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Light Supernal and Light Human

Michelle Pearce
January 2011

The esoteric keynote of Capricorn, "Lost am I in light supernal, yet on that light I turn my back", has occasionally confused and perplexed me. Isn't the selfless server motivated to help humanity become, express, and manifest more light? How can this be done if one turns ones back on the source of light, the celestial light or light supernal. What possible hint does this keynote convey as to how to use its energy for the benefit of the Plan on earth? One finds that esoteric keynotes often perplex the analytic concrete mind, but result in lighted awareness when spiritual intuition is used to penetrate their hidden meanings.

I was using a wonderful new tool on the Internet today, Google news search, and the thought occurred to search the news for human light and compassion. The results included a variety of little known web sites and occult newsletters discussing the metaphysics of light, but surprisingly the majority of sites the search yielded were traditional US news sources related to the recent shooting massacre in Arizona that killed six people and injured 22. Many of the news articles about the shooting were discussing demands for greater democracy, toning down aggressive bipartisan rhetoric, and even better care for the mentally ill. I began to notice a pattern. Every recent major human tragedy was resulting in a stronger and more urgent call for light — for compassion, unity, inclusiveness, sanity and clarity. What a fascinating and very occult notion — through human consciousness darkness invokes the light. It is only by turning human consciousness from the light supernal and facing the darkness that the same divine light is actually invoked into the darkness resulting in redemption of the darkness and increased light.

We are told that this little planet is called the planet of suffering and sacrifice. It is also a grand experiment in redemption. The last incarnation of Christ demonstrated this planetary purpose and humanity's pivotal role in that redemptive purpose perfectly. But, human consciousness did not yet contain enough light to see this truth. (In the light we shall see the light.) The purpose of the forerunners for the next major incarnation or return of the Christ, is to create a pathway of light within which Christ's light will be seen, known, and inspire not just the few, but the many. That is the place of the first initiation of humanity as a group. The evocation of Christ to meet the demand for more light within human consciousness marks the first spiritual initiation of humanity as a race.

Those leading aspirants and disciples that are the forerunners of Christ light as well as all the New Group of World Servers and people of goodwill are using each human tragedy to invoke more light. This is a solid indication that the Christ's return is imminent. This radical awareness of all the places of darkness in the human psyche, the willingness to face that darkness squarely, and the power to use it to invoke the light has never existed in the human psyche as a unit until now. The idea that the human psyche or consciousness as a whole includes both areas of light and areas of darkness (the shadow or collective unconscious that is darkness mostly below the level of awareness) did not dawn until the recent past when it was identified and explored by Freud and his disciple Jung. The willingness to explore these places of darkness was immediately engaged in by the leading psychologists of the times. That willingness to explore the shadow side of humanity has made rapid advancements and spread quickly across the globe with the help of social media and information technologies that create the ability to share information, thoughts, and ideas with many individuals. This willingness to explore and share information has not only been embraced, but also used as a tool for promoting and demanding change by the masses of humanity everywhere.

The Tibetan stated that it would be the masses making demands that would change human culture. He also stated that the future of the race is in the hands of the youth and the disciples. The youth are the hope and future of the race. There is evidence that the youth are being profoundly affected and impressed by spiritual will and power as it pours into the racial consciousness directly from Shambahla. The shadow aspect becomes more pronounced and evident through some individuals and groups, such as Jared Loughner, the young man and recent shooter in Arizona, and other young man like him who clearly have had mental deterioration and obsessions resulting in their violent and aggressive actions. It also manifests through individuals demanding right relations and freedom, such as Mohammed Bouazizi's recent death from lighting himself on fire in a desperate protest of the conditions in Tunisia. In the several days since Bouazzi's action and death, news media are reporting at least four more cases around the world of unrelated individuals lighting themselves on fire publicly in protest of human conditions.

Jamal Dajani, in a blog post for the Huffington Post, January 16, 2011, undertook a thoughtful and informed analysis of the causes of the recent events that led to the fleeing of the Tunisian President of 23 years, Zein El Abidine Ben Ali. Many media forums are suggesting the power of social media as the cause of the uprising. Dajani writes, "Mohammed Bouazizi's self immolation was the expression not only of his despair, but that of youth throughout Tunisia ready to explode. Although they are an educated tech-savvy generation who were able to use social media as a tool, the underlying force was not a byproduct of this and the current situation would have come to pass with or without it."

The youth of today perceive the world as one. The majority take for granted that rapid communication, freedom of information, and self-expression through right livelihood are fundamental human rights and expectations of a just human society. They stay in constant touch not with one or two close friends, but with hundreds of friends and contemporaries with ease. They seek advice and help from all these friends and are willing to share their struggles openly with each other. Identification with national boundaries is rapidly disappearing for the youth growing up in the world today. The more educated and informed youth of today do not take ideas lightly, but are willing to explore and assess them in historical and cultural context. They are learning to use the mind and thought as a tool rather than being identified with it.

