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The Lion of Self Assertion in Aquarius: Advanced Humanity and Disciples Working For Unity

Michelle Pearce
August 2011

(Cancer) connotes mass life, leading to group life after the experience of initiation, for which its polar opposite, Capricorn, stands and which finds full expression in Aquarius which completes the experience of Leo and fuses it with that of Cancer and Capricorn.
Esoteric Astrology, p. 275

The soul of humanity is finding its voice among the throng of form and forces, of organizations and civilization with a long and rich history. We come together tonight to assist the efforts of the one soul of the planet to awaken and flower right where it finds itself now by bridging soul awareness and the cosmic life that impulses the soul.

It is of interest to us tonight and relates also to the full moon work that while the self assertion of the advanced human in Leo has to do with controlling matter and overcoming instinct (the past), the self assertion of the initiate has to do with controlling cosmic law and the planets through which creation occurs (the future). This idea of controlling planets may seem rather radical. How does one control a planet? And to what end? This has to do with the science of esoteric astrology that we are learning together as we work with invocation at the time of the full moon. It is in these times, under the impulse and influence of Aquarius, that the disciple—the soul in incarnation—comes to completion and works with group creation, planetary initiation, and as the bridge to cosmic energies and lives.

In astrology we find that certain planets are "rulers". The Tibetan tells us that ruler means controlling. So certain planets have control over or direction of the cosmic energy and life embodied by the astrological constellations. Likewise let us remember that certain of the rays are embodied and expressed through the planets. For example, our earth is a planet of third ray life expression. So, one finds in the study of esoteric astrology that the rays qualify the energy of the constellations as they reach our planet via the ruling planets, which act as a focusing lens. In a mysterious way the constellations are syntheses and expressions of the rays of God and of life.

The "Sun is the ruling planet of all three conditions of Leo—exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 294). Alice Bailey, in Esoteric Astrology, goes on to state "the purpose of this solar system is the unfoldment of consciousness"; the "Sun must obviously rule, for it is the source of physical consciousness (exoteric and symbolic of the personality), of soul awareness (esoteric), and of spiritual life (hierarchical). "The outstanding theme of Leo is the activity of the self-conscious unit in relation to its environment or the development of sensitive response to surrounding impacts by the one who stands—as the Sun stands&at the centre of its little Universe" (E.A., p. 294).

Self-assertion is a key evolutionary impulse of the planet through the human center of life, that center having to do with the expression of the planetary soul and Self-consciousness. It will become clear as one contemplates planetary purpose that the fusion of two purposes—the planetary purpose of redeeming matter through consciousness and the solar purpose of unfolding consciousness—must be done through the highest self-aware form of life on the planet that remains capable of controlling matter. The self-aware individual in Leo on our planet exemplifies this idea of redemption of matter. The power of the mature soul in Leo is perhaps unsurpassed in terms of material expression. The Tibetan tells us that the most powerful and influential personalities on the planet are mature evolved souls born under the influence and direction of Leo. These include the most notorious and the most influential personalities of the human race. The mature individual soul in Leo could just as easily be regressive as progressive and selfish as selfless. The key to ensure the progressive and selfless use of material power is ever unity under the impulse of group consciousness and goodwill. This impulse is provided by Aquarius. In this way Leo comes to fruition in Aquarius. The powerful individual "completes experience" in Leo and fuses with Cancer (the mass consciousness) and Capricorn (planetary initiation).

When these advanced men and women representing this level of experience stand up and take their place at the forefront of humanity, then the race will move forward into the full expression and flowering of the human soul. In these times of righteous upheavals of the masses in Cancer across the globe, it seems that one looks for those places of lighted awareness and selfless goodwill with keen attention and, perhaps at times, a little desperation. The state of leadership and politics across the globe has been the contentious target of the uprising of the masses and for good reason. A change in the way of rule and leadership is demanded. Humanity demands to express and live according to higher values than those currently being exemplified through its governments and rulers. Everywhere across the globe we watch and wait for what is new to emerge and manifest through new governing principles, methods, and politics.

