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Soul Rule and Contemplative Neuroscience

Michelle Pearce
April 2012

As we move into the period of the three festivals and the new spiritual year, the full moon work sets the note and intention for the rest of the year. It is possible to seek and find a high point of inner tension within the spiritual world from which to work. This point of higher tension is the spiritual hierarchy and the One Soul's spiritual vision or intention from which it will work to precipitate the next higher manifestation or expression into the lower worlds of physical activity. Uniting one's own souls will with that higher Will of the One Soul enables one to become one of the many soul channels through which this intention finds expression.

From that high place of tension within the world of Soul intention, the disciple in the new age links with human need and learns to work with mind substance to vision the immediate future possibilities for humanity, thus becoming him or herself the practical vehicle for humanity to move into the future. The tools needed to do this work are the inner faculties of the soul infused personality to work with mental substance from a point of higher tension and to stay linked practically with current human need. The foundational element needed to do this work is that the server is able to control the brain in order to use it as an anchor for the spiritual intention. Without this anchor the entire lower vehicle continues to be controlled by conditioned physical habits and responses.

To anchor spiritual intention in the brain requires at least high moments of exquisite brain control and focus during which the brain becomes the instrument for the unified soul vs. the instrument of the dweller-the separated personality self. The separated self is primarily an idea but also is grounded in the past history of a set of conditioned desires and responses that are constantly reacting to sensory impressions. The intention of the separated self is one aim — a self-reflective preoccupation with personal comfort and gain.

The identity that is the separate self is the center of all intention and activity and reacts against the world in each moment to either protect itself or achieve something. It appropriates the brain networks for its own purposes and directs the activity of the physical man or woman to that end. The use of the brain for the intention of the identity of a separated self as the center of activity is focused totally on itself, on protection and achieving for itself, and directly obstructs the ability to work from another point of focus or intention — that of the identity of the Soul at one with all life. The separated self is entirely self-referencing and unable to observe itself. It is, therefore, unable to act from a place of clarity of thought and direct observation.

Recent advances in brain imaging and what is being called the "advancing age of contemplative neuroscience" (Richard Davidson, Center for Mindfulness Annual Scientific Conference 2012) have demonstrated interesting findings regarding effects of meditation on the brain. The left pre-frontal cortex of the brain increases in density and activity with continued meditation. This area of the brain is the seat for the observer, the ability to be the detached witness of one's own experience. It militates against a constantly self-referential stance, which tends to involve the emotional areas of the brain, the limbic areas, and is highly involved in problems such as depression.

The ability to be the observer of one's own inner processes as well as life around oneself leads to greater clarity of thought and ability for insight and understanding. It leads to wisdom and loving understanding. It leads to awareness of the whole as opposed to preoccupation with a self-referenced perspective. Science has also shown that there "is no real self", that is, what one experiences as a separated self from which one self-references is really a group of conditioned habits and responses. Occultism has long known about the dweller as the entity the soul-infused aspirant must achieve domination over to fully achieve control over its lower vehicles.

Perhaps this dweller is the group of self-referential conditioned responses and habits that science has now discovered? Is science demonstrating the ability of the soul to anchor itself in mind-brain? And, if that is the case, could the method of contemplation that achieves greater left pre-frontal cortex structure and function be the method of the future for humanity to move into greater soul control? One can envision a time when instead of being incarcerated people with violent or separatist tendencies and conditioning will be sentenced to years of meditation until functional MRI studies show a sufficient strengthening of the left pre-frontal cortex and thus the ability to be less self-reflective. The soul by its very nature is not self-referential. It is focused on the life and harmony of the whole.

The individual focus that sets itself up against the whole of life is contrary to Soul. This sets up a duality or polarity in which the reality of the Soul becomes the polar opposite of the personal self, with wholeness and unity at one end of the spectrum and individuality and separatism at the other end. There is a physical reality of a separate body and there is a spiritual reality of a unified soul. What then is the solution for the server who is becoming aware of both and seeks to become focused or centered on working from the identity of the soul rather than the identity of the separate self? How to work within two real and yet disparate realities? How to work through an individuated separate life to bring unity and harmony to a world of separated selves? All these are significant questions that the servers of today need to be practically grappling with and finding ways to anchor unity within individuality in order to be the anchors for spiritual light in the material world.

As this very practical work is done, perhaps the group of servers is literally changing the physical reality so that it is better able to express the spiritual/soul reality.

It may be that the fascinating world of neuroscience today is offering the clues of the full extent of possibility for changing the physical individual personal form to be able to be controlled by the larger soul and become an individual form capable of awareness and expressing a group soul reality. Perhaps meditators are actually changing the structure and function of the brain to enable group awareness. Leading neuroscientists today are studying the top down effects of meditation on brain structure and functioning. The discoveries by these enlightened scientists are nothing short of miraculous from a human perspective. The foundational discovery is now well known — that the basic structure or architecture of the brain and how it works is altered by mental activity and experience. That the brain operates not from centers within itself specializing in certain functions such as vision, sensation, thought, but that it operates through networks of interconnectivity and that these networks and the directionality are thoroughly susceptible to being altered based on how one thinks is a radical change in how humanity can perceive itself.

As the group full moon servers undertake the work of connecting with and anchoring the intention for the spiritual year, let us seek to set the intention to anchor the higher intention and possibilities within our very brains. Let us seek to become the experimenters for the future, the vehicles for change of perhaps the very nature of the human organism itself. The possibilities are radical and inspiring in the extreme. So Let It Be.

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