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The Bounty of the Cosmos: Libra in the Seventh Ray,
The Significance of Balance as Method in Evolving Consciousness

Michelle Pearce
September 2010

What may be known and sensed as one immerses oneself in the full moon meditation work is that human consciousness is literally swimming within and being stimulated in its evolution by a multitude of cosmic energies and qualities. These qualities literally sweep through the life of our planet cyclically and according to rhythm and pattern. The transitions of these energies cause significant changes and disruptions as effects that are experienced within human culture, civilization, and consciousness. Thus, continual change is brought about, transformations are stimulated, and evolution occurs.

A major transition occurring now is the outgoing of the sixth ray quality of idealism and the incoming of the seventh ray quality of organization and synthesis. Idealism has turned the consciousness of humanity towards the idea of possibilities and instilled a striving spirit that will continue to hasten the evolution into all that is good, beautiful, and true. Within this achieved state of striving now comes the spirit of merging, of synthesis, and of organization. Whereas the sixth ray achievement is through persistence and a striving that results in significant tensions, the seventh ray achievement is through a step-wise and progressive merging, organizing, and re-organizing process. In some respects, this will result in an easier state for humanity in terms of tensions and pressures and in other ways the tension will merely change in its expression. This change will, however, require a modification in the human approach to progress from one of persistent pushing to one of achieving sequential states of merging and organizing, of bringing together forms and forces, achieving balance, creating organization and stabilization, and then of destroying that organization so that more merging and synthesis can occur in a continual inclusiveness with reorganization as next step. In this way, the human consciousness begins to incorporate and learn the ways of consciously achieved destruction and creation entailed in the right use of will.

It seems to be no accident that Libra follows Virgo. In Virgo the full extent of the continuum of spirit into matter and matter into spirit may be identified and experienced. In Libra, the next point of balance on that continuum can be located and achieved according to the point of conscious evolution. The fully conscious use of the wider energies of the cosmos with purpose and intent (spiritual will) requires a foundation of active intelligence and the development of the faculty of spiritual intuition-inner knowing based on direct contact. Just as the individual who uses electricity needs to know something of effective patterns for distribution, strength, and quality of the energy and its possible effects in order to make good use of it, the server at the time of the full moon can make more full and conscious use of the cosmic energy by learning about it directly from inner contact and thus strengthening and refining the faculty of a higher intuition or knowing. The disciple knows because he or she does the work and not vice versa. The full moon becomes the time and method par excellence for the serving disciple to expand his or her awareness and strengthen faculties into vast areas of living contact beyond our small planet and to begin to taste the vast scheme, quality, and life of God as living rhythm and pattern.

Just as life giving blood flows through human veins in rhythmic distribution and pattern bringing with it energy and qualities to the lives of all the cells that make up the human body, the cosmos as the body of God distributes extensive and vast amounts of energies to all parts of itself. Just as the fish in the sea might have difficulty discerning the quality of water, human consciousness has difficulty discerning the quality of the cosmos in which it exists. Imagine though that the fish had the capacity through striving effort and need to develop the faculty of experiencing the varying quality of the waters as they are distributed through patterns of currents within the water itself, such as through the Gulf Stream. The fish then might begin to swim within certain currents depending upon what it needed for achieving greater stability, harmony, and/or functioning. This would require an extremely aware fish indeed, aware not only of its inherent limitations and needs, but of its possibilities for functioning and harmony and also of what exactly was around it that it could use for its purposes. It would need to be intelligent and aware of itself and all that it exists around and within.

We might say that the consciousness of human kind has been on this journey of discovery of its physical surroundings for these many years of evolution. It has recently made the turning to experience and experiment with the more subtle worlds of energies of itself and that inner space within which it exists. With its new discoveries of inner forces and energies that it is beginning to work with in full conscious intent, it can begin to re-create itself, creating new organization and harmony in individual and group consciousness. Libra holds much that can is for use in this process that is currently untapped. Libra embodies a type of skill in action for the evolving Self and its consciousness. The Self, beginning to be aware of the inner space, quality, and to work using spiritual will, through the fourth ray and seventh rays becomes aware of disharmonies and disorganization of forces, currents, and energy. In the Agni Yoga series of books this disharmony and disorganization is called "cross-currents".

Cross currents or conflicting energy currents occur because the neophyte creator has not achieved a full awareness of all the qualities and layers of energies and their purposes. Spiritual awareness and will are almost synonymous terms. Where the spiritual awareness is evolved, spiritual will automatically becomes evident through the straightening of these cross currents as they are perceived and the possibility of harmony becomes known. The inner space and subtle energies of the entire body of God, of Cosmos, are so vast, however, that the neophyte creator begins its experiment in spiritual awareness within the small but representative puddle of energies--the human self. As discernment and awareness become broader and more inclusive, the puddle becomes aware that it actually exists within a sea of puddles all interconnected and making up a vast sea of waters. Crosscurrents are created through the disharmonious interactions of the many puddles that make up the sea. In this analogy, therefore, it would be impossible for one puddle to achieve full harmony on its own without either walling itself off from its surroundings or by working together cooperatively with its surroundings.

The sea of humanity is currently discovering just how interconnected it is and how many crosscurrents have been created within its consciousness. The solution consists of each puddle self correcting and cooperating and most significantly of the entire sea learning to allow necessary currents to flow freely within it. The sea is not meant to be uniform, but is meant to be a free flowing pattern and rhythm of quality and distribution. This sea is the consciousness of humanity. Within that consciousness and at various stages, corrections and adjustments are needed. Here is where the energy of Libra becomes significant. That correction and adjustment can be brought about by becoming consciously aware of where the disharmony, the cross-currents exist, identifying the next possible point of balance of all the currents needed to bring them into greater harmony and beauty of pattern and to create a more freely flowing distribution. The balance to be achieved is one of a freely flowing balance and harmony not one of a fixed static pattern. In consciousness as in life, static equals dead. Spiritual death is lack of movement, of flow, of rhythm and pattern.

Thinking of the energy of Libra, justice and balance, as a pattern that justifies the energies, that gives and sustains life, will help us to use this great life-giving energy within the incoming seventh ray energy of organization and pattern. This new view of the cosmos is one of life and flow, of pattern and distribution. This is a very different one from the static and anthropomorphic perspective that the human consciousness of the past needed to be able to understand the cosmos. This newer perspective begins with and then goes beyond intelligence and awareness of energy to encompass the faculty of spiritual intuition, which is able to stretch beyond the concrete mind and become inclusive of vast swaths of inner space. Our opportunity now is to begin to use this developing human-spiritual faculty to learn to work consciously within the life within which our consciousness exists. This is a deeply spiritual and awe-inspiring time indeed. Let us draw from the sixth ray quality that we have embodied within our consciousness and reach out to the seventh ray quality we are coming to embrace using the justification of Libra, creating balance and harmony and a beauty of pattern and flow of the energy of the cosmos, which is truly bountiful and all around us.