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The World Savior Group

Michelle Pearce
February 2010

As the energies of Pisces once again wash through the centers of force and activity on our planet and within humanity, they touch and strengthen the places that have already been developed by this powerful yet waning energy that has been dominant for the past two thousand years. Humanity has been bathed in this energy for many generations. The Christ demonstrated the consciousness, quality, and power of this energy. The signs of this outgoing energy are everywhere apparent. The conscious reception, interplay, and fusion with divine energies are the work of the full moon participant. Thus, let us explore the quality and impulse of Pisces within human consciousness.

Pisces is the energy of the World Savior. It is the sign of the initiate who has achieved conscious at-onement with the Father aspect, the Monad. It is the sign of universal consciousness and is also a sign of destruction, having a significant first ray aspect to it. All these qualities were evident in the life of the Christ during his incarnation in a material body. The Christ as a consciousness is one level of the unfolding of divine consciousness on its way to universal consciousness. The achievement of beginning contact with universal consciousness by the soul, the Christ consciousness, marks the third initiation.

The initiations are the spiritual achievements of Monads, the Lords of Sacrifice, as they actively participate in the purpose of our solar system--the unfoldment of consciousness. We are the Lords of Sacrifice, human beings, choosing to incarnate into matter and work out divine purposes. That we willingly get lost in identification with all aspects and qualities of substance and matter is part of the process, the Plan, and also our contribution to the evolution of a synthetic radiance of consciousness of all life. The initiate who is conscious of life, who sees light and life in all form, is strengthening that unfolding of conscious universal realization. The disciple who creates and perceives harmony and beauty is contributing to the radiance. Christ's great contribution during His incarnation into personality was the ability to be conscious of life and light in all persons and all forms, thus perceiving through the consciousness of the Monad, the father aspect. Because he was also overshadowing a personality life, he could also perceive the great suffering involved in destructive events in the world from the personal perspective. He led the dual life of the initiate of life and form.

The Lords of Sacrifice create conscious radiance through form. We do this increasingly through the fourth ray process of harmony through conflict characteristic of the human center of life. Seeing the limitation to full consciousness of current forms, we of necessity destroy those forms in order to create more harmony, beauty, and radiant consciousness. This cyclic process of destruction and creation is part of the evolutionary process of consciousness in our solar system. When humanity becomes more consciously and intelligently involved in the process, it will achieve the great liberation and freedom from the illusion of being limited and hindered by its own past, of being tied to a static state of consciousness through stagnant and unchanging ideas and beliefs.

Perhaps the major destructive battle and crisis, which is taking place within humanity right now, is on the mental plane and is one of ideologies and beliefs. There seems to be a divisiveness between those individuals and groups whose beliefs and identities are tied to particular ideologies of the past, struggling to keep things the same and those who strive for growth, expansion and change. The dominance of the first group results in stagnation and eventual slow demise. The dominance of the second group results in too rapid destruction. The world saviors don't side with any one group over another. Their purpose is to contact and anchor the next higher states of consciousness, values, and ideas within human consciousness. The creation of the ideals and culture that will be built upon that state of consciousness is the work of humanity itself.

The World Savior, standing both beyond and within the ideological battle of humanity, is aware that expanded consciousness naturally results in the destruction of old forms of thinking, structures and organizations, and relationships that don't easily lend themselves to expression of the new state of consciousness. All form and human cultural life and activity are merely the effects of the state of consciousness of humanity. As that state of consciousness changes, those forms will also naturally evolve, be destroyed and changed. As there are so many various states of consciousness present within humanity right now, there is resistance against much of the destruction of the older forms that is gradually taking place. Old ideas about economics, religion, and even family relationships are all being challenged in the extreme. New more inclusive forms are struggling to be born within the current chaos.

It is not the place of those esoteric workers at the heart of the servers to take sides in this battle. This leads to enhancing or strengthening the chaos and struggle unnecessarily. It is their role to create that new state of consciousness within themselves that will resolve the crisis and the battle, to create and live within an inner harmony that can be the seed and leaven for humanity as a whole. Christ did not participate in the drama between the religious groups in his day and time. He became consciously what he needed to be to resolve the crisis and lift all of humanity out of its current confusion and crisis. Many individuals, though not all, have been able to see the higher Way through consciousness that He created and many have sought to follow Him. Many others have seen only through a concrete system of rules and beliefs and so have missed the mark of consciousness transformation being instead anchored to particular forms of life that are now being challenged.

If we accept the idea that the purpose of our Solar System is the unfoldment of consciousness and that human culture and civilization is merely the effect of the consciousness of humanity, then we will see where to put our focus and effort to best serve and assist humanity. We need not focus on creating new organizations, on building the new culture. It is imperative that we focus, however, on what state of consciousness each of us as servers and as the group server has achieved and is working towards and how we incorporate harmony, beauty, relationship, and radiance within that state of consciousness. It is the ideas and thoughts generated from within those higher states of consciousness that will create the needed cultural changes through strengthening of right vision, and right relationship as the ideals of the racial consciousness.

The inner impulse to creation of greater harmony and right relations is evident everywhere in humanity, even within those deluded and stagnant groups tied to the vision of the divisiveness of the past. The human spirit struggles for greater freedom to be and express its vision and ideals. It is the various visions and ideals that are currently in chaos and conflict right now. The mind of humanity is divided and at war with itself. Diversity of form is beautiful and can lead to greater harmony. Diversity of vision and ideals leads to conflict and chaos as those identified with the conflicting ideals seek to prove theirs to be right, best, and strongest. They stand behind the mental thought forms they have created and pit them against the thought forms and beliefs of other individuals and groups not seeing that these are mere forms of the expression of who and what they are. Vision, ideals, and beliefs are all forms found in the mind of humanity.

Is it possible for individuated mind and groups to have discrepant beliefs without being in conflict? What would that look like in terms of government, economics, religion, and education? Is it possible that beliefs themselves are being transformed into a more fluid and plastic mental process of continually seeking of the next higher truth? Has not science over the last 100 years sufficiently demonstrated that new truths are continuously being discovered and replacing "old truths"? Certainly the new ideals in psychology are for flexibility and resiliency and not some stagnant state of happiness or lack of any conflict or difficulty.

The Lords of Sacrifice who have achieved the state of consciousness of the World Savior through Pisces see humanity as an evolving state of consciousness receptive and impressed by the many cosmic energies and influences that are continuously passing by and through the substance of our planet. The new ideal is perhaps not for concrete and stagnant beliefs, but for a fluidity and flexibility of the human mind that can incorporate and be inclusive of the many changes that naturally take place as the evolution of consciousness speeds up within time and across space. Perhaps the new ideal within the human mind is for more creative and less destructive ways to work with crises and conflicts as they naturally occur and evolve rather than desperately struggling to keep everything frozen in time because of fear that the natural process of change will lead to increased conflict and problems. Certainly faith in the future of the consciousness of humanity is direly needed to offset the tendency to despair, discouragement, and inertia that can be characteristic of the emotional climate when rapid changes, increased conflict, and destruction is so evident across the world.

As the tension in the world increases, perhaps it is the opportunity within Pisces to elevate the focus out of the form world and into the world of the transformation of human consciousness. The group of servers is the group world savior. We, the full moon meditators are the group saviors of the world. Pisces is our strength and our inspiration. We need to drink deep of this energy, taking our fill as it is poured out for us, and take our stand at the highest point of tension possible within the human consciousness, lifting ourselves and all around us up. We are adequate to work in the current world conflict and chaos together and as a group.

So let us now seek full inspiration and fusion with Pisces as the group savior that will lift up the racial consciousness of humanity into greater light, strength, and love.