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Courage, Strength and Striving

Michelle Pearce
July 2007

There are seven great crises of humanity "precipitated through the conditioning influences of seven great constellations" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 472). The crisis of the soul conditioned by Leo is the crisis of the burning ground having a quality of liberation. The astute aspirant and server will have noted the significance of this particular energy to assist in the release from the conflicted regressive forces that are so prevalent and such a focal point within human consciousness right now.

Anyone with access to any type of media- television, radio, internet, finds themselves inundated with news of violence, corruption, greed, and hatred; in short, selfishness and separatism. The regressive forces characteristic of the past that were so aptly described by Freud and Jung have been illuminated and are being broadcast for all to be aware of. The temptation for discouragement is strong. Some keen observers have advocated the need for "fasts" from media and technology. The rapid transition into the age of technology and media, particularly with its current appetite for the sensational and violent, seems to be pounding upon the already stressed psyche of the race. But, as we know from psychology as well as from the Teaching about the spiritual path, revealing the unconscious and regressive forces is a necessary stage of the burning ground that leads ultimately to liberation from attachment and identification with those forces.

Master Morya tells aspirants that courage is needed. This great first ray Master often uses analogies of spiritual warriors and the battlefield. Those aspirants and servers attempting to tread the path of discipleship quickly discern the nature of the battlefield, though it is difficult to articulate to others who have not yet dedicated themselves to selflessness and service. It is right for the dedicated servers to continually ask themselves to what have they dedicated themselves, to where are they striving, and how are they to assist in the work for the upliftment of all of humanity? Becoming a server well suited to this work today involves not only developing sensitivity to reception of cosmic energies but also developing the skill of giving and directing those same energies. Each month the time of the full moon brings opportunity to develop the intuitive inner faculties that enable the appropriate registering, giving and directing of the cosmic energies that, through sequential impression and interplay, impel the evolution of form and the related consciousness. Each month brings energies needed for impact on humanity that, when rightly given and directed, progressively move the consciousness of humanity in the direction of upliftment and liberation and towards the future of right human relations.

The point of crisis that the world finds itself in is one that is difficult for many and yet the solution is not to stop progress forward, to regress into a simpler past, or even to engage in battle with the regressive forces. The spiritual warrior is one who continually strives to suit his or her consciousness for "co-measurement", as Master Morya has termed it, in order to cooperate and assist the cosmic energies. Thus, the solution, like a homeopathic remedy or an inoculation, is more of what caused the symptom, the energy of Leo. Strengthening the burning ground and assisting consciously through a full subjective conscious awareness of what it is humanity faces, why it must be faced, and having a vision of the effect of liberation is the appropriate giving and directing of this energy that is needed.

All of the earth groans, waiting for humanity to recognize its responsibility and move forward through the burning ground into the release and radiance of liberation. Humanity itself is in an almost constant state of turmoil brought about by conflicting and opposing states of consciousness, purposes and levels of functioning. This is the necessary stage during any time of transition from the old and into the new. And, it is also a time of ripe opportunity for disciples and servers to see and understand the complex interplay of conflicting subjective forces and their effects upon physical expression and material culture, upon form life. It is an opportunity for working aspirants to step up to the plate and take responsibility for assisting subjectively in moving the racial consciousness through the burning ground and forward into liberation.

Recognizing acutely what exactly is happening is one aspect to this assistance. Another is contacting, receiving, giving and directing with skill and care at the time of the full moon. Giving of these energies requires the totally selfless vehicle that has been wholly dedicated for this purpose. Holding this intention to be the selfless server, the centers undergo the needed transfiguration from third dimensional energy transformers used to work with material forces and for personal and individual purposes and attainments to fourth and fifth dimensional points of whirling energy directly linked and drawing from the highest spiritual aspects of the planetary One Life.

Preparation of the personality form for this high purpose requires a willingness to become the burning ground oneself. It is the conscious and even active ability to "eat" the fiery nature of the cosmic energies without regard to the effects on the personal self. It is, essentially, taking on the Law of Sacrifice and becoming the embodiment of that law. It is fiery service and only in this way can the server truly become a-toned with spiritual will. It is this "willingness" and this urge to the ultimate sacrifice of self that, ironically and paradoxically, brings about the synthesis of the personal will with the spiritual will. It is this act of selflessness that leads to not only realizing the Self but to becoming the Self in functioning sacrificial service incarnated in the material world of humanity.

Here, one begins to get a real taste of the keynote of Leo, "I am that and that I am". There has been so much written and thought about spiritual Self realization that it is not so easy to fully vision what this means. The human lower mind, at its height and peak of functioning, gets caught up in the lower thought forms created around this idea but never gets past them to attain any real contact with the idea as it really exists in the higher abstract mind. Thus, it continues to see and know only a watered down cardboard version of what Self-realization really is. Those aspirants who do contact the reality of this idea feel the fire and increasingly the group of aspirants is demonstrating the necessary fiery quality to be of real use and service to humanity.

The key to attaining the real and fiery realization of the Self is to contemplate on the keynote of Leo and to not be satisfied with what is found until it contains the element of spiritual fire that is the radical nature of the Self. The very act of persistent seeking of the fire of Self is what tempers the individual vehicle and prepares it to contact and distribute the fiery aspects of spiritual will and cosmic energies. Seeking, therefore, is the necessary prerequisite to real service. Once an aspect of that fiery spirit is tasted, using the mind to create a full mental understanding of it and its powerful effects is the next step. Only then, using the creative imagination based on that understanding, can the server work creatively to invoke and evoke that fire in sacrificial service.