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The House that Love Built

Michelle Pearce
July 2009

All the religious traditions hold a belief in a coming one, an Avatar or divine being, who will lead humanity forward into a new age of lighted love. The Tibetan tells us that it is the task of the disciples and servers to prepare the hearts and minds of men and women to be responsive and receptive to the consciousness of Christ, or the Coming One, identified by various names in different languages and religions. That alignment, we are told, is happening automatically as the ability of the Principle of Conflict to bring about liberation is recognized in human consciousness.

The house is a metaphor for many things having to do with containing, living, community, comfort, and generally relating to loved-ones and to daily life. When we have our house in order, then we can invite guests, relax, and enjoy the process of entertaining. Our relationship to our guest becomes one of graciousness and selfless service focused on the guest. We can take our focus off of the struggles created when our house is not yet in order. Those struggles are a natural effect of the Principle of Conflict. Using the metaphor of the house we can look more closely at the preparatory work to be done and how to distribute the energy of Cancer to build the lighted house of humanity that will invoke the consciousness of Christ to return to human form.

If we invited a guest from another world into the house of humanity right now, would we be able to entertain them and show them around as one family, or would we be bickering about who answers the door, who shakes hands first, who serves, and who gets to chat? Is there so much bickering and fighting among the family members that the family is not able to sit at the same table to discuss topics of interest, such as its goals and its future? When we have a dysfunctional family, how do we begin to mend the bridges and divisiveness to enable a healing and progress towards right relations?

First, there need to be at least some sane and respected members of the family who can begin a dialogue with each other. These need to be either senior members of the family or family members who are looked to for guidance by the other members. Within the human family these respected elders should be the world and national leaders. Respected leaders within the community need to have a supporting structure where they can rise to a level that has visibility and power to stand up for the rights of those who support them and whom they represent. This clearly means that their needs to be some mechanism for the people to participate freely in choosing respected leaders and putting them into positions of authority and power.

Next, there needs to be a structure and mechanism for the various leaders to be able to talk to each other and ensure the rights and responsibilities of their people. Right relations entails thinking intuitively and selflessly with the heart that knows the unity of the whole family and has its long term best interest always at heart. The respected and senior leaders need to have steady hands to stay the course and not be pushed off center or get drawn into taking sides on every little domestic squabble that occurs. They need to see the family as a unity and not as divisive factions vying for power. This requires not only an expansive vision, but also skill in action; the ability to continue to love and respect all the people in the squabble even when they may not be demonstrating the most helpful behavior. This skill in action requires a significant degree of wisdom regarding human nature, both latent potential and the regressive shadow nature. So, thirdly, the leaders need to be men and women of skill and wisdom. Having wisdom means knowing that it is conflict that leads to liberation. The friction and conflict that occurs is a result of the soul chaffing at its current limitation and is the indication of a needed expansion into new areas of freedom and liberation from old constraints. The wise leader honors the need for liberation and finds non-violent means to help achieve it.

Entertaining the guest with skill and ease and by the entire family does not mean that the house is perfect. It does not have to be a decorator showcase, nor does the food need to be gourmet, nor does the conversation need to be that of an Ivy League academic. But, it does need to be a place of warmth and comfort where the entire family can achieve a common purpose and work somewhat together. When one of the children feels they are not respected enough or receiving their share of resources or attention, they will inevitably take the opportunity of any sense of calm to bring more attention to themselves by acting out, typically in a destructive fashion. It is when the family leaders have taken the time to listen to each member, to respect the diversity of everyone including diverse talents and needs, that family and community gatherings are times of a real and shared unity of purpose and relationship. The family leaders know, however, that the way to bring the more mischievous and unhappy members into alignment in the group is not through reinforcing their acting out behavior, but by paying attention to them in a respectful and calm way when they are not acting out. It is by strengthening the talents and contributions of each family member that the group is made stronger as opposed to focusing on the places of greatest problems and frictions.

Occult students will recognize the many esoteric platitudes (detachment, focusing on the vision, acting as if) that are the skills required to assist the dysfunctional family to attainment of right relationship. These lessons are especially valuable when it comes to the human family. These occult lessons are effects of the radiation of love. A house built upon love is one in which all the members know their value and their contribution to the whole. They do not feel denigrated, segregated, or demeaned and taken advantage of in anyway. Love is the great unifying principle. When we really love our neighbors as ourselves then unity as a fact becomes a potent force for spontaneous right action and, thus, right responsibility.

Our actions and decisions become something that arises from an intuitive "thinking with the heart", rather than using logic and mental analysis. This type of thinking has an intelligence of its own; it is the intelligence of love. Love knows what is the right action for those involved. Most mothers who love their children have learned that acting on that love is not about making sure that each child has an exactly equal portion, but about making sure that each child gets what they need to grow and thrive. It is not an analytic measured logical response that ensures a happy unified family, but a loving heartfelt giving to each person so that they are nurtured and their soul can unfold in its own time and its own way. All the children do not need to be measured by the same standards. Each has his or her merit, creativity, and contribution to make to the whole family and it's functioning.

Is humanity at the point where we are learning the lesson of the Principle of Conflict? Is right relationship based on unity and love a growing reality and basis for right action? Are the leaders of the human family those respected and chosen by their people? Is there a way for the rights and needs of all the members to be known, listened to, and respected? Do we love our neighbors? Look for these places. Does love flow freely upon the just and the unjust alike? Can you see the latent soul qualities striving to break forth into liberation and manifestation in the places of conflict and friction within humanity? Celebrate these places. Vision the liberation about to break forth. See the latent potential within all conflict. This is the future of the race. Only once the advanced aspirants and disciples are able to see the liberation latent within the conflict will the love of the consciousness that is God flow freely on earth. It must have its path. Our vision is that path. We must learn to see not cleavages and separatism, but possibilities ready to break forth. The vision of unity of the esoteric workers of the world is what is needed to be that path of love and light and to be the tipping point of energy needed to precipitate that great flow of Love, the consciousness of Christ, into the human kingdom. May our group purpose be to see those places of latent unity, ready to flower forth. May our vision be filled with light and guided by a heart filled with love. May we do our whole duty and serve the future of humanity.