That is why it was with keen interest that I read the New York Times science article this week about the formation of the "Ben Franklin List". ( The Ben Franklin List is an effort by an interested and progressive group of scientists in the United States to identify and assist scientific experts to become involved in leadership and politics through speaking out publicly about their areas of expertise and/or getting involved in politics and leadership. The idea is for the expertise, thinking, and analytic abilities of science to be of use to the public. The impulse seems to be for the scientists to come out of "the closet" (or the lab) and have a greater voice in the direction of the leadership and the direction of human culture. In one way the scientists are adding and amplifying their voice to those of the masses of people striving for right direction and right relations. The significance may be seen as humanity desiring to control its own destiny and direction, moving forward with greater wisdom and intention than previously. Does this exemplify a fusing of the self-assertion gained through experience in Leo with the need of the masses in Cancer as well as a fusing with Capricorn that leads humanity forward in the evolution of consciousness and expression-initiation? If it does then what we have identified here is the self-assertion of the mature human soul that is able to control matter selflessly and for group good. This is important. The idea of selfless self-assertion may seem rather paradoxical. My experience has been that truths which seem to be a paradox to the lower analytic mind present the opportunity for a stretch in awareness through contemplation and intuition.

Are we beginning to witness the advanced men and women of the race stepping forward in selfless self-assertion? Is the same stepping forward with intention true for the disciples and aspirants on a higher turn of the spiral? Self-assertion for the initiate is learning to control the planets, creating the future through the direction and focus of cosmic energy, use of intuition to contact and use higher ideas and blueprints, and engaging in right thinking. In a very real way, the disciple's physical centers are literal expression of energies that become like small ruling planets—focusing and directing cosmic energies for a waiting humanity in need and demanding something new. This is what we have gathered here tonight to undertake together.

As Aquarius is dawning and experience in Leo has done its work, the human group stands ready to reverse itself on the wheel of cyclic cosmic motion and thus step back onto the solar path of the evolution and unfolding of consciousness, into alignment with the Plan for planetary initiation of consciousness, and out of the depths of identification with and being controlled by desire and matter. Self-assertion means control over not controlled by.

The deep conflict of stepping out of identification with matter, which is ruled by the cosmic wheel in one direction, and into consciousness impulsed by the reverse direction, is felt as the conflict and tearing of form as form life continues to be ruled from one direction and consciousness takes it turn in another direction detaching itself from form life and form impulses. This is also the process that creates, we are told, the tearing of the veils and expansions of consciousness that we call initiation. This is, therefore, the process and experience of humanity as a whole as it steps onto the path of discipleship, of initiation, and prepares for a major turning of direction and expansion of consciousness.

There is a battle going on between the past and the future, the old and the new, which has become extremely evident from the mental plane all the way through to the physical activity of humanity. From an esoteric perspective this is a battle for control and conditioning of humanity by those who are sensitive to and responding to the group impulses of Aquarius and those who continue to respond to the old impulses under Pisces or an even more regressive identification and control by desire and matter. Are the souls matured through experience in Leo who are not responding to the group impulsive of Aquarius and thus regressive and selfish being gradually superseded by those who are sensitive and responding to group impulses? If not, then what is one's current responsibility and opportunity for assisting with this great task? Perhaps some of you are ready to experiment with control of the planets. What does that look like? How is it done? What does it entail?

There is no doubt that learning this skill requires entering the halls of wisdom as well as developing and using intuition. Intuition in this sense is instant knowing and understanding that does not require the deductive and inductive logic and capacity for knowledge of the lower concrete mind. Intuition in this sense is the higher intuition that occurs from the group planetary mind and thus is not concerned with the individual life and consciousness in any way except one-right use and development of the individual form. Right use and development of individual form is the pinnacle of the control over matter by the soul and of self-assertion and redemption of matter.

The individual uses intuition and self-assertion to open the form life to contact, alignment, and fusion with cosmic life through a synthesis of the human centers with planetary centers and with cosmic centers. The centers then become the form bridge of subtle form and energy for the dynamic flow and interplay of life. The development of the centers for this higher calling and function is not achieved through a yoga or religious impulse of the past, such as laya yoga. It is achieved through the conscious focus and creative intention of invocation at the time of the full moon and with a conscious will to participate in the right distribution and direction of the cosmic energies, impressing them upon humanity in such a way as to facilitate the momentum of the evolution and unfolding of planetary consciousness according to hierarchical plan and planetary purpose.

This higher skill requires the disciple to be the conscious bridge between the needs and current demands of humanity for the unfolding of consciousness and the cosmic impulses directed within the blueprint of planetary purpose and will. From this perspective and achievement the disciple controls the planets, directing their energy and focus accordingly through their own small ruling planets-the etheric energy centers. This is the higher equivalent of self-assertion, control of cosmic energy and direction, divine creativity.

So let us work tonight connecting in the highest way possible with the impulse for Self-assertion of Leo and focusing and directing it rightly for the highest use and purposes-planetary and solar. May our work stimulate, impress, and inspire advanced humanity and aspirants and disciples working in the New Group of World Servers and serve to strengthen the power of the dynamic group magnetic radiation so that its reach extends within humanity and across all planetary life. May the Self-assertion of divine life and loving unity rule and control.