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Transforming Mass Consciousness: Working with the Energies of Cancer and the Cardinal Cosmic Cross

Michelle Pearce
June 2010

Humanity today is undergoing a period of great testing. This fact is obvious to the most materialistic and exoterically oriented observer. Esoterically, the outcomes of periods of testing are up to the consciousness being tested and are not assured. The outcome may be successful from a physical perspective and yet not successful as far as the soul is concerned. The great spiritual outcome needed now is not the right handling of the crisis so that physical disaster is averted (although that is certainly important), but an expansion of the racial consciousness that includes greater aspects of soul qualities. Inclusiveness, goodwill, right relationship, and responsibility are the latent aspects that need to be evoked within the racial consciousness in order for the current crises to have been met according to the Plan.

Today we come together as a united consciousness to celebrate the energies of Cancer. Cancer has to do with the mass consciousness, the mass instinct governing desire. It is "the truest expression" of the mass mind (Esoteric Astrology, p.322). For the mass of humanity the moon, signifying the form or personality in the mass mind, veils Neptune, the sign of the watery element of emotion and desire. Neptune is unveiled in the disciple who is then susceptible as an individual to impression from a multitude of surrounding planetary and cosmic impacts in his or her individual Christ or soul consciousness. Soul control eventually obliterates the influence of the moon and Neptune. The disciple is then left standing free from the influence of personal emotion and desire and thus able to embody inclusive love. In Cancer the influence of the human hierarchy is felt.

Cancer is part of the cardinal cross and from the influences of the cardinal cross the individual or group in cancer, the "Cancerian subject" as it is put in Esoteric Astrology, is affected by five other planets. The individual becomes responsive to the uses of conflict in Mars, to the functioning of the light of intuition in Mercury, to the cosmic pull of Uranus and the intellect of Venus as well as the presentation of opportunity in Saturn. These play subjectively upon the mass consciousness and are not registered consciously until the astral desire has run its course and under the influence of Virgo the Christ consciousness has awakened and the individual begins to participate actively and consciously in his or her own life.

It is also within Cancer as a part of the cardinal cross that the mass mind responding unconsciously to the subjective influence of cancer senses and recognizes the Christ Avatar as "He Whom they anticipate" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 273). Cancer is the sign of human expression. Cancer is a part of the triangle with Aries and Capricorn that brings about the crisis of individualization in the cycle of initiation. A crisis is surmounted only when new habits and rhythms are imposed by the spiritual content of the man's nature (Esoteric Astrology. 475).

The current multitude of global crises — economic, environmental, religious, educational, and governing crises all seem to indicate the culmination and crystallization of the developed habits of the mind of man's nature as a mass consciousness from the past age. These old rhythms and habits of separatism, competition, and fear can be surmounted by the rhythms and habits of the spiritual content within humanity as they are embodied and wielded by a group who embodies the new rhythm — the New Group of World Servers. As the New Group of World Servers imposes new habits of thought and rhythms of life within the mass consciousness, the old habits and rhythms are surmounted. "It is the establishing of a certain objective rhythm which produces a crisis; it is the emergence of a particular subjective rhythm which enables a man to surmount the crisis and to capitalize on the opportunity" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 475).

The subjective rhythm the New Group of World Servers is forward looking and seeks out opportunities for expression of inclusiveness and right loving relationship under the influence of opportunity of Saturn and intellect of Venus. It repudiates separatism, blame, and aggression as a means to achieve resolution of a crisis seeking out the right means for surmounting conflict under the influence of Mars. It promotes cooperation and goodwill amongst all peoples and groups, thus leading deeper into unity under the influence and development of spiritual intuition of Mercury. It is willing to sacrifice personal temporary convenience, comfort, power, and glory for the opportunity to express goodwill, loving inclusiveness, and unity under the cosmic influences in Uranus. Under the united and synthesized influence of the cardinal cosmic cross the New Group World Servers works to transform the mass instinctual consciousness from focus on physical and material desire and emotions into the Aquarian group consciousness embodying goodwill and intelligent love, thus exemplifying the Christ Impulse — the one united Soul of humanity.

