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Higher Spiritual Service at the High Point of the Spiritual Year: Working with the Christ to Invoke Shamballa

Michelle Pearce
June 2011

We have come to the final culminating festival at this the high point of the spiritual year — the Christ's Festival in Gemini. Each year the major spiritual keynote is sounded, upon which the melody of the following year will be played out. It begins with the Easter Festival — the celebration of birth and opportunity, moves into Wesak — the return of the Buddha bringing cosmic enlightenment, and then ends with the Christ and His festival. The Christ, in Gemini, signifies the ability and achievement to embody both the higher and the lower aspects of the duality of matter and life, spirit and form, human personality and human soul. What Christ embodies now all spiritual aspirants aspire also to achieve. The spiritual aspirant is said to be conditioned and directed upon the journey of spiritual embodiment, enlightenment, and liberation by three sequential crosses of spiritual energy and qualities. What is the esoteric service that the aspirant might hope or vision to assist the overshadowing Christ with during His festival? What is the occult and hidden work to be achieved on the subjective planes of life?

There are three crosses of synthesized cosmic astrological and ray energies that condition spiritual evolution and growth. The aspirant to the mysteries and to spiritual service gradually lifts him or herself through the Mutable Cross "that integrates a man into the centre which we call humanity". Persistent striving and experience upon the next cross, the Fixed Cross, integrates the disciple into the second planetary center of the spiritual Hierarchy, the center of spiritual service. Thirdly, experience upon the Cardinal Cross integrates the initiate into the primary planetary center of Shamballa where the initiate eventually becomes a "radiating centre of spiritual will, affecting humanity and evoking its will-to-good; he blends this into the Hierarchy as far as he can, fusing this human will into hierarchical activity in an effort to evoke response from Shamballa" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 574).

In the above description of the activity upon the third cross, the Cardinal Cross, we have a description of the work that we can strive to join the Christ in achieving, each according to his or her ability, level of conscious awareness, and occult skillfulness. Any effort made to lift one's awareness into this work alongside the Christ and His disciples, serves to lift the vibration of all matter. Persistent effort at this work saves the world. The Cardinal Cross is the consciousness of the risen Christ. Most of us are not yet able to have direct realization of this level of initiate awareness and work, yet we have the power to contribute through our inspired individual will to lift our life and consciousness as high as possible for the service of the planet and humanity.

Each spiritual server might ask how he or she can evoke the will-to-good in him or herself, and fuse the human will into hierarchical activity in an effort to evoke response from Shamballa. This response of Shamballa is the precipitation of the new revelation and the new age for the human soul. The spiritual will of Shamballa is precipitating gradually into humanity and evoking the will-to-good that is to be worked out as goodwill and right relations. The will-to-good lifts humanity from regressive selfish separatism and also from complacency and inertia. It is the deep inspirational and purposeful dynamic power of planetary Life.

Being influenced by the will-to-good is a very different thing than being influenced and directed primarily by the will-to-peace. "I would have you deeply realize that if the will-to-peace is conditioning you, then you are still working on emotional levels and your work will then have to be with the first stanza of the Great Invocation and with its distribution to the masses." (The first stanza reads: From the point of light within the mind of God, let light stream forth into the minds of men. Let light descend on earth.) "If it is the will-to-good which influences and directs, you, then to the awakening of mass aspiration you must add the task of evoking the response to world need in the thinkers and aspirants through the medium of the second stanza, lending the two approaches in an effort to evoke — via the Hierarchy — the will-to-save of Shamballa" (Esoteric Astrology p. 575). (The second stanza being: From the point of love, within the heart of God, let love stream forth into the hearts of me. Let Christ return to earth.)

There is perhaps no better time in the history of humanity to discern which is influencing and directing you-the will-to-peace or the will-to-good. With the plethora of daily news of conflict, devastation, and destruction around the world, paying attention to any form of media evokes either the will-to-peace or the will-to good in the sensitive spiritual aspirant. The thought might occur that the media should report on some of the more positive and hopeful events and occurances rather than the devastation and conflict, which is certainly true. It is also true that much of what draws human curiosity is related to glamour of the rich as well as to the thrall of personal tragedy and morbid fascination with the malevolent. These truths, however, do not detract from the fact that much of the global conflict is important and significant news worthy of the attention of the aspirant seeking to serve humanity at this time.

Perhaps then a salient question to the issue of service is 'what is evoked in the aspirant by the current world situation?' The will-to-peace might be felt as an emotional discomfort at the killing and conflict and a deep longing for peace and harmony. Or perhaps there is a strength and determination to contribute to the transformation of the current world situation that is evoked within the aspirant that is an energy that can help direct the leaders, decision makers, and thinkers of the race to find new solutions and new directions for a more harmonious human civilization governed by principles of right relations. The energy of the will-to-good is a potent force and more of it, evoked through the self-aware spiritual servers, is direly needed to bring about the great turning towards selfless right relations that is slowly occurring within the racial consciousness.

The evocation of the will-to-peace directs the aspirant to work on the emotional level, directing lighted mental awareness into the racial astral body that will awaken the human race to spiritual aspiration. This is certainly a needed and right form of service and there are many millions of people who are now able to work and serve in this way. Another real need now and one able to be met by far fewer people is the need to invoke the will-to-good resulting in the evocation of the necessary power, strength, and aspiration that will result in the spiritual response to world need from the highest planetary levels of life. Response is what is needed. Action and new direction are needed. Solutions that are inclusive of global needs are what are needed. Love and goodwill need to condition human culture. Right relations and direction need to characterize the activity of the civilization in order for love and goodwill to be of any consequence to individual men and women. This is the time for active discipleship and for mystical will and intuition to be the source of power, strength, and will that leads humanity in the right direction of unity, inclusiveness, harmony, selflessness, and right relations.

The many sources of global and national conflict are simply symbols of the human spirit chaffing at its limitations and hindrances and seeking liberation from regressive forces that are the characteristics of the immediate and distant past. They are signs of the discernment and mental clarity of human consciousness to separatism and wrong direction that characterize the present. The confluence or crosscurrents of the past conditioned human desires and responses and the future vision and right values is acute, no doubt. Those individuals and groups who are identified with the regressive forces don't give up easily and so battles on all three levels of human functioning — physical, emotional, and mental, are taking place. The wise and discerning disciple seeks to see the meaning and opportunities behind world events and conflict. Discouragement and inertia are no longer options for the spiritual server acutely attuned to human suffering.

Inertia and too slow a striving and response have been pointed out as being the major weaknesses of the group disciples. Human need demands now that the people of spiritual will become exquisitely responsive to the needs of humanity and thus to the place that service is being demanded and invoked. Becoming more aware of what humanity as a whole is demanding and what type of energy is conditioning and directing both the individual and the group server is perhaps a helpful starting place. From there the individual can work at lifting the striving from the will-to-peace to become inclusive of the will-to-good to meet the demand of humanity for right direction and action.

It is all too easy for the disciple who is integrated with human need and suffering to get caught up mental arguments or conflicts regarding the right action or solution. Discerning one's exact role and opportunity is really important in this work. One works exactly where one finds oneself. The opportunity for service is to attain the highest level of awareness and spiritual functioning possible and from there fuse with the human demand, join the work of the spiritual hierarchy, and invoke the will-to-good from Shamballa. May all spiritual servers make this demand of themselves, of humanity, and of Shamballa with love, power, and persistence on behalf of the need and future of humanity. May we all learn to direct the will-to-good into the highest levels of human thinking and decision-making through being that change that we want to see. Standing and working together as one united group of spiritual servers overshadowed and embodied by Christ, it is possible.