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Beginning Anew and Meeting Life Where it is : Working with the Present and the Future

Michelle Pearce
April 2011

This is the month where the wave of cosmic energy symbolized by Aries sweeps through our planetary life and consciousness. It marks the beginning of another spiritual year. Those geographic locations of the planetary life that currently are in full expression appropriately express this by manifesting spring time, a time where new life for the coming annual cycle can be seen sprouting and beginning to flower. Other parts of the planetary life that are not at this cyclic time in full expression will follow later with their own spring time, as the cosmic wave of life moves gradually through the planetary life expression. Gradually all will come into a time of full expression and the planetary rhythm of life will take on another form that adequately reflects that.

Therefore, no form of planetary life is less than any other. Lesser and more than, good and bad, right and wrong, is all part of the illusion of the discriminating mind. In reality, one form of life is merely at a different stage of expression perhaps than another, but all are related in a perfect harmony of inter-connectedness of manifestation. The dance of life is a perfect duet, indicating the duality and polarities of life from its lowest and densest point of manifestation all the way upward and within to that most central point of cosmic origination that has been referred to as "The Cosmic Magnet". The radiation and expression of "The Cosmic Magnet" is what the one who seeks, pays attention to, and explores the cosmic waves of energy finds as "the Way" for the evolution of all spiritual life. The crest of that wave dawns now upon our little planet and thus the inner spiritual work of consciously assisting the planetary spiritual evolution begins anew for the coming spiritual year. This signifies an important time of opportunity in the work with riding this wave and consciously directing and distributing it to meet the needs of the evolving planetary life and consciousness.

If one follows the esoteric keynotes for the disciple at the time of the full moon, the process of occult manifestation and expression upon that cosmic wave is perfectly illustrated. It is the path of spiritual descent into matter, striving for conscious identification with spirit, return to spiritual source, and then sacrificial service through returning back again in full spiritual conscious identification and service — the Father or spiritual source fully revealed through the Son, the conscious relationship of spirit and matter. The keynotes give the key as to the energetic process and "blueprint" for the entire process of spiritual descent and ascent. Becoming fully conscious of that process, the disciple learns to cooperate and work perfectly aligned with the cosmic waves of life and will. Becoming the fully group conscious individual, the disciple learns to use this same process to assist in the spiritual evolutionary path of all of humanity as a group consciousness.

Master DK has given us the keys to this entire process of conscious cooperation spread throughout His teachings. Taken together, synthesized into an awareness of harmonized evolution or striving across space and through time, they point to how the disciple cooperates with the cosmic evolutionary pattern and waves.

Aries illustrates the descent from the highest planes of abstract mind from which the blueprint for the pattern is conceived. From that highest plane, the spiritual worker finds and becomes synthesized with the pattern itself, the spiritual worker becomes the pattern in full consciousness. In Taurus the worker or server sees in the full light of the higher illumined mind. The server sees the reality right where he or she stands. The server sees the next phase of the work to be done within the light of the full pattern and overarching spiritual Plan. In Gemini the server recognizes and learns to work fully with spiritual life as a duality of spirit and matter, life subtle and spiritual and also life fully manifested within form. Both are expressions of spirit, both are spiritual "Self" or life. With that recognition comes the realization that the spiritual Self or life grows within the material form life.

In Cancer the server learns to consciously build a home for the spiritual life within the material world of form and activity and to take a firm stand there, fully spirit and fully living and immersed in form. In Leo the server proclaims his or her power to "Be", to be the consciousness that is the relationship of both spirit and matter. This fully anchors spiritual awareness within material life and living. In Virgo the strength or focus of the Be-ness or consciousness attained in Leo softens and extends to begin to include a unity with all the planetary material and spiritual life, the horizontal arm of the cross of service, a sense of unity and service to all life begins to occur. In Libra the middle way that includes both vertical spiritual striving and horizontal unification and selfless service is seen and known. Both arms of the cross begin to be included within the evolving consciousness and, therefore, new possibilities for identity, life expression, and service begin to dawn. The lower mind begins to be illuminated with the possibilities held within the blueprint in the higher mind.

In Scorpio that more inclusive consciousness begins to draw the power and strength, the will, it needs to battle with old patterns ingrained in matter and form so that new patterns and possibilities from that higher blueprint can begin to emerge triumphant into life and expression. The disciple is both the older patterns and the newer patterns. In Sagittarius the disciple recognizes him or herself and perceives the path of evolution as a series of goals that can be consciously worked with. The disciple begins to know the possibility of cooperating and working consciously with the staged path of spiritual evolution. In Capricorn the highest light is reached through the striving, a striving that began with full anchoring in Leo, expanded in awareness and inclusiveness in Virgo with the maternal urge to nurture, grow and birth, and moved forward into greater illumined awareness and conscious participation through Sagittarius and Scorpio. Reaching that highest point of consciousness and light, the disciples perceives, identifies, and synthesizes fully with his or her true calling and thus makes the choice to turn back from the vertical spiritual life and fully participate in the great work of spiritual redemption that is occurring and that is the planetary group will and purpose. The disciple becomes the Path and the redeemer, the bodhisattva fully consciousness. In Aquarius the sacrificial and fiery service of pouring one's Self, spiritual life, out for the purpose of salvation is achieved and in Pisces this same server recognizes his or her place as fully divine, as fully at-oned with the spiritual source, the fish swimming in the stream of life in full recognition of all the aspects of life.

