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The Service of Intuition

Michelle Pearce
June 2007

The keynotes for disciples are concise esoteric hints of the work that the soul is endeavoring to do and that is facilitated by the impression of the particular and peculiar cosmic energies that the "earth is in" for that full moon period. Those particular and peculiar cosmic energies are symbolized by the signs of the zodiac. The keynote for this month, Cancer, "I build a lighted house and therein dwell", has particular significance for the work that the soul does to make its "vehicle of contact" one that is suited for service. In a most significant sense, bringing about the necessary transformation of the vehicle so that it is well suited for soul work is service.

Scientists more versed in esotericism have realized that consciousness and form are evolving together, that is, it is only as form evolves that consciousness becomes more refined, sensitive and can thus expand into new territories of awareness. For example, the highest initiation possible for initiates in Atlantean times was related primarily to control of the astral vehicle, as the mental vehicle was not yet developed in the race. Striving for release from emotional focus was a service to the evolution of the human vehicle. Most recently, the Manu, planning for the transformation of form to enable the coming of the next root race, is working with the second ray ashrams and disciples in the creation of the vehicle capable of intuition.

The continual striving to bring about evolvement of the vehicles of contact to become increasingly suited to divine purpose and expression of the highest spiritual ideas humankind is capable of grasping, is the work and service of the incarnating disciples. Those disciples are charged with the continuous effort and striving that brings about the needed racial transformation and upliftment. There is no stopping or resting point for the dedicated hierarchical server, only a steady stream of vertical expansions of consciousness and horizontal expressions of that consciousness through the vehicles.

Interestingly, at this time of major transition between the sixth and seventh ray periods of impression, disciples and initiates are impressed and compelled to not only transform and refine the vehicles but to develop the needed new faculties for enhanced receptivity in the brain so that realization of the triadal states of consciousness and thus of the spiritual hierarchy becomes possible. This is externalization of the hierarchy. That is why this full moon period of cancer becomes so important and especially during this the third year of impact within the three-year cycle. One aspect of the Plan that Disciples and initiates work this month in this year to precipitate and anchor is this recognition of the needed practical work to be done to create the physical faculty of intuition.

This work is a scientific undertaking, the blueprint for which already exists upon the abstract mental plane. The Masters, however, do not work below that level. It is, therefore, up to the disciples and initiates in incarnation to adequately register that blueprint and undertake the needed practical experiments upon themselves. The practical experimentation and physical experience is the process that works out the blueprint and anchors it solidly on the lower three planes of human consciousness and activity. Doing this in full consciousness, formulating concrete thoughtforms of what is being done, what is being experienced and what effects are realized is a necessary and important part of the work of the initiate serving the Plan in this manner. This presents somewhat of a difficulty for those who are more predisposed to intuition because being generally along more mystic lines rather than occultist lines, the more second ray types. This, however, also presents the opportunity for the true synthesis of the mystic and the occultist and, as we know, at a certain point along the Path it is necessary for the initiate to fully embody both the mystic and the occultist in order to proceed farther along the Way, hence the significant opportunity presented for advanced disciples working in incarnation today. The disciple knows because he or she works.

Each full moon period brings opportunity for impact upon both the form and the consciousness of the group of working disciples and initiates. A most interesting aspect of practical experiment that increases the esoteric sensitivity of the vehicles is for the disciple to use his or her consciousness to simply register the effects of the peculiar cosmic energy upon both consciousness and vehicles. This obviously presupposes that the invocative process is already learned and is effective for evocation of these energies within the lower integrated vehicles of a working conscious disciple. Prerequisites for the process, therefore, are many and a working disciple not yet adequately prepared either consciously or in their form receptivity and sensitivity, which essentially are closely inter-related, will need to make the necessary adjustments in the form vehicle.

There must be such a fine and deep integration of mind and etheric vehicle that the entire nervous system is capable of registering the impact of the cosmic energies and that the disciple is capable of full awareness of the activity of each center individually and any created interplay between various centers that might be worked out by the energies. Certain triangles of the centers, synthetic interplay, are brought about when these energies make full impression upon the magnetic field created in the receiving etheric vehicle. Perhaps the effects of the impression of cosmic mental energy upon the cosmic etheric worlds (our own human world) are a part of the yoga of synthesis that will be worked out by synthetic group of working disciples. The ability to evoke these energies into an incarnated working group takes the entire group consciousness working in united and invocative purpose on the subjective planes.

Each individual vehicle will then register the impact made according to its capacity for service at that time. The more individual disciples consciously receptive to impression, the greater the interplay of recognition and realization related to the cosmic impact and the more stimulating would be those energies upon the rest of the group. However, reception of those energies upon the subjective inner planes is a group achievement and of this the disciples and initiates capable of making the needed conscious individual registration will be most fully and acutely aware.

The idea of the capability to fully and consciously register the impact and effect of cosmic energies upon the matter and forms of the earth is surely interesting for the aspirant and inspiring for those disciples close enough to this possibility as to sense its impending reality. If, as one is able to intuit, there is One Self, One Life, becoming conscious to itself through all form, matter and substance, then the capacity for the highest realms to be registered and realized within the lowest is a major breakthrough and achievement. Being aware of the impact and its effect physically, full realization, is certainly a very different thing compared to mere mental understanding and vague abstract sensing.

Intuition is a wholly different level and state of awareness than the usual human thinking and emotional states. It is soul knowing, one is told. But, the insightful aspirant rightly asks, what is that? And the answer cannot be some intellectual concept. The real answer is the experience of the actual faculty of intuition unfolding in the vehicles of the aspirant. Thus the first step, after the many preparatory steps, is to ask the right question and continue to ask it. The persistence in asking this question for months at a time creates the projection and extension of the lower self through the mental aspects of the integrated vehicle into the rain cloud of knowable things so that the answer can be precipitated and the blueprint embedded in the lower form creating the necessary transformation for it to be experienced physically. That answer is not an intellectual idea. It is the gradual development and unfolding of the actual faculty of intuition and as such if we wait for some concept to descend into our mind and then not registering anything give up we will miss the boat entirely. Higher ideas are not concepts; they are Reality. Reality impacts by creating itself in manifested form where it can then be experienced. The way to know reality is through experience of it. That is, it is the higher idea itself that is transformative. Believing that we can know something through an intellectual idea is an illusion created by the strong lower concrete mind and is a temporary obstacle on the path to evolvement of the faculty of intuition.

One thus begins to understand the significance for building the lighted house. Without the fully lighted house the ideas within Reality cannot penetrate into the house and become fully recognized and realized within the depths of divinity. Without the fully lighted house the idea remains vague and inchoate, sensed in the formless reaches but not precipitated to the full extent and breadth that the divine will demands. It remains abstract and vague or known intellectually but not as an experience of Reality. One, therefore, begins to have a sense of how vastly significant the seemingly meek work of building one's own individual lighted house is within the greater cosmic scheme.

So, may all struggling, striving, serving, and working aspirants be inspired to work more consciously, to strive more fully, and to fully receive and register the full impact of the cosmic energies of cancer this month; for as we build our lighted houses we are creating the vehicles for the new root race, developing the faculty of intuition, bringing about the externalization of the hierarchy, and precipitating divine Reality into manifestation. So Be It.