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Creation of Light Through Synthesis

Michelle Pearce
July 2008

Can we imagine humanity as a lighted house within which Christ consciousness can live and be expressed? If that were the case how would we know? What would we see and experience?

The creative imagination is an important way to use mind to penetrate into the Universal Mind, where the will of God and the Plan for humanity can be known. Those attempts to penetrate deeper and see farther are ways that the faculty of inner vision is developed and strengthened. The goal for spiritual aspirants is realization, inner sight. Sight is only fully developed and used where there is light. It is, in fact, light that stimulates the development of sight.

Realizing that light exists as much on the subjective and inner planes as on the outer, one can seek to see more in that light. Seeing in that inner light means contacting and experiencing the values and instincts of the soul. Thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of aspirants and servers are sensitive to the soul and its impression upon and effort to create its house of light. All these people are striving to live a human life consistent with what they are being impressed with and working to make the world a better place. Through each individual doing his or her part and, in particular, groups working together, the house of light is gradually being built. Perhaps the most difficult part of the process is not the existence of places of darkness and wrong values that temporarily hinder, but the confusion and lack of vision of possibilities and potentials that will let the light supersede the darkness and inspire humanity as a whole to alter its direction enough so that greater light is able to shine through.

Historically, humanity has moved in one direction of belief, thinking, and striving until the effects were so oppressive and unbearable that the masses rose up together and demanded change. They did not have a vision of possibility; only an idea of what was not right or acceptable any longer. Perhaps this was the racial version of finding what is right through what is not right or not there, neti, neti, not this and not this, until at last the right direction or quality is stumbled upon through a lengthy process of elimination and exclusion. This is a process of groping and grasping, of feeling the way rather than seeing the way. As the race moves into the new age, vision is required and the feeling way no longer serves. The mind of humanity is strong and quick and demands the light it needs to see the direction of striving to be taken, the next goals, the newer attitudes, ideals, and values to be embraced and embodied.

It is the responsibility of the spiritual server to contact and adapt the next steps in the Plan for human evolution. That process includes having vision of ideals and values and invoking the needed sensitivity and response from the rest of the race. That is done, however, not through a denial or fighting against anything that currently exists in the racial consciousness, even that which no longer serves and has become regressive and a hindrance. It is done through creation of a vision that is so filled with light, so magnetic and radiant, that it attracts and impresses the mind of the race as a whole and becomes the dominating and motivating desire of the race. In other words, the group of servers, through visioning and thinking, creates a powerful thoughtform of the newer and higher ideals and values that is the seed of light that will grow and blossom into the lighted house of the new age. The creators and gardeners of this seed, the group, watches over the integrity and life of it and continues to nourish it with the waters of their life and the light of their awareness, especially until it has taken firm root and can weather some harsher conditions.

There is much evidence that the seed created and nurtured over the past one hundred years has taken root and is growing. How is this known? One looks for the effects of it-the manifestation of higher values and newer ideals. These higher values and newer ideals will be so familiar to aspirants and servers now as to seem platitudes-right relations, unity, harmony, and goodwill. However, they are penetrating into the minds and hearts of men and women everywhere and invoking response. That response is evident as men and women from every nation and walk of life, the rich and the poor, professionals and laborers, and within all religions, begin to turn away from their previous group identities of the past that were defined by exclusion of other groups and to focus on developing right relations and goodwill with each other. The motivation for striving out of the past and into a more harmonious future is evident everywhere. What will serve humanity now is a vision of the possibilities. New methods of mediation and negotiation are being established that create points of synthesis between two opposing groups or forces rather than compromises hammered out through dissatisfaction that foster resentment and create more long-term problems. In compromise there are no winners. With synthesis there are no losers. Compromise takes something away from two or more "sides". Synthesis adds to the whole.

Practical examples of this idea of right relations through synthesis are manifesting in all of the fields of human thinking and working as the leaders in those field become sensitive and responsive to the impression of the newer ideas of right relations through synthesis rather than compromise. Spiral dynamics is an example of this process in politics. The legal profession in the U.S. and perhaps elsewhere, in response to rising divorce rates and the demand for a more harmonious process, is fast developing into an arena for mediation and synthesis of interests, needs, and rights rather than the previous adversarial system that strengthens conflict and selfishness.

In psychology, newer therapies based on inclusion, acceptance, and mindfulness work to create synthesis between the spiritual and the material (transpersonal psychology) and between apparent opposing forces, needs, and beliefs within the lower psyche that create ongoing conflict and suffering (dialectical behavior therapy). The medical field is responding to the demands for the integration and synthesis of the traditional therapy with energy healing and other forms of complimentary practices. The National Institutes of Health has established the Center for Integrative Medicine that seeks to promote, fund, and train practitioners and researchers in the field.

These are only a few of the areas in which the idea of right relations is being expressed through a synthesis of the old and the new, thus establishing an entirely newer and higher way for humanity to deal with conflict, a means that creates lighted solutions rather than perpetuating old conflicts. Through synthesis light is created within the house that is humanity and within that light the soul of humanity can live, see, function, and express itself fully and the Christ consciousness can become fully externalized and manifest. Right relations and synthesis is occurring and the opportunity now for servers everywhere is to enhance what is occurring, to infuse joy and inspiration into it, and to esoterically acknowledge and accept but not strengthen the regressive places that are being gradually superseded as the lighted synthesis increasingly occurs. Through the very conflict of needs and desires that exists within the race the synthesis that creates greater light is occurring.

As the entire race responds to the need for more light and right relations the servers must keep pace and work to enhance that vision of possibilities. Using creative imagination one can begin to imagine a world where anything less than resolution of conflict through the creation of right relations through synthesis is no longer acceptable and considered barbaric, selfish, and regressive. One can imagine a world where the wisest individuals and the most valued are those that have the ability to create synthesis and thus esoterically increase the light within the racial consciousness. If one holds this vision and possibility there can be sensed a great challenge for all servers to become those forerunners of synthesis within the race. Practically, what can each of us do to become an expert in the creation of synthesis in our daily lives; right where we currently live and serve? Anytime we see conflict of opposing sides or forces, therefore, perhaps we can endeavor to use our creative imagination and vision synthesis. We have the tools and the help to do so is there. Let us shoulder our responsibility with inspiration, faith in ourselves, and joy in selfless service.