In what way are the many global crises being handled? Is the handling of them being done through loving responsibility to the planet, a sense of the opportunity they afford, and the inclusiveness of all the groups involved in the crisis? Or does the method of resolution continue to be sought through blame, victimization, competition, fear, hatred, and separatism? The opportunity for a change in the subjective nature of how humanity handles the resolution is of radical significance at this point in time. Never before has the global community been so raptly focused on and involved together in so many crises of such magnitude. Perhaps the opportunity is for the right attitude towards the current crises. Perhaps the more helpful question and concern is not that these many crises get handled quickly so that humanity can resume comforts and conveniences, but how they are handled — by using the newer subjective habits and rhythms of the spiritual aspects of the soul in humanity — inclusiveness, right relationship, unity, cooperation, and goodwill. In this newer model of spiritual impulse the cooperation and goodwill of all the nations in handling the economic crisis becomes the opportunity. The goodwill and cooperation of industry, energy, and environmental agencies working together becomes the opportunity for the crisis involving energy and environment. How can the various group influences work together in cooperation and goodwill to demonstrate and exemplify the emerging unity within the mass mind?

Today we see the problem of large and powerful groups with strong selfish interests competing one against the other. This potential danger for strong but separate and competing group interests as the result of the influence of the Aquarian group energy was foretold by the hierarchy. Nations pit their own interest against other and competing nations and national interests; industry and energy corporations and groups align themselves against environmental agencies and consumer protection agencies; Party lines within governments are drawn and governing influences become mired in dogmatic adversarial competition so that any true progress is impeded. Lines of adversarial competition and conflict are drawn around ideologies competing for dominance in the human mass mind. The battle lines can be drawn between the old and the new, thus creating a duality and separatism within time — past and future. The hierarchy perceives not a duality of time, but the use of the unfolding of time for the creation of the future.

Through the right use of the fourth ray of harmony through conflict humanity can find a way to unite and move forward into an age of synthesis. Humanity may choose to continue on the course of the manifesting the old rhythms of separatism and selfishness simply moving the expression from individual competition to group competition and thus continuing the same subjective battle. The other opportunity is for humanity to emerge into a new subjective mental rhythm of working united to create its future through cooperation and goodwill. This is the means of humanity the disciple who works consciously with its own life. The goal can continue to be the satisfaction of personal desires under the mass instincts, or the goal can emerge as concern and responsibility for the future of the race and the planet leading to the evocation of the necessary cooperation and goodwill.

For all members of the New Group World Servers, perhaps our opportunity now in this moment of time and within the Cancer energies, is to unite in the vision of the opportunity not for right and rapid resolution of the current physical and material crises we face, but sacrificing our own individual pull for comfort and resolution, holding the lighted mind steady on the vision of a transformation of human consciousness so that the resolution of these crises may be done in a way that exemplifies and evokes the needed latent spiritual aspects of the racial consciousness into material expression.

The opportunity for the New Group of World Servers is to look for and strengthen the new subjective rhythm of cooperation, right relations and goodwill that can supersede the focus on physical and material concerns of individuals and groups. The difference is a subtle one. It is not that there should be no concern for the physical welfare of humanity and the planet. When the subjective spiritual impulse for cooperation and goodwill is fully being expressed within the human mind and through human actions, no future crises of physical magnitude will be needed to draw humanity's attention from its preoccupation with material well-being. A consciousness that is transformed by the principles of right relations, cooperation, and goodwill will no longer create crises of adversarial and competing physical outcomes that result in such danger to the future of the entire planet and all of humanity.

Let us work diligently for the expression of right relationships, cooperation, and goodwill among all the groups involved and working within the crises of opportunity. Let us repudiate not any one group or another through blame and adversarial competition within the older rhythms and thought habits, beliefs and ideals of concern for personal or group profit and material well-being. It is that older rhythm that has finally led us to these crises of global physical proportion and to this moment in time when the newer values are needed to move forward and are ripe to be evoked within the human mass mind.

The new subjective spiritual rhythm is already present within the human mind and ready for immediate precipitation into manifestation and expression through human consciousness. "The Plan is ready for immediate precipitation and the workers are adequate to meet the need."