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Humanity the Divine Disciple: Individual and Group

Michelle Pearce
August 2009

The racial consciousness of humanity continues on its course of evolution and of conscious realization of the Self as a group Self that is increasingly able to function as an integrated group consciousness unified by purpose and spiritual responsibility. The individual aspirants and disciples have the opportunity, as their own smaller group at the heart of and embedded within humanity, to learn to cooperate with the divine purpose for humanity using the energies of the planet and the cosmos. The opportunity for evolving deeper into the spiritual group consciousness is achieved through selfless service to the whole and, paradoxically, strengthens the individual faculties and consciousness through the necessary expansion of consciousness and development of powers and faculties.

Humanity is the planetary middle principle, the place of the conscious meeting of the forces of the material world and the energies of the spiritual world. It is here that planetary Self-realization occurs. It is through the human consciousness that the divine is manifested and expressed in the material world and spirit becomes conscious of itself. Human consciousness is also the place where right relationships across the planet must be worked out. It is the middle principle, the middle way, the place of meeting of spirit and matter creating consciousness. The spiritual forces must be wielded from within the group and through a conscious choice to impose the necessary tension to create the continued evolution of the human consciousness until it realizes its spiritual responsibility and fully embodies its divine purpose. The energy of Leo embodies the idea of consciousness realizing itself and coming into its own power. That urge to control, manifest, express, and achieve drives the consciousness of evolving humanity ever deeper into its spiritual roots. At first this consciousness and power sees itself as limited to an individual body with limited power and ability. Gradually the ability to see beyond the physical body to the real source and power of the Self is achieved. Paradoxically, it is through recognizing the nature of the forces of the group within which the self functions and learning to cooperate with spiritual laws and energies that the individuated spiritual consciousness is strengthened. The vision of this level of truth and reality requires the expansion of the mind that is human to be able to see that both individuated consciousness and group consciousness are ultimately not in conflict nor even, in reality, separate consciousnesses.

The energy of Leo embodies the first and fifth rays. The first ray brings with it the impulse and power to rule, to control. The fifth ray is the energy of the mental plane, the middle principle. It is mental substance and mind that humanity is learning to control and use to achieve its spiritual purpose and divine destiny and responsibility. It is through the right use of the mind that humanity is attaining the necessary receptivity to spiritual purpose and the ability to meet its responsibility for creating right relations among all the planetary life, forms, and forces. Though the material world is comprised of endless diversity of forms, there is an underlying unity of purpose and glory that is being gradually revealed as the needed harmony and right relations are brought about within the consciousness of the human race. It is humanity's opportunity and duty to achieve this with the help of the spiritual servers of the world.

Perhaps an important question each server can ask is where humanity is along its path of spiritual destiny and what are the next steps it needs to evolve into to move forward along the path towards meeting that spiritual destiny? How can the ones who serve and assist humanity help in bringing about those next steps smoothly and efficiently? Looking at the consciousness of humanity at this point in time is a bit confusing because of the apparent unevenness and diversity of that consciousness. On the physical plane humanity has widely discrepant needs and struggles. Some groups and nations struggle to meet basic human physical needs and as such their focal point necessarily remains very concretely on physical needs and striving. Where the basic intelligent urge for survival and comfort has been met then the possibility of achieving a deeper focal point occurs. When this is the case and yet the focal point remains very material, then we have evidence of regressive and stuck tendencies. The job of the servers is to help purify and integrate humanity as a whole so that it can become the fit vehicle or vessel for its innermost divine energies to be expressed and manifested on the planet.

The basic struggle and conflict occurring within humanity right now can actually be seen in a broad context of the conflict between the older values and ideals and the new emerging values and ideals-the individual and the group. The true heart of the battle is occurring with ideals on the mental plane. What will humanity choose--spiritual values or material values? Selflessness and unity or individual rights and the need for individual achievement and glory? Humanity is at a turning point where a choice must be made to move into the higher ideals of selflessness, unity, and right relations. In making this choice humanity is moving closer to the realization of who and what it really is, to owning its responsibilities and divinity and living into them through right use of mental faculties and power.

