnest by the esoteric group of world servers. This is a group work. It cannot possibly be done from the motivation of individual spiritual progress because it involves the use of dynamic spiritual will, which can only be wielded from the perspective of identification with planetary purpose. Planetary Purpose is found in Shamballa. It is a group purpose and is only possible for the individual server to contact and work with it through identification with a group selflessly serving. The idea that there is such a group now working united on the subjective planes has become such a magnetic and widespread idea that there are many throughout the world that are now identified with this group.

We might think of Virgo as the polar opposite sign of Pisces as it anchors the lower material end for this method of redemption and synthesis of the highest and lowest. Virgo is one of the oldest signs that we know of. The common and historic interpretation of the relationship that Virgo seeks to bring about, its redemptive purpose and tension so to speak, is the creation and nurturing of the soul by bringing together spiritual life and material form. Within the womb of matter spiritual life creates the Son, conscious aware life able to relate to all around it and to redeem the very matter within which it was formed. Thus there is again that theme of direct relationship and redemption. The soul might be best known as consciousness, lighted awareness, and mental illumination. This is certainly a key realization and phase of planetary unfoldment on a world where the evolution of consciousness and not form is the goal.

But, there is now, at the same time soul evolution continues to occur for millions, another and higher purpose and method of soul work unfolding for the esoteric group of servers at the heart of the new group of world servers, and that is the direct relationship of Shamballa and humanity, the triad and the personality. The work of relationship is never ending. There is some left over residual idea from the distant past when the development of the soul and the transfiguration of the personality was the ultimate goal possible that this continues to be the end goal. But as the New Age unfolds and the souls of the world have continued to evolve, new higher goals and relationships continue to be recognized, revealed, and realized. The esoteric group of soul infused and transfigured personalities work as the savior. The savior works from the triad and builds on the foundation that Virgo has laid with its work focused deep within the material form.

The middle way is the key for attainment of all progress, as the Buddha taught. But, there is a very deep esoteric aspect to this middle way that has remained veiled to humanity. A key to working with cosmic astrological energies is discovering the balance between two cosmic entities or energies. In our world of duality and polarities even the great cosmic lives that embody astrological energies have their polarities of expression and manifestation and the groups' work is to resolve these seeming opposites through recognitions, realizations and synthesis. In the case of the Savior it is the middle way involving the synthesis of Virgo and Pisces. The evolutionary work of Virgo on our planet is complete when it is lifted into a realization of the savior and the Savior's work is only possible with the realization of the significance of matter in its work, thus fulfilling the disciple's keynote for Virgo, "I am the mother and child. I, God, I, matter am."

This may seem complicated, but its essence is actually beautifully harmonious and synthetic — great cosmic lives being synthesized into direct relationship by planetary saviors for the purpose of planetary redemption. Through planetary redemption the purposes of both the planetary Logos and the Solar Logos are fulfilled and a radiant relationship becomes possible with all the surrounding planets and cosmic lives. Essentially, the infusion of spiritual life directly into form and matter elevates the radiatory and magnetic functioning of the life within the form and releases it, liberates it, so that it can move into a higher relationship and purpose. This in turn transfigures the planet to one that is sacred, radiatory, and able to fully contribute with cosmic purposes and relationships.

We might think of it as analogous to the personal journey and path that begins from the point of identification with material form with its inherent separatism, suffering, and selfishness because of the focus on individual forces and desires. When the transfiguration is achieved there is a great illumination that takes place and the consciousness is released into the possibility for identification with the larger whole, the planetary relationships and purpose, and thus becomes a significant contributor with spiritual life, purpose, and dynamic will. As long as the focus remains on the individual life, the larger life remains unknown and direct relationship is not possible. This same path is true of the planetary life and consciousness as a whole. The One life seeks to infuse itself fully into its lowest atoms of form and force and so transfigure itself into radiatory group awareness capable of participating in the sacred purpose of the solar system and beyond. The cosmic entities know of the larger purpose and give selflessly of Their radiatory capacity to impress all the planetary lives with Their great energies, which, when directed rightly, will bring this great purpose about. Its accurate to say that the Great Ones are selfless group purpose and that all life is headed for that same expression and identification. Redemption and synthesis is Their Purpose as well, but in the great chain of consciously aware energies and life, even the lower life must consciously participate in order to bring about these great purposes.

So we move into this festival with full awareness of the significance of both Virgo and Pisces and the work possible within the fusing power of the seventh ray — all signs for the times. Let us move forward into our higher spiritual possibilities as a group and let the work go on. So Be It.

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