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Being the Light of the World Through Spiritual Will

Michelle Pearce
October 2008

In this transition period through which the world is now passing and in this interlude between two activities-that of the Piscean Age which is passing and that of Aquarius which is coming in-Libra will eventually rule, and the end of this century will see the influence of Libra steadily coming into pronounced control and into a position of power in the planetary horoscope.
Esoteric Astrology p. 238

We are told that Libra admits the world soul into the world center that we call Shambahla (Esoteric Astrology, p. 168). It is through the perfect balancing of matter and spirit that the middle way is found. This middle way is the correspondence to planetary will, which encompasses both matter and spirit. This middle way must be seen and consciously chosen. The lighted awareness shines its spotlight on the extreme polarities so that the middle way can be elucidated and then consciously chosen. As the power of Libra increasingly dominates the planet, polarities of all sorts are illuminated in sharp relief within the awareness of humanity. It is the task of the aspirants and servers of the race to find and point the way towards the middle path, the perfect balancing of matter and spirit, the planetary will.

It seems evident that polarities and extremes of all sorts are dominating loudly in the worldwide media as it reports on national and international crises of all sorts. The increasingly contentious bipartisan politics evident in the presidential campaigns in the United States are not surprising given the amount of spiritual will we know to be pouring into the human center during this time of planetary crisis and opportunity. A careful review of politics reveals this same polarity taking place in other nations across the world and precarious balances more unconsciously achieved and maintained are being tipped off balance as underlying polarities and extremes in human thinking are brought into conscious awareness.

In many areas of the world the polarities seem to be generally related to the extremes of staying with past ideals and forms vs. striving into some different yet unknown future and the present seems to be simply a question mark of instability and chaos. This is perhaps more evident when viewed through the lens of the outgoing 6th ray of idealism, within which the future is idealized for its aspiration to higher and newer values or the past is idealized for its known qualities that provide foundational support and stability. Within a more idealistic perspective of the future, the past with its older values that now appear to be outgrown may be diminished. This diminishing of the past, however, tips the balance perhaps too much into an aspiration for future goals that negate past achievements and foundations built up over long periods. On the other hand, those groups and individuals more tied to the comfort and security of the known, of long held traditional values and processes, are hard pressed to leave those well worn paths and venture out onto a path for which the pattern cannot be seen or known yet. Within this scenario, therefore, those that push too hard for the future without fully elaborating on how the old traditional patterns need to be changed and tweaked to meet current needs, only create more chaos and entrenchment of the polarity in human consciousness that is tied to the past by creating more uncertainty and fear. The incoming seventh ray demands a different form and perspective to be taken. The opportunity for release from entrenched idealism and consequent fear may be found through proper direction and use of the balancing energy of Libra.

The current models for mediation in politics, and for acceptance (of past and present) and commitment (to future change) in psychology are means to achieve the needed balance and middle way during times of transition. It is necessary to achieve balance and find that middle way in order to bring about the very change that we know to be needed. We do forget the things that lie behind, but not until we have fully illuminated them, accepted them, and incorporated the best of the past into the fully fleshed out vision and blueprint for the future. This vision doesn't have to be detailed, but it does need to be a bit more than a few lofty values. Those values are the basis for the blueprint and are, therefore, highly significant and foundational, but are not enough to move fully into the future during a point of crisis and transition. In many ways moving into the future is like walking off the edge of a cliff into an abyss. If, however, we have a unified vision of where we are going, of the other side, then together we can build the needed bridge to traverse the abyss without danger and with minimal fear of falling.

Perhaps what is needed now is some worldwide commitment to the values that are the foundations for the future. We who meditate for the future of humanity and the planet through right thinking and meditation know well what these values are. We see the present danger and opportunity in national separatism, in the divisiveness of the greed of the rich and the desperation and need of the poor, in the desire for current comfort and pleasure at the expense of the future of the planetary resources and environment. We know only too well that humanity is in dire need of a solid commitment to unity, to the future, and to self-sacrifice of the individual for the future of the planet.

It seems to be easiest for those who have the most to lose personally to close their eyes to both the danger and the opportunity so that they can maintain their status quo of wealth and comfort. It is no surprise that those who are the most comfortable are those who already have more-more power, more money, and more resources. Something, therefore, is needed to shake things up and wake up the sleeping giant of the status quo of human consciousness. We seem to currently be witnessing that something and it is taking place on the needed planetary scale that is inclusive of all nations and peoples.

The worldwide economic instability has shaken the rich and powerful, trickled down to effect humanitarian relief programs aimed at helping the weaker and poorer, and gotten the attention of the large masses of the average good person. The widening gap that has been relegating more and more people into the poverty end of the polarity and fewer into an increasingly extremely wealthy polarity, is building up a consciousness and momentum of awareness of the need for change towards greater equity and balance. It would seem that the scales have tipped too far now for them to be righted without drastic changes in the foundational forms upon which the economic system is built. Something fundamental and worldwide has to change now in order to re-gain balance in the economic system and it must be done with full conscious intention of reaching towards a more balanced system based on more just values. This seemingly (though not in reality) sudden need for rapid and overarching change combined with the demand by increasing numbers of individuals, racial groups, and nations for right distribution of resources, is the world force that is the opportunity for striving into the future and creating the needed structure that will be able to manifest and express the higher values.

Now is not the time for despair or discouragement. Quite the opposite is called for. Now is the time for faith and courage. Now is the opportunity for healing divisiveness through a unified worldwide creation of the new forms and processes needed to embody the newer and higher values of equity, unity, and inclusiveness. If one is feeling despair or discouragement, one might enquire as to what it is that is the cause and source. It is likely that the cause of most of the current fear and discouragement has to do with personal desires and fears. Alignment with the spiritual will through a balance of spirit and matter within one's awareness and priorities will lead to a joy and courage at the opportunity within the crisis for new united and world-wide creation and expression of higher values. Now is the time for the worldwide group of aspirants and servers to stand firm in the light and strength of the world soul and the conscious divine creators-the hierarchy.

The beauty, goodness, and truth we are now called to invoke and embody is achieved within spiritual will that is fully anchored in matter. Beauty, goodness, and truth are found within spiritual will rightly wielded. All workers of all rays can be united through spiritual purpose and will for the right resolution of this planetary crisis in all its many facets. We have access to all we need to be able to fulfill our task and to stand firm in spiritual will through love. If some of our group do not yet see their power and opportunity then they might benefit from asking how to contact that spiritual will and for help in feeling empowered to stand in the light and love of the hierarchy. The hierarchy is closer to human consciousness now than it has been for many centuries. We now have the right and the ability to stand fully aligned with the hierarchy within this world crisis and to take heart and joy in our work.

Let us now, with joy and faith, seek to work with the energy that is the way into the center of spiritual will and is a key to the opportunity of the planetary crisis. Let us be fully aligned with the work of the hierarchy and filled with the light and love of Christ as we work together to be the light and strength of the world. Let us consciously invoke the energy of Libra that humanity now needs to find its way through the crisis of planetary imbalance and need.