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Human Crises, Light, and The Spiritual Warrior

Michelle Pearce
January 2009

Humanity today clearly continues to face multiple "crises of opportunity". In times of crisis the path to liberation and expansion is on the verge of precipitation. The skilled esoteric worker seeks to find the meaning in the crisis, the next possible expansion, and what is needed to facilitate the needed change in focus or inner direction to bring that about. One of the opportunities faced and direly called for during times of crisis is liberation from conflict and suffering through a straightening of the forces of desire, ideals, and beliefs thus bringing about right relations. Expansion into a unified aspiration for world wide right relations requires the vision of that possibility and holding that vision steadily while the old conflicting desires climax and run their course. There are signs that the even while the current conflicts seem to be escalating, the vision of solution is gradually precipitating into the mind of humanity and superseding the crystallized and conflicting desires of the past. This vision then becomes the cry of humanity that evokes what is needed for the right meeting of the crisis. The exoteric crises faced now concern right relations in all the fields of human endeavor, across religions, nations, and other diverse groups with conflicting ideals and desires. The esoteric crisis faced is one of increasing the light in the human mind so that the illusion of separatism becomes transparent and the reality of the unity of all life and form on our planet is profoundly and radically revealed. It is the exoteric crises occurring that enable the esoteric opportunities to be brought to light.

In times of crisis it is essential to achieve the needed shift in focus to bring about the release from the current conflict or struggle and achieve expansion into greater light and space of consciousness and inclusiveness of identification. The crisis of the group of aspirants and servers in the world corresponds to the exoteric human crisis and is the call to greater sacrifice and as a group. In the past the spiritual seekers have individually responded to the call of the soul by seeking spiritual light and striving onto the path. This spiritual path has become an exoteric reality and phenomena. The seekers and servers are now called to "turn their backs" to the light in order to serve humanity. How is this achieved? What is the sensed phenomenon that occurs when this is achieved? In other words, how will the server know when they are achieving the service their soul is calling them to do?

Esoteric revelation embodies the next great and major segment of the spiritual path for both the individual as well as the group. Sequential revelation is the movement and process from the esoteric to the exoteric and is the process of planetary evolution and the way of the group. Paradoxically, it both demands and facilitates expanded vision and clarity. Movement from the esoteric to the exoteric requires the seekers and servers in the world to once again perform that turning personally away from the spiritual light that exists deep within all form and life that they have been attracted to like moths to the flame and learning to use their achievements, knowing, and light as the Way to assist the entire life group in its needed expansions and liberations. In this way the servers become an integral cooperating part of the evolutionary process itself. Spiritual achievement occurs through the changing identification as a separate server to identification with the entire evolutionary will of the planetary life.

This turning away from the spiritual and divine cosmic light has occurred before when the servers chose to descend deep into matter and to sacrifice them selves in order to assist in the purpose of the Logos. So, in reality and at one point this turning already occurred. For eons of time the servers became identified with and as form. What is required now is a remembering of that original "mission". When the urge to serve others is felt even a little the individual has achieved a receptivity to impression that is beginning to recognize and know its original purpose and the spiritual will to love and serve begins to be stimulated. The inner vision develops through striving to see the need rightly and serve. Not the physical vision, but the true use of the human mind as a unified organ. This requires full use of the brain, lower discriminative mind, and higher abstract mind as a unified whole. Only then can the greater expanse that includes both the needs of humanity and the Plan of the hierarchy as one unified interacting whole be contained within the vision of the server. Thus, as the inner vision of the server is expanded, greater light is brought literally into the human mind substance and the vision of humanity is clarified.

A greater clarity and depth and breadth of vision of more of the human mind are essential to cut through the fogs and confusion created by the conflicting desires, beliefs, and ideals of the multiple human nations, and groups. The urge to group work has created some of the problems that were foreseen a hundred years ago. This success of the urge to group formation and identification, which is good in the long run, in the short run has created cohesive factions fully identified as a separative group through a powerful identification with a particular ideal and belief and a desire to strengthen that particular belief and make it dominant in the world. It is the convergence of the greatly enhanced power of will and the identification with a group and separative ideal that is merely a faction of the whole and based on separative beliefs that creates the hindrance of the Plan for vision of the whole and right relations within that whole.

There is a serving group, unified through purpose on the inner planes, working to help release humanity from this miasma of identification, desire, and illusion. This group is doing the hard work of willingly entering into that miasma and working their way out of it through spiritual will to serve and sacrifice. They, as souls, enter deep into this miasma to the point of immersion and identification, just as the rest of humanity is. The difference is that these souls have achieved a greater measure of strength and light to serve. This inner strength and light becomes a call to their self in form, which is identified with the miasma of conflict and desire, for release. At first this creates greater conflict and suffering, but they persist because the pull of their souls for greater light, clarity, and right service is very strong. As they gain clarity and achieve right soul expression within the miasma of human conflict and illusion, they are like radiant points of light and love bringing healing and soothing to the rest of humanity. They are the group saviors of the race and as they work consciously they strengthen the magnet to love and service of those who also work, but not as consciously, with less light and vision.

As the tension has increased within humanity, the strength and light of this group has increased and IS offsetting the tension and conflict enough so that the needed vision of right relations of the whole can be held steadily and the needed inner resources invoked from the higher spiritual realms to work that vision out in form. When this serving group, as individuals and then as a group, achieves liberation from the striving and struggle for more light and greater vision because they have attained the vision to see and know that light and vision, they are then in a position to make a full turn around to face in the other direction towards the conflict and the suffering and to serve. They turn their back on the light supernal and that light begins to shine through them into humanity.

The phenomena of this spiritual achievement can be perceived as liberation into greater service. The esoteric reality of what has occurred can be intuitively known. One senses the light on ones back and it can be felt as if ones back were now to the wind. Like a strong tailwind this light propels the now conscious spiritual warrior fully into the raging battle and with joy that server takes up the banner of peace, of unity and right relations, and is ready to fight to the end of all the hindrances and blockages to that vision of the future. At this point the server has now achieved a fully-fledged and conscious service and this has been the call of its own soul all along.

As we as individuals and groups participate today in this great group meditation ritual to invoke and direct the needed cosmic aides into the suffering planetary life and consciousness, we can remember the strength and aid that it will bring to us in our work and to all aspiring servers in the world. The will to sacrifice and give this aid is the nature and expression of the etheric substance that is the vast energy of this cosmic Being that is available now. This energy embodies Its will to serve. In a long procession of self-sacrificing living energies and entities, we are one point of reception, direction, and distribution. Without us these great Beings would be unable to express themselves and to serve the greater whole. Thus, our little work is essential to the 'Great Chain of Being'. So let us work with joy, with inspiration, with love, and with diligence, turning our back on the light supernal and becoming the channels for radiating that light through us and into the waiting and suffering world.