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The Triangle of Forces Behind the Evolution of Consciousness

Michelle Pearce
March 2009

The idea of the evolving of human consciousness has taken hold in the human mind and is most pronounced through a body of knowledge that explores the recapitulation of that evolution early in life and is called human development. The unfolding of the human body and consciousness from birth to death is the subject of great interest in psychology. This relatively new area of study began roughly 100 years ago, at the time of the increasing impact of the spiritual will within humanity, and has already yielded much knowledge that has helped to bring human activity into alignment with the principle of right relations. There is an increasing recognition of an unfolding of states of consciousness. Within this foundation, understanding and recognition of those states beyond the human, the flowering of the soul within the human consciousness, is increasingly occurring. There is a triangle of energies that impresses humanity and fosters this unfolding from self-consciousness to Soul consciousness. This triangle of energies, comprised of Virgo, Leo, and Pisces, is of the utmost importance to humanity and is the cause of the necessary and right shifting of relations with humanity. Shifting, as it occurs, creates movement and insecurity, much like a great earthquake does as the earths crust shifts and settles into new configurations and patterns.

Through the influence of Leo, the self-conscious individual rises out of the human group. Through the influence of Pisces, the savior arises out of the group of self-conscious humans. Through cosmic impression, human consciousness unfolds on the arc of evolution, creating a necessary shifting of groups and relations along the way. This continuum of states of consciousness from self to savior contains individuals who see and function in differing ways, but who look alike, and so it can be a source of confusion and conflict. Why are some individuals more motivated by love and compassion than others? Why are others more concerned with individual rights and justice for their group? How is it that some people can see and respond to the needs of the entire human group and planet and others can only see their own family or group's needs, having no empathy or vision for others?

Being able to take a more inclusive and expanded perspective is the sign of the unfolding soul vision. It is the development of this vision that is our purpose in this particular epoch. We can, therefore, expect the growth of it to be uneven and perhaps even problematic at times. That we see so many individuals and groups who are able to take a larger world perspective, however, is spiritually significant. With this expanding vision of the whole, humanity is enabled to achieve right relations. As that vision expands unevenly it seems as if there are greater problems and conflicts than there actually are. Taking the longer view, not just horizontally and inclusive of all humanity and the planet across space, but also of the evolution of soul vision and consciousness across time, enables the current situation to be seen as one of an uneven unfolding of various states of consciousness.

Every expansion of vision can create, at first, the illusion of greater problems and conflicts. The conflict and problems were already there only now there is greater awareness of them and, until the vision expands a bit more, they take a place of great prominence and become a focal point of awareness. Like the child that gets the new toy for Christmas and becomes entirely absorbed with that toy for a brief time only to discard it and move on to the next toy of interest, the human awareness focuses in various places as it unfolds and expands. The key point here for all spiritual workers with rapidly expanding vision is to put the focus of the vision on the inner soul that is seeking to manifest and not on the outer places of friction that the process is bringing to greater awareness.

The current focus of awareness for the leading edge of the race as a whole is both more inward and inclusive than it has ever been before. The Eastern ideas of mindful awareness and non-violence are permeating the consciousness of the race through those unconscious and conscious aspirants who are diligently undertaking the task of looking within and working with their own consciousness. The ability to work with the inner forces of consciousness is being learned. Methods of non-violent conflict resolution are being researched, practically experimented with, and becoming grounded in the racial mind as a more effective alternative to war and violence. Right relations within the race are working out through the greatly expanded human vision and the unfolding inclusiveness of the soul in form.

Right now the saviors of the world are working through the expanding consciousness and vision of the race. All the many facets of human endeavor are working together to create right relations through non-violent means. Educators are working to teach in ways that are less oppressive and more intelligently aligned with the developing consciousness and natural intelligence of each child. Politicians are learning to work through intelligent non-violent conflict resolution that perceives the process as one across time, that is, needing to occur in stages. Psychologists are beginning to explore the highest potentials of human consciousness rather than its pathology and to develop the means to assist in the evocation of the soul qualities, rather than focusing on the outer problems and friction. Disciples are learning to work by taking the focus off of the places of friction and strengthening that which is the source of the friction-the inner soul forces seeking to become manifest and expressed through the form.

This is truly the culmination of the time of the human savior. What Christ came to demonstrate thousands of years ago is beginning to be realized by the advanced humanity of today in a very practical way. The intelligent means to manifest and express the energy of the savior are culminating and being developed. Intelligent activity is the contribution of the human center within the great cosmic scheme. The intelligent activity that we see occurring now in the human world is of great cosmic significance. Wonderful and practical ways to work with conscious evolution and bring about right relations are being experimented with. It is a time of great excitement and inspiration within the race. Let us each find the unflagging spiritual will to keep up the needed pace and to make our right contribution to the work of the times. We all have the opportunity now to experiment with our own consciousness wherever and however we find it, assisting to evolve it into the culmination of the savior.

Let us now work reverently with the energy of Pisces, keeping in mind the triangle of Pisces, Virgo, and Leo that is of significance for the human center, and aspire to work consciously with our own consciousness to evoke and express the savior within. As we look out across the world today, let us see those points of light, those places of the expanding soul vision, and the inclusive quality of the savior, that which is seeking to manifest and be expressed. And, perhaps most of all, let us become practically a point of love and light, expressing the will and consciousness of the savior who loves all forms into right relations.