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Humanity as the Self-Aware House of Divinity That Builds Itself

Michelle Pearce
July 2011

Tonight we come to celebrate the cosmic flow of energy through the constellation of Cancer. Cancer is a part of the Cardinal Cross that extends its influence, power, and purpose from the highest levels of divine consciousness in Shambahla. It represents, for our planet, the divine planetary life that is the purpose of the planetary Logos as it evolves through a mass inchoate state into a state of self awareness and finally into a self aware group state of consciousness. It is important to remember that all the constellations are vast sources of energy embodied by a multitude of planets in the process of creating through their dynamic inter-play and rhythmic patterns of relationship.

From the highest levels of life to the lowest, all creation is in a process of becoming increasingly sensitive and responsive to the cosmic sea of energy under some vast design and purpose. How receptive and responsive has this little planet become? Does the dominant state of self-aware consciousness on the planet, which is humanity, really see the house of aware life that it is building and becoming? When humanity begins to build its own house with eyes wide open, then that house will become the lighted house of divine glory that the emerging pattern of the planet demands.

So looking at humanity today, what is the state of the awareness of the consciousness humanity is building? Consciousness or aware responsiveness is the house that embodies divine expression. That responsiveness can be in the direction of sensitivity to the pull of material living or the pull of the Soul and spiritual living. Material living, because it is based on past achievements, is regressive. Therefore, the direction of divine responsiveness for humanity is the in the direction of the "higher" values. It is towards more light. As the group consciousness becomes sensitive and responsive to higher values and greater light, it demands this light for itself. This results in the divine rhythm and dynamic sequential movement of vision, demand, invocation, evocation, precipitation, embodiment, and expression. The final stages of embodiment and expression represent the creation of something new, something that is more glorious and divine than was before. It is literally the divine breathe, inspiration, coming into humanity and this can only occur, as human consciousness demands it. It is the process of group co-creation.

This process of evolving lighted group consciousness demands greater awareness by its very nature. This answers the question of why humanity must have free will and, therefore, of why regressive embodiment or evil is allowed. In order for the consciousness of humanity to become more aware of how it is building itself, what it is embodying, it must develop the lighted vision that is capable of seeing what it is building. It must be capable of seeing all the faults and mis-steps as well as all the glory and lighted love that it currently embodies and it must be capable of seeing it all not with discouragement and despair but with love, goodwill, and inspiration for creating its own future self. Does humanity as a group consciousness see itself at all or is it still blindly pursuing its instinctive (past) nature? Does humanity as a group seek to consciously build and fashion itself into something more, something greater, thus indicating that spark of divine self awareness? Is the magnetic pull of those souls incarnated within humanity who are aware of their divine nature powerful enough as a group to impress and rightly influence the entire racial consciousness in the direction of its higher possibilities.

The energy of cancer, being related to the highest levels of divinity, is one that needs to be directed into humanity as a whole thus having influence over the entire planetary life and awareness. Is there evidence that humanity is aware as a group that it is building its own future, not a material future, but literally the future and quality of itself as awareness? With each decision it makes and in every choice demanded to meet its challenges and problems humanity responds with love or with selfish territoriality and defensiveness. The prevalence of the fourth ray of harmony through conflict as the means for evolution of human consciousness signifies it is important to remember that crises and conflict are not indicators of the future. It is how these conflicts and crises are met that is the indicator for the future. As individual aspirants and disciples know all too well, each crisis can be a place of hindrance and regressive stumbling, or the opportunity, the hand-hold or foot-hold to pull oneself up the spiritual path, to face life and self in a new way and make a leap thereby creating something new for the future.

Is humanity as a group currently demonstrating a willingness to face its challenges and crises in a different way — with goodwill, selflessness, and greater awareness? Is humanity aware that it is creating its own future with each decision, choice, and inner intention? If we really investigate the state of how humanity is facing its challenges and crises we will see a very mixed bag right now. Demands for more freedom and a willingness to sacrifice material wellbeing for a future with more freedom of expression and creativity are evident in the most oppressed and poor countries. Perhaps what is holding back the race as a whole right now is the attitude and intentions of the richer and more comfortable countries and group consciousnesses.

It seems hard to selflessly sacrifice well-established individual material wellbeing for the sake of the greater good. But perhaps this perceived self-sacrifice is really an illusion. To break through the illusion of sacrifice one needs to perceive the entire challenge and crisis from a higher more inclusive level. From that more inclusive vision, inclusive of all the levels of the integrated vehicles and consciousness of humanity, the greatest suffering right now takes place on the emotional level and not the physical. The emotional identification of the human consciousness is by far the strongest. Religions of the past have done much to illuminate the human individual as a consciousness that goes beyond a mere physical body. But, by far the greater part of the racial consciousness is still very concerned with its emotional wellbeing and happiness. If it could see that its happiness depended upon the well being and happiness of all the race and was not in fact in competition with other individuals, then a profound shift could occur towards greater lighted awareness, greater goodwill and the recognition of a shared group responsibility for the future. Are the current global crises doing anything to shatter the illusion that the happiness and well being of any one individual nation is not integrally interconnected with all the others? Is there a growing tide of willingness to be sensitive to and cooperate with all other needs and interests of life on the planet? Does humanity see that it won't be happy and content until all aspects of the planet are included in its vision for the future?

From the divine perspective, the entire planet moves into greater lighted life, unity, and inclusiveness together or continues in a state of selfishness until humanity has suffered enough to demand its own release into greater unity and happiness. The means of violence to protect territory, defend ideology, or demand rights attracts a lot of attention and incites fear and hate, but in the end they are simply another way of expressing separatism. The solution remains always the same-goodwill. It is only goodwill, the human equivalent to the divine will-to-love that will result in cooperation, flow, and unity of life and light throughout the planet. It is only goodwill that will lead to the respect and cooperation that will finally resolve the need for violent means that are the effects of misguided demands for release from suffering. Goodwill is the force that is the healing balm for all the wounds of humanity.

Those souls who have the vision, power and inspiration to pour goodwill into and through the mass consciousness of humanity do divine work. The impulse to do this work for the sake of the evolution of the group consciousness comes through the energy and impression of Cancer as it is received in Shambahla and directed into hierarchy and humanity.

May we all be lifted, inspired, and renewed to greater striving and expression of goodwill now as we work to receive the impulse that Cancer brings to our little suffering planet during its time of crisis and turning. So Be It.