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The Christ's Festival of Unity

Michelle Pearce
May 2010

Gemini, the twin, reveals essential duality. Gemini is the sign of humanity on the mutable cross, which is both divine and human. This dual nature is being realized by humanity itself as a whole and as the divine disciple and brings a period of great testing. Current situations are not just about humanity reaping what it sows and living out its own karma. As the dual nature is revealed, turmoil and conflict is felt. A choice becomes inevitable as manifested in choosing a way between the duality and becomes significant in many areas of testing. The test and the consequences of the choices of humanity the group disciple have become very evident today. The future of humanity stands in the balance. Will humanity choose the higher, the lower or the middle way? Will humanity the mystic detach itself completely from the needs of the lesser lives and kingdoms of the plants and the animals? Will the soul of humanity with its higher values dominate and guide human affairs or will the lower regressive way of material values continue to dominate. Will humanity choose to be both divinely guided and responsible for the planet as a whole? These are the same decisions that every individual disciple must make. Now humanity as a whole is forced through crises and world events into this divinely guided and evolutionary right choice. Every single field of human expression is involved in these choices right now.

Decisions about the environment reflect the willingness of individuals and nations to work together in unity and tread the higher way of valuing the whole over the individual. The world monetary and economic system has become unstable because of the motives for individual greed and material wealth over valuing of giving and sharing. The Churches have continued to be confronted with choices about how to deal with lower harmful tendencies of selfishness. The motive and goal of education in times of less material wealth are challenged to provide appropriately to all people, both wealthy and poor. The hierarchy foresaw the possibility that powerful organizations might pose under the dawning of the seventh ray and the Aquarian age that bring with them the powerful impulse to the formation of organization and group entities. The current crisis involves just such groups and vast powerful organizations, many demonstrating a group selfishness and greed, concerned not with the welfare of the whole but only with the growth of their own group or organization. There are also, however, many other organizations that's whole purpose is selfless giving and goodwill. The question and opportunity now is whether humanity as a whole can send forth such an invocative cry that it brings forth the help needed to overcome the force of regressive greed within the racial consciousness as whole. Can the selfless servers in the world, Christ's disciples, aspirants and dedicated students of the hierarchy, work with the hierarchy to stimulate the powerful impulse of humanity's soul for the greater good?

It is said that at the Gemini full moon the Christ holds His festival. He gathers within himself the invocative cry of humanity and adds to it His divine invocation and the intention and power of the entire hierarchy that embodies the intelligent and awakened soul of humanity. If that cry, that need and demand of humanity can be clearly discerned by the incarnated disciples operating within the human group then it becomes more focused, concentrated, and laser like, more effective. This is the opportunity of the group disciples and servers to work with the forces and energies within humanity esoterically through right thinking. As the new group of world servers searches for, intuitively knows, and responds to the impulse and desire of the larger whole, it becomes effective at several things. It becomes the group server and opens the age of the group disciple with accuracy, power, and right direction. It becomes intuitively sensitive and responsive to the whole. It sees and works with the occult forces and energies of desire and thought within humanity in full consciousness from within humanity. It thus stimulates the awakening of humanity as a whole to its divine power and responsibilities. It awakens humanity the divine disciple and planetary server and redeemer.

Ultimately, this work of awakening and guiding humanity is the Christ's purpose and work. The Christ is the office that some divine initiate holds who has chosen to forego the higher way and turn back and serve unawakened humanity. The Christ thus serves the universal whole, the planetary Logos and the solar Logos in their purposes of creating unity and right relations among all their creation. Each aspirant and student within the new group of world servers thus becomes an integral and conscious part of Christ working within humanity and become a unified part of His great purpose and work. Thus all things work together for the good of the whole and the evil of regressive material greed for the individual at the expense of the whole is offset.

It is said that the door to evil is sealed at the level of the individual. Here lies the great challenge for each conscious server - unite fully with the work of the whole, both the soul, hierarchy, and the lower self, humanity, serve the higher good, and also work with your individual lower self to help seal the door to evil within the whole. Working in the new age adds an entirely new aspect and challenge to the disciple. Find your way to be sensitive to and work united with the whole and while doing so continue to work with the individual forces of regressiveness of your own lower self. We are told that each new age of disciples forges its way into new higher territory and spiritual achievements. Each new age therefore has its new challenges and leaves its own individual mark of glory on the whole, creating its rightful part of that path back to realized divinity that is the task of the spiritual Self. At the dawning of every new age some group of united disciples undergoes a great initiatory process together to serve the greater whole. This has always been done, but never done with full consciousness of the individual disciples incarnated in human form. This is the great task and opportunity of the disciples today. Each new age of disciples, therefore, achieves greater consciousness and brings greater divine faculties and awareness into the human race. It is always a time of great power and great glory, a time of new light, and this time is no exception.

We, all of us here and across the world seek to unite in this spiritually significant work with Christ tonight. We seek to do so in full human and divine consciousness of exactly what it is we are doing, both within the human world and planes and within the higher spiritual worlds and planes. This fully awakened state inclusive of the duality of both worlds requires a wonderfully opened inner eye and a mind and heart filled with lighted selfless love that is the spiritual energy and self of the Christ. This work can only be achieved fully united with Christ, His ashram, the hierarchy, and as a group with each other. Christ is the symbol and reality of unity and of the purpose of the soul of the planet. Let us now undertake this work with a fully opened inner eye, opening and uniting our inner sensitive forces with both the hierarchy and with humanity. Let us become the divine rainbow bridge and work with those higher spiritual energies that seek to impress and move humanity as a whole.