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Aries the Initiator of the New Age

Michelle Pearce
March 2010

"It is interesting to realize that Aries, the Inaugurator, is rendered effective on the Earth through the organizing potency of Uranus. Aries is the source, the beginning and the initiator of the New Age and its coming civilizations, of the appearance of the kingdom of God on earth and also of the individual initiate into the Mysteries."
(Esoteric Astrology, Page 548)

As one contemplates the subjective quality and influence swinging into play upon the earth through the energies of the constellation of Aries, there is a sense of the significance and importance of this energy at this critical stage of initiation of the New Age in Aquarius. We are told that the New Age brings the appearance of the kingdom of God on earth. This is the revelation of divinity that is the solution to the crisis, which humanity currently finds itself embroiled in. A plethora of "New Age" books reveal the nature of the dawning realization of the soul of humanity to its divine own beauty, glory, and power. They also provide evidence of how that revelation is manifesting through the increasing ability for invocation of the higher divine nature by growing skill in contemplation and intuition from the highest reaches of the mental plane (Pearce, Beyond the Rational Mind, 2009). Consciousness of this is possible when one shifts ones focus from the history of perception through problem, misery, and limitation to the New Age perception of possibility, beauty, and opportunity. One place the group of servers is assisting with now is through the wide mental perception that is able to include both perceptions simultaneously and fuse them together through the higher vision and intuition that knows the revelation as an unfolding process within time and across space. It is across space that organization occurs and this gradual organization of space into something divinely unified and beautiful creates the sense of time.

The keynote for Aries, I come forth and from the plane of mind I rule, contains an esoteric hint to working skillfully with the occult energy of Aries. The individual because of the nature of the confused and conflicted mental vehicle of humanity within which the individual is immersed may easily succumb to mental and perceptual confusion today. At the lower level of thought, the concrete mental vehicle of humanity, the multitude of chaotic, magnetic, and conflicting thought forms are easily apparent. Confusion rules. Ascending a bit higher on the mental plane, one finds the abstract mind with its illumined beauty, organized qualities, and higher values that are impressing the concrete mind of humanity and actually bringing about the current confusion and chaos to a great extent. How does this happen? Because the stimulation of these descending higher forms causes great shifts and an increasing pressure on the lower thought forms. Here the law of attraction and repulsion rules and the higher values of the abstract mind find much of the current thinking of humanity from the past (the collective dweller with its regressive forces) to be incompatible. All higher energy "wants" to express itself fully and with accuracy on the lower planes. Thus, this downward divine flow of creative expression is currently impeded and hindered by the thoughts and values built up over past incarnations with continued attachment and strengthening through the many souls of the incarnating group whom have not reached the level of mental development needed to sense the impression of the higher energies and values.

Therefore, the strength and organizing power of "the Inaugurator" is of great importance to the serving group that seeks to assist the greater values and energies of the New Age of human divinity to work out their creative and intelligent expression in the coming culture. It is perhaps helpful to remember that it is "the soul which is the conscious, sensitive theme of the divine plan-the soul as the anima mundi, or the soul of the world, animating all forms of life below the animal kingdom; the soul as the animal soul and the extension of this to the bodies of all animals, including the human physical body; the soul as the human soul, which is a still further expansion of the same sensitive factor but augmented or stimulated by the principle of self-awareness or of focused personal sensitivity to all sub-human soul expression, plus awareness (conscious or unconscious) of the immortal or divine soul; the soul as the ego or spiritual soul on its own plane-the source of consciousness as far as the three worlds of evolution are concerned, and the goal of all present evolutionary process." (Esoteric Astrology, p. 295).

Uranus exerts a very powerful influence on the evolution of the soul. It is the central, spiritual Sun itself that pours its influences through Uranus. "The activity of Uranus is, however, only registered at a very advanced stage of development upon the Path and is analogous to that point in the unfolding of consciousness wherein, by an act of the will, the conscious and illumined man (focused in the highest head centre) arouses the centre at the base of the spine and draws the kundalini fire upwards" (Esoteric Astrology, p. 296). In the life of the initiate (planetary and individual) the central spiritual sun is called into play on the more advanced stages of the spiritual path when the initiate is found upon the Cardinal Cross. Uranus' role is one directly analogous to distribution from the head center. Its' quality and purpose are will and direction.

