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Learning to Face in the Same Direction as the Light Supernal

Michelle Pearce
December 2007

The keynote for Capricorn has to do with the light supernal and the right internal attitude to be taken towards that light. At first blush, the dedicated mystic cannot fathom the idea of turning his or her back on the light. But, in turning one's back on it one will find that one is now facing in the same direction with it and thus able to work in active cooperation. Light, as we know, signifies many things having to do with awareness, evolved consciousness, and divinity. At first it seems counterintuitive to turn ones back on the light. It feels as if this mean that the aspirant and server will become more materially focused by turning away from the light. The specific light one is called to turn one's back on is the light supernal. Supernal means "1. coming from or located in the heavens; and 2.suited to or characteristic of the heavens" (Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.).

We know that the sequential impression of the cosmic energies of the constellations gradually but steadily bring about the manifestation of right expression of divinity within the cosmic physical world. We know this intellectually and also must explore and experience it for ourselves as integral parts of the cosmic physical. So, the next logical question becomes how does turning one's back on the light coming from the heavens help to bring about the gradual manifestation of divinity? How does the impression by the energy of Capricorn serve the purpose of divinity and how are the servers called to assist, therefore, that energy as it impresses and permeates the world?

A widened consciousness is aware that there are perhaps different answers to questions at differing stages of the consciousness evolving through form. There is one answer that seems significant in the era of arising synthesis having to do with the seventh ray. This answer has to do with the evolving synthesis of the soul and the personality and of the mystic state of consciousness and the esotercist state of consciousness. It is consciousness as varying states of awareness that we all live and serve within and that is critically involved here.

The Tibetan teacher, in Esoteric Astrology, tells us that the energy of Capricorn has to do with the fusing of the personality light with the soul light. The evolution of a progressively enlightened consciousness involves a gradual turning from the identification of soul with personality to the identification of the personality with soul. Thus the two lights of awareness, soul and personality, become gradually fused and a change in the direction and intensity of the fused light occurs. In a rather paradoxical event, as the disciple becomes willing to sacrifice the personality light to the soul light and turn within, the light of the One Soul is enabled to be poured forth through the personality to all of humanity. Thus, through turning within and identifying with one's own inner and higher soul, one's direction of consciousness is simultaneously turned to an outward pouring forth of Soul in service to the physical world. This is the work of the soul as it is impressed and moved by the purpose of divinity through the impression of cosmic energies that play sequentially and gradually upon it. It is an effect of the active working soul and the receptive selfless personality.

On the probationary path it is not yet apparent that the needed personality virtues and qualities to attain the necessary state of receptivity are merely the result or effect of the right inner attitudes and purification, which is the effect of the inner Self, the Soul, working out its purposes within form. So too, turning one's back on the light supernal is the effect or outcome of the selfless server, moved by aspiration to sacrifice the personality desire life and become the channel for the light of God. This is the effect of the energy of Capricorn as it plays upon the consciousness of the server who has made him or herself adequately receptive to its impression. The mystic consciousness who bathes his or her face in the glory of the light can speak vaguely about its effects but cannot yet pour forth that same light into the world of humanity esoterically. The pouring forth requires that the mystic "turn his or her back" on the light.

Interestingly, another significance of this keynote concerns the etheric centers located along the back of the etheric-physical form. When the light supernal is to the back of the personality and the personality has achieved the proper purified receptivity to that light, then the light pours forth through the activated fourth dimensional centers into the etheric planetary vehicle. It is the network of servers, the group, pouring forth the light across the planetary etheric globe, which enlightens planetary consciousness and form evoking eventually the full "glory of God". Thus, the group of servers, through turning their backs on the light supernal, attaining personal receptivity, and identifying as soul working with energy within form, is invocative of the supernal light, providing the anchor and the momentum to bring that light supernal to all life and consciousness.

The group of servers who selflessly turn their backs on the light as it relates to themselves as a separated individual and consciousness are the ones who are bringing that same light to every one and everything else in a very real and physical (etheric) way. That group works together to create the interplay of synergistic inspiration and selfless sacrifice that is needed to do the divine work, recognizing vaguely that this work involves the right inner attitude or posture to the light supernal. Because this attitude towards light is so radically different than that of the person prior to this stage, it is relatively easy to recognize and cooperate with the other sacrificial servers in physical form across the globe. This cooperation is a most definite need of the group at this time because this method of working invocatively with light and as a group is relatively new to the group and so it helps to make this a more conscious and real event by doing it together and, thus, also strengthening group consciousness, group recognition, and group service.

Every month, as the cosmic energies play upon the group consciousness, the group has the opportunity to become more group conscious and more effective at its work of service. Each month it becomes stronger, more inspired, and more able to radiate the redemptive light of the world as a group. This group is representative of the personality light that must become receptive to and fused with the light of the group soul. Through the individual servers awakening to group consciousness, the group consciousness of the soul awakens to itself and reveals the light supernal within the world- the Glory of God.

This month, let us seek to work invocatively and with greater awareness of our group work and of the synthesis of lights- cosmic supernal and physical etheric/individuated personality and group soul, that we seek to bring about through our selfless sacrifice and service by learning how to turn our back on the light supernal.

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