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Great Expectations: Envisioning a Spiritualized Material World

Michelle Pearce
October 2009

Aspirants to the wisdom, disciples, and initiates learn to direct their striving and energy between the two great lines of force-matter and spirit. They also learn to work practically right where they find themselves and to do this as a service to the future of humanity and the planet. One might rightly ask how to practically strive between the two great lines of force in today's world and at the present point of crisis of opportunity? There is a way to vision the coming possibility, to direct practical efforts using this middle way, realizing that matter is spirit at its lowest point and spirit is matter at its highest (as the great disciple Blavatsky stated). The middle way in our current crisis further involves the lines of force that are the individual and the group purposes and desires. Thus, the energy of Libra offers the opportunity through right impression to bring balance and stability between the pull of opposites in our world with its natural and inherent duality. Working to bring balance and stability to duality and polar opposites is about finding the next place of stable tension, making one's stand there, and working persistently and consistently from there.

An important duality in esoteric work to consider is that of time. The present is a point of tension between the past and the future. The past and future are really only points along the continuum of the spiritual evolution of matter, through consciousness, into spiritual living awareness. In the world of human consciousness progress happens through expansions into greater areas of inclusiveness and awareness-group initiations. These sequential expansions involve liberation from the pull of the past through the right handling of a series of crises of opportunity. The choice of when the necessary changes in inner attitudes and direction are made that will create the next needed change is up to the individual or group navigating the crisis. There must be a willingness to persist toward the right resolution of the crisis into greater beauty, harmony, and inclusiveness. If the willingness is not there the crisis is weathered through or simply tolerated and the consciousness sinks back into the previous state without any expansion occurring. Discomfort and dissatisfaction with the status quo is needed to fuel the fires of striving necessary to bring about change. Inspiration in achieving something more, something higher, some thing more beautiful is also needed. Working from the point of tension between dissatisfaction and inspiration, the individual or group continues to make the effort necessary to cause an explosion of consciousness through the perceived limitation or status quo and into totally new areas of freedom. This freedom is the gift of spirit into matter.

The dissatisfaction with the status quo has been building in our world since the turn of the last century and it continues to build even now. The masses of men and women at all stages of consciousness are impressed with the need for change. The disparities and inequalities of comfort, of satisfaction, of opportunity having actually been growing wider recently in a display of another duality that will need to somehow be resolved through seeking the middle way. Many of the current conflicts we see evidence of today, both physical conflict and mental ideological conflict, have to do with these disparities and the pull of the duality between the past and the future. Even the most seemingly fanatical groups might be seen as simply a strong regressive pull from the values and norms of the past culture and civilization and particularly those held under the 6th ray of pronounced ideals.

There is another point of tension between the outgoing 6th ray of (now separative) ideals and the incoming 7th ray of organization that brings opposing forces together into a systematic organization and structure. Humanity has achieved much through the era of ideals. Those ideals have now become crystallized idols that are worshiped for their own value rather than the value that the bring to the spiritual evolution of the entire group of humanity on its way to loving inclusiveness. Striving into the ability to absorb and manifest the seventh ray at this point in the evolution of human consciousness requires an expansion of consciousness from separative conflicting ideals to the ability to perceive the entire racial consciousness as one.

The crystallized ideals have become divisive rather than unifying. Those individual souls fully identified with crystallized ideals are glamoured to the incoming tide of inclusiveness through the seventh ray. They are fearful for the loss of the ideals that they are so identified with and perceive holding them as absolutely necessary to prevent deterioration into a sea of chaos. These ideals do not need to be destroyed, only transmuted into something that draws together more of humanity, is capable of including more of the consciousness of humanity. The expansion of crystallized ideals is not an easy process because attempts to create the expansion with force from outside or opposing held ideals simply results in more crystallization and defensiveness. The process is one that must happen from the inside out, through spiritual will to expansion and inclusiveness by the majority of the group, and over time. The ideals must become seen as ones that can equally be applied to all men and women when they are seen with clarity and in the lighted mind.

The pull into the future too quickly or by too few within the larger group will result in the crisis of opportunity not being met with skill and the potential overpowering by the crystallized forces, with a resulting sinking back into the past with its now divisive ideals. The end is assured through the higher divine will for inclusiveness and synthesis, but the path to that next shift is made either rocky and difficult or easy and smooth by the skillfulness of the esoteric workers assisting human consciousness with the right resolution of the crisis. The new ideal of inclusiveness and harmony through the ability to tolerate, to see the truth at the center of the many crystallized ideals, to mine that truth, and to lift it up, redeem it, into new life must be and is being wrought out in the thinking of the race. The dross or untruth must be revealed and burned off in the burning ground of the crisis until the necessary light can shine through revealing the essential beauty and truth.

