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Selfless Service: Participation in Dual Solar Activity and Flow

Michelle Pearce
December 2009

The spiritual keynote for aspirants for this month at the full moon of Capricorn is "Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back". A part of the opportunity for any serving full moon group is to synthesize the spiritual energy with the needs of the time, thus rightly distributing that spiritual flow and energy. During this age, when contemplating what our little planet of suffering needs, we might use deductive reasoning and think of things such as global unity, peace, immediate solutions and help for such global problems as terrorism, global warming, economic crises, human disease and starvation, oppressive governments and regimes, human torture and enslavement. We might also "think with our heart" and intuitively know that what the world needs now is more light (mental clarity, vision, right seeing and mental direction) and love (inclusiveness, healing compassion, wisdom, and unity). Both ways of knowing are right, both are helpful, both are needed.

Interestingly, the tendency for the spiritual neophyte and for mystics is to face the light and to seek it, to bend every effort to strive into the light. In the keynote for Capricorn, the striving spiritually oriented aspirant finds that the way onto the Higher spiritual Path is, paradoxically, to turn their back to the light. How confusing is that? And, how does one do that and still be a spiritual aspirant? It might seem that a definition of the spiritual aspirant is one who is seeking the (more) spiritual light. From the human perspective, turning ones back to the light would mean going back to a more materialistic perspective. In a way this is true. The keynote hints at the need for the aspirant to stop the personal striving towards the light so that they might become at-one with that light and be that light for humanity.

There's a passage in Treatise on Cosmic Fire that gives the aspirant more clues to this deeply esoteric way of Being and serving. We are told, "when the term 'channel or ray of approach' is used, it means approach from the centre of solar radiation to the periphery" (p. 59). Pondering on this, one might contact the great flow of solar radiation pouring from the center out to the periphery, giving life, heat, and animation to all forms and activity. It is very significant that the spiritual approach is from the center to the periphery while the approach of the mystic and neophyte is from the periphery to the center. Perhaps, at a certain point of spiritual realization and soul infusion, to turn ones back on the light is not to disengage spiritually, but to re-engage with humanity as part of that great spiritual flow. Many humans have inspiring spiritual peak experiences either spontaneously or during times of great spiritual striving or seeking. Peak experiences inspire, energize, and often motivate, but they do not necessarily contribute to the great spiritual effort and purpose for the material world. There are legion of aspiring new age mystics in the world right now. Various forms of spirituality are thriving (nature mysticism, channeling, paganism, Wiccan, meditation in all forms). Many forms of spirituality, although relevant and appropriate at a certain stage of evolution, can be very self-serving. As the aspirant moves farther on the spiritual Path, what is needed is to become at-oned with the spiritual flow and purpose of the whole. This cannot be done through personal striving, but only through selfless service.

Selfless service becomes participation in the flow of spiritual energy from the center to the periphery. One becomes an integral part of that energetic flow in much the same way that one also becomes the Path of conscious return to the center. This is the dual activity of the great pumping action of spiritual life. Just as the human blood stream is continually moving life giving blood, so too the great spiritual flow of energies---prana, electricity, and eathers, that heat and animate all life, flow forth. What returns is energy enriched by consciousness, the conscious life at the periphery. The science of invocation and evocation is simply the conscious realization and cooperation with this great solar dual activity. The more selfless the aspirants conscious striving, the more inclusive and participatory with the greater process and purpose they can achieve.

This turning from a focus upon personal achievement and self-centered striving to selfless service is a significant turn around in human thinking and attitude. It is perhaps the greatest turn of events since the time that individuated self consciousness was realized. It is no less easy to achieve and perhaps more difficult since much of humanity continues to need the karmic lessons of self-centered achievement prior to being able to achieve the next step of selfless service. Nevertheless, ready or not, the great turning is being demanded to begin and with the conscious participation by all the aspirants who are responsive and able to begin the effort.

Perhaps the needed prolonged effort and difficulty of this turning of consciousness is the reason that many of the Tibetans meditations and statements emphasize effort and not outcome as the measure of the striving disciple. As the aspirant undertakes the difficult process of switching conscious focus from a personal identification and striving to identification with the spiritual whole, they will find that it is necessary to detach from any sense of personal outcome and striving and simply become consciously immersed in the great spiritual striving and flow that is occurring. Thus, from the personal perspective, they have turned their back on the light supernal, while from the spiritual perspective they have become one with it. From a higher perspective, the perspective of the Monad or spiritual spark that we all really are, this has already been achieved eons ago. We already turned our back on the light supernal in order to descend into the material world and redeem and uplift, to bring light and healing love. When we fully embody and identify with that higher reality within matter and form, then we will have achieved a great spiritual purpose. It will be done when the form matter is able to consciously absorb and become atoned with light and love and to radiate selflessly to the whole. At this time, the matter will become transfigured, spiritualized, and consciousness will ascend to full identification with the purpose of the whole. We will know this moment because we will "feel" that our back has turned to the light supernal and we are that light supernal flowing to the periphery while we are also the great center itself. We are the whole, the periphery and the center. The spiritual self will realize "I matter, am".

In Leo the spiritual servers achieved individualization of consciousness, yet still fully identified with form and matter. In Capricorn, the spiritual servers begin to recognize who and what they really are and as such they come home to spiritual identification and become a conscious part of the great spiritual flow and purpose. These are the workers of the Hierarchy. Identified with spirit, working for the periphery, in full participation with spiritual purpose.

This is the great striving needed now by those who feel impressed by the need to assist with this purpose. The turning may be a time of confusion for the aspiring consciousness mid-way in identification, but the ultimate outcome is assured because it is already true. The spiritual aspirants are already, on the higher planes, the selfless servers working with spiritual purpose, turning their backs on the light supernal, and approaching the periphery from the center.

Let us now seek to greater consciousness and participation through the opportunity of approach that we are told is possible at the time of the full moon. The great flow to the periphery is perhaps at its strongest now; perhaps we can recognize ourselves as part of that great activity here tonight.