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The Way of the Group Savior

Michelle Pearce
February 2008

Each month we have the opportunity, as the group server, to ask how the energy currently impressing Earth can assist us in our spiritual work and help to meet the needs of humanity. The use of the keynote is the port key, to use a Harry Potter term, which can take us through the faculty of spiritual intuition into the aspects of the energy. Through the mental body we can then discern how that aspect is needed and must be directed and used into the human mind and attributes. Because we are already linked to the problems and needs of humanity, we become the living links and channels to invoke and direct this energy into the places where it can be of use for the redemption of humanity. We can even vision the possibility that eventually humanity will encompass all twelve of the cosmic energies in its expression and manifestation.

The Pisces energy carries the keynote of the savior, "I leave the Father's home and turning back, I save". It is appropriate for the aspiring and inspired disciple to ask, "How do I save"? Since humanity has clearly reached a point of identification with personal desires and selfishness, how can we turn this around and attain a more accurate spiritual heading? What will it take by the individuals of the group server who are sensitive to impression from their own souls to assist in this task at this time? How does the seeker along the spiritual path fulfill his or her whole duty to serve and sacrifice, which is felt so keenly and with some sense of urgency?

Perhaps the answer to this question is not a 'one size fits all' answer. Perhaps the answer is one that depends upon where the aspirant finds him or herself in terms of a life situation, what he or she is equipped to do, and what the ray make up, the quality of one's vehicles or bodies is. We are told that the idea of personal destiny is an illusion and a hindrance. And, yet, it is certain that each incarnating soul has some purpose to fulfill, some quality to attain, and some work to do on its ascending return to the Father's home. As it returns in consciousness back to the Father's home its task is to transfigure planetary matter, which is already imbued with active intelligence. The task is to add the ray of God, love-wisdom, to the intelligent activity of matter.

It is stated that God is love. Our God in this period is love and seeks to give forth this quality to all life and matter, to imbue it with Himself, so that a synthesis of higher and lower is attained and the full glory of God is able to shine forth. But, how does this occur? It seems it occurs through each human life as we seek to make our body, mind, heart and life filled with as much of the love-wisdom aspect that we find within the highest aspect parts of ourselves. We may find, through this attempt, that truly we are the sparks within the fire of God. If this quality is not already to be found in the lower worlds of our planet then this must mean we need to search for it and bring it there. Maybe this is an important part of our task that more of us are now becoming aware of. We need to search within to the highest aspects of spirit life on our planet, find the subtle substance and quality of love-wisdom, and embody as much of it as possible within our very lives.

As we continue to penetrate from the Piscean age into the Aquarian age it is appropriate to ask the significance for service. We have a wonderfully keen sense of the Piscean sacrificial server because of the relative success of the Piscean age for imbuing this energy aspect within human consciousness. How is this to change in the age of the water bearer? Moving forward through time into the Plan for our future, we find we are the product of the past with opportunity for expansion and refinement that will occur in the future. In the Aquarian age, perhaps the sacrificial server will find his or her place in contacting the higher cosmic energies and pouring them forth for the benefit of the evolution of racial consciousness. The ability to fulfill this service and function, however, requires learning many new techniques. These techniques are the Ways that we must refine and shape our vehicles, our bodies, so that they become our tools for service because it is through these vehicles that we pour forth the higher into the lower. This is not something that any one of us could learn or perform on his or her own. This is what requires the entire group of worldwide servers that continue to inspire and teach each other. We each of us embody some facet of that which the entire group must learn to gradually master so that we can fulfill our task as the Aquarian sacrificial group savior and server.

So, as we prepare to participate in this sacred act of meditation, let us first of all realize and consider our place within the worldwide group of all those who make up the group savior of humanity. Next, let us consider our purpose and task. Third, let us think of the needs and problems of humanity that require us to continue in our striving to develop the needed faculties so that we can help to meet that need. Lastly, let us have faith in the group as the great magnetic and receptive field that will attract the needed energy so that every individual within the group can participate in the right direction and redemption of humanity.