Leo is a sign of inherent power and contains within it also the seeds for learning the right use of mental substance and thinking. There is evidence that there are individuals and groups, aspects of humanity, who are receptive to their own divine urges and higher impulses and are using the power of right thinking to help humanity to rule over the lower forces and bring them into harmony. They see the light and the real and have found the power to make the real manifest for the entire race. These servers are using the energy of Leo to push humanity into seeing its own higher possibility and group responsibility. Perhaps because of their ray structure and their point in spiritual evolution they become divine servers capable of being overshadowed by divine purpose. These servers are the leaders of the intelligentsia of the new age. They see the vision and find the power to gradually and persistently express and manifest it not for themselves but for all of humanity. They don't work alone but as part of small or large groups that work for the future of humanity as a group. Essentially, these servers and their groups are working not for themselves but for all of humanity and the good of the planet, and it is these individual and group servers who are responding to the impulse of divine purpose for the evolution of humanity and are able to make use of their own power and divinity for group good.

Another group of servers that is a deeper more esoteric layer of servers are the aspirants and disciples working in the world. These are the individuals who respond to the good of the race as a whole and the impulse to develop the faculties and power to work with spiritual energy in order to inspire and empower the entire group of servers working for the future. It is this inner group, at the heart of the larger server group that is at the heart of humanity, that watches out over the entire server group. They are less publicly visible and, therefore, work even more selflessly than do the more exoteric group of servers. They sacrifice their own lives and forces, giving up any personal vision, in order to work with the vision and power of the whole race. Paradoxically, the more they give up the idea of personal contribution to the group the more they become identified simply as an integral part of the group and thus become more powerful agents for wielding energy to inspire and left up the entire group and keep it moving forward into its future potential and past the difficult periods of transitional clashes and chaos. The purpose of this group now is to learn to work with cosmic energy through invocation and evocation using mental substance for the group good. Developing and learning to use these new esoteric faculties, power, and ability takes practice, persistence, and a willingness to give selflessly of ones time each month to work as a part of the esoteric group experimenting with wielding energy.

Experimenting each month in working with cosmic energies is invocative of the development of this new power and faculty. Like the child who learns to walk only over time and only because it uses its power and will to continually push its muscles and legs into new use and strengthen its own physical power and functioning, so too the esoteric group server is learning to contact and wield cosmic energies. The full and new moons are the times that this faculty is most susceptible to being developed and since this faculty is a group faculty, it is also a time when the individuals within the group come together and learn to work as a group. The more advanced "older siblings" are there on the inner side to help support and direct us in this effort at these specific times of opportunity. Like the child whose efforts and struggle to pick him or herself up and learn to walk on his or her own power can be speeded up when big brother or sister assist by lifting the child up by the hands and walking along with him or her, so our spiritual helpers on the inner side are helping the serving group working incarnated within humanity.

We have an entire group of servers on both inner and outer planes that we can simply learn to merge within and work with during the time of the full moon. Like stepping into a rushing mountain stream and floating along with it, we can join the tide of the spiritual flow and learn to go in the right direction. Through learning to work within this developing group in full consciousness we are also gaining power and faculties needed to work as a group server. We are learning to be the lion that works with power from the mental plane as the group server. This is the higher turn of the spiral and the reverse wheel from learning to work as a powerful individual in Leo. We are also all embedded within and integral members of the group consciousness that is humanity. Thus, through our individual efforts to embody the Leo group server and turn the wheel from individual to group consciousness, we help to reverse the wheel for the entire human consciousness. Can you picture enough of the group servers putting their metaphorical "shoulders" of consciousness as a group against the wheel of humanity to be able to reverse it so that it shifts and begins to move in the opposite direction, moving from individual growth and achievement to group growth and achievement? There are enough servers in the serving group to do this now and it can be done. To do it we need to use the power and faculties of Leo for the group consciousness now and as a group consciousness.

Let us now join our brothers and sisters across the world and on the inner side of life to become a part of this large and powerful serving group and put our shoulder to the wheel in order to reverse the tides of human consciousness. May we learn to use cosmic energies to develop the power and faculties needed to assist the group consciousness and to bring humanity to the point where its own divine power and responsibility to achieve control and harmony may be clearly realized. We can do this. We have the inherent power and the helping hands of the entire cosmos as our disposal.