The demand for more light, for right relations, for discrimination, for freedom, for the ability of each individual to express and manifest his or her own inspired gifts and contributions to the race is occurring. The increased spiritual will and power flowing into humanity has resulted in this inspiration and power, the demand for more life and greater purpose. It is the ability to see and face the darkness that results in this demand. It is the energy and ability of the soul to turn its back on the light that it is and to face and see the darkness, that creates this grand experiment of redemption of the darkness.

What is the origination or original source of the darkness? Is it cosmic evil? Blavatsky introduced the idea to the west of the grand cyclic cosmic schemes of which the Bhagavad-Gita as a part of the larger teaching of the Mahabharata imparts. Perhaps this entire grand scheme is part of a cosmic sacrificial mission to redeem a multitude of little lives that went astray of love and unity within the cosmic scheme. If the nature of that darkness were not selfishness, greed, oppression, exclusivity, and ultimately separation from the whole, then perhaps humanity would not be undergoing the battle with violence of part against whole that it is. How inspired might humanity be if there was a felt and seen realization of its significance and purpose of redemption of life in the cosmic scheme?

How could the planetary spirit truly redeem the deluded and wayward little lives of the cosmos without turning its back on the light it is in order to "turn back", be with those lives, and then at-oned with those lives and that darkness, learn to invoke its own light resulting in redemption and upliftment. Those who recall initiations of distant pasts will attest to the inspiring power of the light supernal as it flows into the dark places during the initiations of light as the initiate treads back to the mountain top, redeeming all life caught in his or her ring pass not of awareness. The hope for all planetary life with the initiation of humanity is profound. At this peculiar point in time, there seems to be no redeemed and no redeemer within humanity. There is no split. At the lowest point of planetary incarnation, the full at-onement with matter was achieved and the seed for the redeemer was fully implanted. That redeemer is the Christ consciousness, the Christ light in humanity, "the Christ in you and me". It is the middle way between spirit and matter. It is the spiritual purpose of our times.

So, maybe of real significance for aspirants and servers today is not so much the turning one's back on the light, but the willingness to face and redeem the darkness that initiated or was the first cause of this turning. Facing and recognizing each event, each place or force of darkness and separatism becomes a method for redemption through the invocation of the light that is real and true and that is increasingly becoming realized as the one true Source, the Light Supernal. Knowing that light and identifying with that light, but turning one's back on it, the group spiritual server faces the places in need of the light. Through the pain and suffering of the lighted spiritually aware self, facing the darkness within its life, it learns to invoke light, bringing healing of separatism through love, harmony, and unity. It is the spiritual warriors, the goats ready to strive to the mountaintop of initiation and bring all humanity with them, who are working to inspire and redeem. They do this because they are willing to see deeply into the places of darkness, within themselves as individuals and as a group within humanity. It has all become the same through hard spiritual work and sacrifice and with purpose and intention.

A place of spiritual tension is created within humanity and within the planetary life by the incarnated spiritual life knowing the darkness and suffering and identifying with the light and unity. This year that tension has reached a profound crescendo. The spiritual group has learned to hold and use that tension to assist in the redemptive process through invocation. It is the job of the server to use the light within, that ability to see the wrongs and the suffering with clarity, to bring more light and love to the planet and to humanity as redeemer.

The servers are that place of created spiritual tension. There is an apt metaphor for a place of tension and adhesion in our natural world that most of us learned about in elementary school science class. "The meniscus (plural: menisci, from the Greek for "crescent") is the curve in the upper surface of a standing body of liquid, produced in response to the surface of the container or another object. It can be either convex or concave. A convex meniscus occurs when the molecules have a stronger attraction to each other (cohesion) than to the container (adhesion)" ( Conversely, a concave meniscus is created when the molecules of the liquid have a stronger attraction to the container than to each other. The adhesion or cohesion created results in a capillary action that is an important mechanism of transport of liquid in plants called transpirational pull. The concave meniscus results in the pulling up of the liquid, "increasing the amount of energetically favorable contact area between liquid and container, and on convex meniscuses to pull the liquid down, reducing the amount of contact area".

Now imagine the container as the spiritual light, energy, and awareness within which all life exists and can be known. Visualize the liquid within the container as the substance or material life from which all form life and activity are created by the spiritual light and awareness within which it exists. The spiritual servers who are identified with and as the spiritual container for all life and form are those adhering more to the container than to the substance within the container. They are the place of tension, the concave meniscus of spiritual light and life. When there is more identification with the spiritual container and purpose than with form life and activity, the concave meniscus is created resulting in a downward force into the container and thus into form life and activity.

That place of tension, of adherence, is like a concave meniscus that results in a transformational pull of spiritual light and awareness into the substance that is form life and activity. The New Group of World Servers hold that tension, are that place of spiritual meniscus, through their identification with the light of the grand spiritual container and their immersion within the substance of life. The needed work is simple and clear and now merely requires persistence. Our job is to face clearly the darkness, to identify with the light, and to invoke spiritual purpose and life into the darkness. Our job is to redeem all life and darkness through spiritual identification and tension. Let us work to invoke the energy of Capricorn into this point of created tension. Let us persist now together and in full knowing cooperation with the cosmos from which we come at the spiritual purpose and power of the planetary spirit, which is us.