It is from the mental plane that will and direction initiate or inaugurates new and higher phases of creative expression according to the divine Plan for the evolution of soul consciousness. The lower analogy that holds true is that of the individual soul actively on the path of spiritual evolution who uses every opportunity, every place of friction, limitation, problem, and crisis through right thinking to expand conscious awareness into new ideas, beliefs, and perceptions that will release the hindrances and obstacles that bind its ability to express itself with full freedom. Full freedom of expression is increasingly felt as that expression increasingly becomes a thing of great beauty. Beauty is the quality of the form that is able to fully express the love of the soul. This supreme effort requires great mental strength and spiritual will as the soul struggles to free itself into new light and radiant magnetic beauty. The soul working in this manner is responding to the stimulation of the Inaugurator (Aries) impressing the group soul to evolution through the influence of the central spiritual Sun pouring itself through Uranus.

The group server and the sensitive responsive individual servers within it become the directing and stimulating agents and the Inaugurators of the New Age through their immersion and opening to Aries and its ruler Uranus and thus to the spiritual Sun that is at the ruler and initiator of all spiritual creation, evolution and manifestation. Swimming, living, and breathing within the stream of the inflowing energy of Aries, the will and strength of the Inaugurator become palpable. The ability to work as a group to direct and distribute is strengthened. As Aries bathes the entire planetary hierarchy in its strengthening and stimulating organizing and directing energy, great intuitive realizations about ruling from the plane of mind are possible that are direct correspondences to the rule of the spiritual Sun from the cosmic mental plane.

Antisthenes, a Greek philosopher and student of Socrates, said, "observe your enemy, for they first find out your faults". What are the faults of the new group of world servers that the enemy (the regressive forces of separatism) observes first and more readily than we ourselves are aware of and what can we learn from those faults? The serving group in the world today, including all the individuals participating and contributing to the work of the full moon meditation has the higher qualities of sensitivity, selflessness, and goodwill. But, for the soul to rule from the plane of mind, more is needed. What is needed is the more powerful and strong Will to Good. The "enemies" know that love without spiritual will is weak and ineffective. It has no directing or organizing principle. Therefore, it stands where it is and radiates love without direction or organization to bring about the latent evolutionary power of that love and wisdom. Spiritual planetary Will has been directly flowing into the human mind since the first quarter of the last century. Do we have any sense that that spiritual Will is being used as Will to Good to rule from the plane of mind? What or who would make that happen and how? Loving intentions are wonderful and it is obvious in this age of conflict and separatism that true spiritual evolution will only occur when the will is worked out through love. The spiritual Will to Good on the mental plane needs to be strongly held by the entire group of servers in order for it to be the ruler that it inherently is.

It is the servers-aspirants, disciples and initiates, who are being called on to contact, realize, and embody the spiritual Will to Good on the mental plane. That is the revelation of human divinity. It is the taking of our divine power to actively implement the divine plan and bring new life and organization to the planet. That is the purpose that each individual in the group incarnated for. It is easy to get drawn into the conflict, to be dragged down by the misery and suffering, to get caught up in the fear and illusory need to focus on our personal needs and future through planning and worry and that may be necessary for short periods. But the primary purpose the group incarnated for was essentially to bring the group Will to Good to the point of such strength on the mental plane of humanity that it naturally brings about the inauguration of the New Age. It is through spiritual Will to Good that the Soul rules from the mental plane.

Let us now join with our group brothers and sister around the world and with the subjective group of new world servers to participate with the spiritual hierarchy and work for the spiritual evolution of the consciousness of the planetary soul, stimulating and awakening its realization and embodiment of divine Will to Good.