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Fusion of the Human and the Divine

Michelle Pearce
June 2008

The man or woman drawn to work through full moon meditation can contribute much in the way of assistance to the work of the inner divine hierarchy. Having a vision of the overall possibilities for group achievement each year is helpful to making a contribution as is having an intuitive and intellectual understanding of the possibilities under the impression and influence of the specific cosmic energies each month.

Let us touch on the larger vision for group achievement first. We are told that this year is auspicious in that it is a year where a crisis for humanity and hierarchy coincide. It is thus a year of great opportunity for cooperation and group achievement of the fusion of the human and divine. This month, under the influence of the energy of Gemini, is also an opportunity for cooperation and achievement of cooperation of the human and divine. We are told that Christ demonstrated a fusion of the divine and human that was the characteristic of the Gemini aspect of His life. DK states in Esoteric Astrology that "The Gemini aspect of His life is shown in the perfect fusion of the basic duality found in humanity: the human and the divine" (p. 564). Thus, the spiritual opportunity for cooperation and fusion of the major duality found in humanity; the human and the divine, coincides in this auspicious year and in this auspicious month.

Next we might ask what is the significance and meaning of the energy of Gemini as it relates to the context for the spiritual work during this particular year? The keynote of Gemini for the disciple has to do with the twin selves, the duality of the divine self and the human self. In the waning of the divine self the human self grows and glows. Depending upon the ray of the soul, that aspect of quality of the divine self will bring about the particular effect or quality of growing and glowing within the human self. The second ray soul works with light and so the human self becomes filled with the clarity and light of truth that is greatly needed and of service to humanity during times of transition with resulting confusion and chaos. Each soul ray has its definite contribution to the working out of the Plan for humanity and these contributions can only be made by the group of individuals who work at contacting and fusing the duality found within humanity: human and divine.

As the inner group of disciples work consciously at this fusion of divine and human energies and forces, the effects work out within the racial consciousness. One of the first effects of divine infusion is the instinct for greater responsibility. Each individual man or woman feels compelled to take greater personal responsibility. Just in the past several months we have seen strong evidence of this as groups and masses of men and women have taken responsibility for helping to bring about greater freedoms by rising up in active protest against conditions that limit freedom: freedom from physical want and discomfort; freedom from oppression of thought and speech; and the freedom to find and worship God each in his or her own right way. The battle for freedom, an inherently soul driven instinct, is no longer the battle of the intelligentsia, but has become the battle of the average man and woman in each country. Those people are taking responsibility to make their voices heard and to bring about changes that will bring greater freedom from the limitations that separatism has placed upon the human soul. That responsibility plays out in feeling the need to take care of the planet, its environment and resources, the animal kingdom, and one's fellow humanity through right distribution of resources and freedom from want and oppression.

The battle for freedom of ideas on the mental plane, that plane where soul light seeks to clarify and illumine all higher values, is also occurring and being brought into the full light of day, the full awareness of human consciousness. Political debates, contests, and battles across the globe are increasingly driven by the higher ideals and values rather than the separatism and selfishness of the regressive human personality. The ability to discern some values as higher and more true is fast becoming manifest in every thinking person across the globe and not just those advanced thinkers of the race.

The duality that is the foundation of humanity is becoming blatantly obvious through the many types of media that cause everything to be "shouted from the rooftops". That duality found in television news and entertainment as well as radio and internet demonstrates readily the sharp divide between that which is regressive because it is based on the past and on fear and separatism and that which is progressive because it is based on the future and love and unity. Though fear remains rampant throughout the human world, unity and love are fast becoming the ideals of the day.

As the higher ideals of soul are seen and striven for, the human self grows and glows. The growing and glowing of the human self is ample evidence of the infusion of the divine soul within the human personality. This growing and glowing is seen everywhere as the human self becomes activated to take a stand for higher soul values and perceives its responsibility to care for the planet, the animals, and fellow humanity across the globe. Activism and volunteerism have fast become a way of life and an ideal for humanity in a relatively short period of time. These are expressions of divine values through human consciousness and activity. Being willing to sacrifice one's time, money and effort to meet responsibilities is definitely a measure of divinity within humanity as it is right response to the spiritual Law of Sacrifice. Though much remains to be done for sure, there is also much evidence of the waning of these expressions in the human world today. It might even be safe to say that we have seen the turning point in humanity from a focus on regressive animal instincts based on survival and fear to the instincts of the soul based on the higher ideas of love and unity.

Since that turning point has now been made, it remains the task of the disciples to strengthen that fusion of the duality of divinity and humanity. How can we do this? Under the impression and influence of Gemini we continue to focus on the waning of the soul in humanity and notice the effects of the growing and glowing of human consciousness intelligent discernment of higher values and right activity leading to greater freedom. We also work within our fields of endeavor and groups at strengthening the expression and manifestation of those higher values that we know to be truth and the next immediate part of the Plan for manifestation within humanity. As we each put our focus on our higher divine work and become increasingly indifferent to our personal situation, we contribute significantly to the group work and to humanity, the Plan, and all planetary life. This is the way of the externalization of the hierarchy and the cooperation of humanity with hierarchy. This is the way that the hierarchy works. By acting as if we are this divine inner hierarchy working within the world of humanity, strengthening higher values and ideals, bringing light and clarity to regressive places, and becoming increasingly indifferent to our own personal situation, we are working as hierarchy works.

Paul, the great initiate and disciple, stated that he counted all things as loss but those that gave him a "place in Christ" that would lead him to come to know Him and "the power of resurrection", "striving towards the goal of resurrection from the dead" (Philippians 3:8, The New Jerusalem Bible, p. 1361). So, are we not talking about the same thing here; the infusion of the divinity of Christ, the Soul of the world, into humanity and thereby the resurrection of humanity from the dead? The work of Christ's disciples continues to this day as we prepare for the waning of Christ within the human consciousness and activity. It is this great work that is our opportunity this year and this month, with its energies facilitating the growing and glowing of soul consciousness within humanity, promises to get us off to a strong start. Let all workers vow to make opportune that start and to persist at that high level of divine activity within humanity through out the coming spiritual year. So might it be.