In all the fields of human endeavor, we see the burning of the dross and the balancing and synthesizing of seeming diversity happening now. There is evidence that the light is now dawning in the mind of humanity. Karen Armstrong's new book on religion is entitled The Case For God. Her work is progressive and incredibly inclusive across the field of religion and is contributing much to this work of revealing the living spiritual truth at the heart of all seemingly divisive religions. Thinking and interested men and women are drawn to that work. It is sane, thoughtful and balanced, and inspiring enlightened interviews with her on national and international radio stations have been drawing more attention to it. There is magnetism to the work and a cooperative group effort between the more spiritually enlightened thinkers and the media. Further, her work has been progressive and methodical in how it has first explored each separate religion and now culminates in a synthetic tomb on a case for God. Perhaps those disciples who experience a flagging in their strength can look at this example as well as others and gain strength and inspiration from the many inclusive synthetic spiritual forces at work in the world today through many men and women, servers of goodwill.

Another unifying force in the world today that we know is a manifestation of a directed spiritual synthesizing force under the direction and guidance of one of the spiritual Masters in the hierarchy is the European Union. The European Union is a spiritual experiment in the harmony and cooperation of the many individual nations for the greater good of the whole. Material and ideological diversity will persist, and yet somehow humanity must find its way into an inclusiveness and synthesis of the diversity under the inspiration of the energy of goodwill for the greater whole of which the diversity are merely the parts. This requires an expansion in the ability of the human consciousness to think not only in terms of diversity, but also in terms of a greater whole and to balance those polar opposites at the point of stability and tension. The European Union is currently undergoing considerable testing and recurrent mini crises and yet its group purpose remains clear and strong. There is evidence of greater manifestation of the unifying spiritual forces of goodwill within the recent international meetings of the G20 and the United Nations. The United States has become more of a cooperative force and no longer divisive and acting separate from the United Nations as a whole and this is certainly encouraging from a spiritual standpoint. There is also evidence that the United States and Russia are becoming once again aligned in certain purposes. The energy of goodwill seems to be finding more outlets for expression and manifestation through human activity by the strongest nations and groups across the world even as continued conflict and crises occur.

Simultaneously the spiritual hierarchy is working towards achieving a higher point of tension inclusive of humanity and Shambahla and the spiritual aspirants and disciples of all grades are working towards achieving the point of tension between the spiritual and the material in their individual lives and between their spiritual group soul and the incarnated material soul. These are both entirely new states of inclusiveness and tension and, therefore, much experimentation and trial and error is required. As we all know so well, aspirants of the past worked to attain greater vision of the spiritual world while being incarnated in the material world. A part of this effort entailed becoming sensitive to spiritual impression through somewhat negating impression from the material world. The spiritual mystic was created. The newer point of tension for the working disciple is more inclusive of both the spiritual and material world. The experimentation must be to include both the material and the spiritual worlds in their awareness and expression as both individuals and as a group soul.

This cursory perusal through the current points of tension, balancing, and inclusiveness being experienced will reveal the tension felt by aspirants as well as men and women of goodwill in the world today. This should also being inspiring for the working group of the many great shifts occurring inclusive of the world from the very physical effects of great earthquakes and storms to the very spiritual effects of the creation of a new relationship of Shambahla both with the higher cosmic spiritual lives and the human material-spiritual lives. Recognizing this vast inclusiveness of spiritual-material activity and re-organization that is occurring can create the needed sense of anticipation and expectation for the impending precipitation and expansion that is mounting and ready to break through onto the stage of planetary awareness. The group of working meditators now has the opportunity to move into the state of "expecting greater things" and thus become the channel that invokes those "greater things" into human consciousness.

Let us now make good use of the spiritual energy of Libra to create the needed points of tension that will bring about greater balance of the opposites, greater harmony, and greater inclusiveness through the precipitation of those "greater things" that we are invoking through our expectation. Let us work from the point of tension of the polar opposites and through the purposes of inclusiveness and great expectation. The entire planet in all its diversity is involved in this great spiritual process and we each have our own small minute part to play in holding the needed tension. The spiritual force of the entire planet is behind this process and we are an integral part of that. So Be It. For this month let this be our prayer, our hope, our inspiration, and our expectation.