The myth and story of this descent, this growth into spiritual consciousness, the-at-onement with all life, and then conscious service and sacrifice to life, has been played out across the stage of human awareness and culture for the entire racial history. The rhythmic planetary cycle of renewal and rebirth illustrates the process of new cycles of cosmic in-pouring that the conscious server works with to assist in this process of redemption, salvation, and the spiritual evolutionary process. Each annual cycle affords a time to "begin anew", to take stock of where the planetary consciousness is on this grander schema and to formulate the needed direction and participation for the coming spiritual year.

Where is human conscious now on the path of descent and ascent? What are the next needed points where care needs to be taken, focus and tension increased through directing cosmic helping energies into human striving and consciousness to assist in the Path of evolution? Where are the places of new growth in the racial consciousness that are evident, places that need watering and nurturing? What are the weeds that impede or hinder that new growth and which need to be recognized and rooted out?

Most of what human group consciousness is struggling with now is readily apparent to everyone. When the weeds are large and obvious, they are much easier to recognize and pull out. It still, however, disrupts the form and beauty of the garden as this work is done and great care must be taken not to disrupt the tender shoots of new and useful growth, new life, sprouting within the same garden. Using too much vigor and striving to pull weeds without discernment will result in destruction of the new life as well. Alternatively, not enough attention and force on the weeds will allow the weeds to overtake and kill out the new growth. Weeds are often merely the seeds from the past that are not useful and impede desired new growth. It is wise to remember this when formulating the methods to nurture the garden.

The source of the current battle within humanity is in the mind, with ideas and ideologies. What are the ideologies that are based on seeds of the past that are impeding the growth of the newer ideologies within humanity, newer ideologies that embody higher values and ideals and indicate places of new growth and opportunity? It is appropriate that during the time of renewal and the beginning point of the spiritual year, that the disciple and conscious server takes stock of his or her own individual mind and also the group mind of humanity.

Perhaps the real battle being witnessed is that between the past and the future, between the personality and the soul of humanity, for control of life manifestation and expression. Perhaps the religious zealots who blame all battles and crises on the sins of the victims have a point, though not quite in the way they are portraying it. It is the seeds of the past fully coming into flower that are overrunning the new growth in the garden. The battle also necessarily involves where the focus of energy of the human consciousness is, which of its centers of activity are fully expressing themselves or where there is an over activity. For example, has their been too much focus on the personality activity, the solar plexus, of humanity so that there is now an over-emphasis on personal power and desire? Is more focus on the heart center and soul activity the needed solution to help lift up the energy from the human personality into the human soul? How does this fit with the mental focus that the leading edge of many of advanced humanity is focused within and where the battle of ideologies is occurring? Can this battle on the mental planes be engaged in from the heart center vs. the solar plexus or place of personal power? How will this be done practically?

Is this battle between soul focus and personality focus the challenge of the conscious servers now at this particular and peculiar time in the spiritual evolutionary path? If this is the current situation, then it is one that has never been faced before in the history of the race or the planetary spiritual striving and so what is needed are revolutionary approaches and methods. Is the occult and serving group up to this task of finding new inner approaches to the mental, personality, and power problems of humanity?

These may be only some of the questions that servers grapple with this coming spiritual year. It is really important to recognize the significance of questions in this inner work. The inner worlds and higher awareness's guide and assist the evolving lower consciousness through impression of urges, impulses, and questions. Then it is up to the will of the personality to strive forward into new directions and to become sufficiently aligned with the higher will to express and manifest appropriately, skillfully, and according to the new life and future possibilities.

The personality is not pulled out or killed off. What are killed off are old hindering habits, selfish desires, and ideologies that are illusions of the separative mind. The human personality is essential to the path of ascent. It is transformed through impression, direction, and guidance through higher striving until it finally wills itself to be the higher and real spiritual Self. The spiritual self is the striving spirit and life within, but the soul is the guiding principle upon the path, the place of the heart, the energy for inclusiveness and the magnet that holds everything together along this incredible path of descent and ascent, of life and spirit, of form and activity. It is the soul of humanity fully fused with its personality that enables the personality to will to synthesize its personal will with its spiritual will and so become a fully conscious spirit manifesting and expressing life.

Aries, the beginning of the new spiritual year, is the time to seek the higher impressions, to ascend into the plane of mind and from there to rule over the coming spiritual year with all its dangers and possibilities. What are the questions that will assist the selfless server to grapple with for the coming year?

May we all honor and respond sensitively to the lighted mind within the group server and within humanity, and seek out those questions and that Plan ready for immediate contact, descent, and manifestation. There are thousands and perhaps millions of points of light within humanity, lighted points of spiritual mind and striving. Holding that light together as a group and seeking those places of new possibilities to uplift and redeem the personality of humanity, we can strive forth into our new spiritual possibilities. So Be It. So let us work together.